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Construction work

Helse Stavanger HF | Published January 26, 2017

Dialogue conference with focus on Industrialised building — construction principle

SUS2023 facilitates for increased use of industrial construction methods in project in line with ‘Assignment Document 2017’ from The Ministry of Health and Welfare [Helse og Omsorgsdepartementet].

During the conference, information will be given regarding the overall project and specifically about the challenges for which the Contractor would like input, regarding planned decisions and selection in accordance with industrialisation. This is a basis prior to a decision regarding the implementation strategy and a contract basis and division, that shall be known by 21.6.2017.

The new University Hospital in Stavanger shall be completed at Ullandhaug during 2023.

Trench-digging work

Lyse AS | Published February 14, 2017  -  Deadline March 21, 2017
45112100, 45231000

Lyse is a Norwegian industrial group within energy and telecommunication, with the accompanying infrastructure. Lyse is owned by 16 municipalities in Sør-Rogaland. The entity covers the production and sale of energy and telecom products, as well as the development and operation of infrastructure. The group has its main activities and its main market in Sør-Rogaland, but it also provides services in a national market, in which Lyse provides broad band services to cooperation partners. For further information check:

Lyse Elnett AS shall now hold a competition for framework agreements for excavation services.

The framework agreements apply for the excavation of ditches and the laying of cables and pipelines for the companies in the Lyse group, for the development, maintenance and troubleshooting of infrastructure. The assignments will be in the Lyse companies' supply area in Nord-Jæren. The main user of the contracts will be Lyse Elnett, but other Lyse companies shall also be able to make call-offs on the contracts. The size of the assignments will vary, troubleshooting and minor assignments that require a short response time will have direct call-offs on the framework agreement. Major assignments will be awarded after mini-competitions have been held.

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