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Industrial machinery

Karlstads universitet | Published April 14, 2017  -  Deadline May 11, 2017
42000000, 42630000, 42900000

This procurement is made on behalf of the Department of Engineering and Physics at Karlstad University.

The department is interested in purchasing an Additive Manufacturing System for metal printing equipment also called selective laser melting machine (SLMM, but also called DMLS, SLS etc.) system for manufacturing of metallic components of metallic alloy or elemental powders. The machine is equipped with a computer controlled laser beam melting powder bed in the layer-by-layer manner, finally building up 3D objects of designed shape and functionality.

The equipment will be used to run research project related to additive manufacturing, develop manufacturing parameters for new alloys and composites, manufacture specimens and prototypes, optimize manufacturing parameters. Key research will be done on manufacturing — microstructure — performance characterization of metallic materials, mostly ferrous and Ni-base alloys, but also light Ti and Al-alloys.

Purchasing an Additive Manufacturing System for metal printing equipment also called selective laser melting machine (SLMM, but also called DMLS, SLS etc.) system for manufacturing of metallic components of metallic alloy or elemental powders.

Industrial carpeting

Skövde kommun | Published April 7, 2017  -  Deadline May 8, 2017
39534000, 39563500, 43320000, 43324000, 44100000, 44190000

Materials to end coverage. The materials hereinafter means applies waterproofing in the form of respective bentonitmatta geomembrane type LLDPE drainage mat and geotextile.

Industrial machinery

Telge Inköp AB | Published April 22, 2017  -  Deadline May 26, 2017
42000000, 42400000, 42414000, 42415000

Service and Maintenance of trucks in Södertälje.

Printers and plotters

Högskolan i Borås | Published April 14, 2017  -  Deadline May 15, 2017
30232100, 30232150

Industrial scale inkjet printing systems to the Swedish School of Textiles at the University College of Borås.

Painting work

Ronneby kommun | Published April 13, 2017  -  Deadline May 12, 2017
45442100, 44111400, 45442180

Contract for painting work to Ronneby Municipality Ronneby Environment & Technology AB, Ronnebyhus AB and AB Ronneby Industrial Estate.

Consultative engineering and construction services

Vetlanda kommun | Published March 25, 2017  -  Deadline April 26, 2017

Vetlanda, invites together with the municipal companies Witalabostäder, AB Vetlanda Industrial Premises and Njudung energy Vetlanda AB for submission of tenders concerning technical consulting architect.

Injection molding machines for the plastics industry institution Hall

Kriminalvården | Published March 27, 2017  -  Deadline April 26, 2017

Business development consulting in the tourism and hospitality industry, Gävle 6851

Gävle Kommun. | Published April 22, 2017  -  Deadline April 28, 2017
72221000, 79410000

Audience ad: The contract is announced publicly and tender proceedings. The deadline for submitting bids is 04.28.2017. The offer is valid until 07.20.2017. More information can be found by clicking on the specifications in the left menu, and under bids for information on how to proceed to tender. TimeLeftUntilLastTenderDate #clockdiv {font-weight: bold; } #clockdiv> span {font-weight: bold; } Where diff; function getRemainingTime (endtime) {var t = Date.parse (endtime) - Date.parse (new Date ()); t = t - diff; where s = Math.floor ((t / 1000)% 60); where m = Math.floor ((t / 1000/60)% 60); was Math.floor h = ((t / (1000 * 60 * 60))% 24); was Math.floor d = (t / (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24)); return { 'total': t 'Days': d 'hours' H, 'minutes' m, 'seconds' s}; } Function start clock (id, endtime) {were clock = document.getElementById (id); was days span = clock.querySelector (. 'Days'); was clock.querySelector hour span = (. 'hours'); was clock.querySelector minutes span = (. 'minutes'); each second span = clock.querySelector (. 'seconds'); update clock function () {var t = getRemainingTime (endtime); daysSpan.innerHTML = t.days; hoursSpan.innerHTML = ( '0' + t.hours) .slice (-2); minutesSpan.innerHTML = ( '0' + t.minutes) .slice (-2); secondsSpan.innerHTML = ( '0' + t.seconds) .slice (-2); if ( & nbspDays & nbspHours & nbspMinutes & nbspSeconds

Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings

Sundsvall Energi AB | Published April 12, 2017  -  Deadline April 26, 2017

Sundsvall Energi AB (SEAB), intends to purchase agreements with two (2) contractors relating to industrial electrical installations.

The framework agreement will have all the conditions for call set for ongoing work and which suppliers are ranked for the call. For tasks with special approved budget will call off to be by renewed competition.

SEAB invites you to apply to bid in the tender.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Umeå universitet | Published April 14, 2017  -  Deadline May 15, 2017
72000000, 71600000, 79415000, 73000000

The supplier must:

1) providing suppliers with skills in specified areas,

2) play a brokerage role which he based on the client's blanket request access to the right skills for each competence from the assumed providers.

All consulting services to be provided by the supplier shall be conducted in an industrial environment (process and engineering) who place high demands on the online system in real time and is robust, secure, reliable and easy to maintain and configure. In addition, the skills that are in demand in the Process IT Innovations related projects dealing with digitization in public activities or ICT industry.

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