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MZ:Integrated Growth Poles Project - P127303

Ministry of Economy and Finance | Published August 10, 2016  -  Deadline August 24, 2016

Feasibility Study For Nacala Airport City And An Industrial Zone Within Republic of MozambiqueMinistry of Economy andFinanceSpecial Economic ZonesOffice Date: 10 of August of 2016Credit No. IDA52370; Project No. P127303EOI-18 / IGPP / PIU / CS / 16 Feasibility Study for Nacala Airport Cityand an Industrial Zone Within EXPRESSION OF INTERESTREQUEST(Consulting Firms) 1.       This requestfollows the General Procurement Noticefor this Project, published inthe United Nations page "Development Business" on July 1, 2013 and inthe local newspaper "Noticias"on July 4, 2013. 2.       The Government of Mozambique has received a Creditfrom the International Development Association - IDA (World Bank) to cover part of the cost related to the implementation of theIntegrated Growth Poles Project (IGPP) under the new World Bank Country Partnership Strategy (CPS, 2013-2019). The Project is underthe tutelage of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) of Mozambique and is housed in the Special Economic Zones Office(GAZEDA), the entity in-charge of coordinating and implementing SEZs in Mozambique, is responsible for the coordination, oversightand implementation of the Nacala Growth Poles and the Special Economic Zone development sub-component of the project, and NacalaCorridor. 3.       One One of IGPP's priorities in the Nacala Corridoris to support GAZEDA in developing and marketing a small, light and medium Industrial Zone (+/-50 ha) in the Nacala SEZ. This zoneis to be comprehensively designed with a detailed master plan, quality industrial serviced land (plots and pre-built factories forlease), and all necessary infrastructure and utilities to attract new investors to Nacala. This Industrial Zone is to be located within the newAirport City project, which is being prepared by the Aeroportos deMoçambique (ADM). The Airport City project is approximately 360 ha in size and is located adjacent the new Nacala Airport, inNacala District,Nampula Province. 4.       To jumpstartthe Airport City project and to fullyunderstand the detailed demand,design, and cost of the Industrial Zone within the larger project context, IGPP intends to applypart of the proceeds of this Credit to payments under the contract for a conducting a Feasibility study (phase I) for the AirportCity project with Industry Zone (phase II "master planning"). It is expected that the Phase I of the consulting start in secondhalf of September 2016, and has an approximate duration of 6 weeks. 5.       The Ministryof Economy and Finance, through theSpecial Economic Zones Office invites eligible consultants to express their interest in providing the services. Interestedconsultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to provide this service. To this end, should sendbrochures. The consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications. 6.       The consultants will be selected in accordance withthe procedures established in the World Bank's Guidelines: Selection and employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, January2011, revised July 2014. The selectionmethod will be "QCBS" ? Quality and Cost Based Selection. The evaluation criteria ofExpressions of Interest are as follows: (i) Technical organization of the Firm; (ii) Global experience in conducting studiesrelatedto Special Economic Zones, focusing on demand studies and master plans; (iii) Familiar in Similar assignments (airportcities). 7.       Expressions of Interest should be sent to the emailaddress below, until 14:00 hours (Moz) of 24 August 2016. Ministry of Economy andFinanceProject Integrated GrowthPolesOffices GAZEDA; Maputo -MozambiqueAv. Ahmed Sekou Touré, 2539, 1st. Floor,Telephone: +258 21420592; Fax: +258 21, with a copy to:
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