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Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licensed Security Personnel.

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham | Published October 29, 2015
Manpower Direct Limited
75241000, 79710000, 75240000

The contract supplies SIA licensed security officers to concierges, hostels, reception areas, libraries, vacant buildings, events and in response to ad hoc security issues. The primary purpose of this contract is to assist the Council to reduce the opportunities for crime and disorder. The Security Contract assists the council to: — reduce the risks of damage, theft and unauthorised use of Council properties, particularly vacant properties; — improve the safety of Council staff working in customer facing services such as the Housing Advice Centres and Hostel; — contribute to crime reduction in parks; — improve the management and response to crime and disorder incidents within Council Housing sites.

The Future of Our Employment Land

London Borough Of Barking And Dagenham | Published March 16, 2017  -  Deadline April 11, 2017

To inform the vision to release over 135 hectares of industrial land (within the emerging Local Plan), the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham wish to commission a study to explore how we integrate employment and residential activities within our redeveloped industrial sites. This work includes the production of conceptual masterplans for our four key strategic release sites (Castle Green, Creekmouth, Chadwell Heath and Thames Road). As part of this exercise, the study will explore in detail two distinct building typologies to understand the design and economic viability challenges. These typologies are the following. •Vertical mixed use development - where residential uses are located above employment space. Such typologies could come in a range of sizes, scales, and densities. •Horizontal mixed use development - where residential uses are located alongside employment space. Such typologies could come in a range of sizes, scales, and densities. The commission has seven work streams these are the following: •Work Stream 1: Vertical and horizontal mixed use sites across Britain and internationally and transfer to Barking and Dagenham. •Work Stream 2: Developing typologies. •Work Stream 3: Testing the achievability and viability of the vertical and horizontal typologies. •Work Stream 4: Intensifying our remaining employment sites. •Work Stream 5: Exploring the quantum of available employment floor space from the vertical, horizontal and intensification approaches. •Work Stream 6: Conceptual masterplans and transitional arrangements. •Work Stream 7: The quantitative and qualitative benefits of releasing the employment sites. The Council's vision for these release sites is for genuine mixed used schemes incorporating space for growth sectors within residential blocks, thus moving away from the traditional approach of separate zones for employment and housing. Instead, planning both within sustainable new communities. Therefore, the viability of achieving genuinely mixed use developments on the release sites needs to be tested in terms of function, form and financing. The aim is to create vibrant mixed use urban quarters fit for the 21st Century. Interested parties are asked to submit an outline of their proposed methodology to meet the above requirements and provide a detailed breakdown of costs. The appraisal must be capable of withstanding Examination in Public and close scrutiny. The proposal should indicate the timing for the completion of the work, including the submission of a draft report for comments before submission of a final report.
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