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MW-Energy Sector Project - P099626

ESCOM LTD | Published December 25, 2015  -  Deadline January 20, 2016

Addendum # 2 - Supply And Installation Of 33kv And 11kv Distribution Lines, Capacitor Banks,electrification Of Peri- Urban Areas And Underground Cables THEELECTRICITY SUPPLY CORPORATION OF MALAWI LTD. ProjectName: Electricity Network Strengthening and Expansion for Energy Sector Support Project (ESSP) IDA CreditNo. 49800-MW TenderReference No: ESC06/PJCT/ICB/G/FY2015-16 Subject ofProcurement: Supply and Installation of 33kV and 11kV Distribution Lines, Capacitor Banks, Electrification of Peri- Urban Areas and Underground Cables ADDENDUM #2 ItemNo. Section/Subject Clause/Subject Page BiddersQuery ESCOMReply 1 Lot 3,  Schedule6   GTP Final 12 Oct15, scope ofthe specification data sheet of the energy meter Clause11.1,MECHANICAL             &CONSTRUCTIONAL 59 As for onerequest of the energy meter: Able to parallel up external tamper detectors for several meters to detect same external tamper e.g.meter box opening. Please clarify whatis application Yes, it is required toavoid bypass in the box. All meters in the box to trip on external tamper upon opening of the box. 2 Lot3,  Schedule6   GTP Final12 Oct15, scope of the specification data sheet of the energy meter Clause11.1,DISPLAY INCDICATORS, FACILITIES                   &CAPABILITIES 61 Display meter's configuration at the CIU is needed to comply Which configuration? Pleasegive us more detailedinformation The minimumconfigurable  are as follows:- i) prepayment/postpayment mode of operation ii)Configurable emergency credit operation iii) Configurable disconnection on tamper iv) Configurabledisplay onTamper 3 Lot3,  Schedule6   GTP Final12 Oct15, scope of the specification data sheet of the energy meter Clause11.1,DISPLAY INCDICATORS, FACILITIES                   &CAPABILITIES 61 Asfor the specification of the meter: Display supply group code via short code, it is needed to comply Please explain and givemore detailed information. BISApproved 4 Lot3,  Schedule6   GTP Final12 Oct15, scope of the specification data sheet of the energy meter Clause11.1,DISPLAY INCDICATORS, FACILITIES                   &CAPABILITIES 61 Asfor the specification of the meter: Standardised short codes, it is needed to comply Please explain and give more detailedinformation. BISApproved 5 Lot3,  Schedule6   GTP Final12 Oct15, scope of the specification data sheet of the energy meter Clause11.1,Meter Indelible Markings 62 Asone request of Meter Indelible Markings: "Tested" sticker, it is needed to comply Themanufacture need to be given moreexplanations and clarifications. Need for a stickerthat is indelible marking stating ''Tested'' to confirm QA requirements 6 Lot3,  Schedule1,   technicalspecifications , chapter F, scope of the energy meter Clause6.1CONSTRUCTION FEATURES 252 Thecircuit breaker is the accessory of the energy meter We need to affirm whether the circuit breaker is needed to supply. Yes 7 Lot3,  Schedule6   GTP Final12 Oct15, scope of the specification data sheet of 4 Way Single Phase Energy Meter Pole Top Enclosure Clause11.2 63 4 WaySingle Phase Energy Meter Pole Top Enclosure Please affirm the way of installationof the pole topenclosure. By steel banding ontwo positions 8 Lot3,  Schedule6   GTP Final12 Oct15, scope of the specification data sheet of 4 Way Single Phase Energy Meter Pole Top Enclosure Clause11.2,Indelible Markings on Enclosure lid 63 For 4Way Single Phase Energy Meter Pole Top Enclosure, as one request of Indelible Markings on Enclosure lid:Tampering Shall BeProsecuted, it is needed to comply The manufacture need to be given moreexplanations and clarifications for this request. Indelible markingon the cover stating ''TAMPERING SHALL BE PROSECTED'' on the front cover isrequired. 9 Schedule 1 Chapter G  Technical specificationswooden poles andblocks 120 wehave checked all the specifications , there is no specification about wooden poles accessory Please provide the drawings?sample or detailed technical specifications in order that we could provide the rightproducts and better prepare the technical documents for this bid. The attached form (Attachment 1) is the list of the wooden polesaccessories Attached are ESCOMwooden pole specifications Stock Code 13/003 for 9m, Stock Code 13/005 for11m and Stock Code 13/007 for 12.6m. (See Attachment 5,6&7) 10 Lot 3,  Schedule6  GTP Final 12 Oct15, scope of thespecification data sheet of 16m? LV Aluminium Concentric Service Cable Clause6.6 41 16m? Concentric Service Cable , Alluminium with communication Please find the attachment 2.The cable's drawing and the specification data is provided, please confirm whether it can meet the requirement. Yes 11 Schedule 6 GTP 3.0- MV Conductors & 8.0 - 66KV Line Materials 3.1, 3.2,3.3, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 29-31& 47 -49 ACSR Conductor100mm² DOG ACSR Conductor 175mm² Lynx AAC 100 mm2 Wasp Conductor 130mm2 ACSR Tiger Conductor 150 mm2 ACSR WolfConductor 175 mm2 ACSR LYNX Conductor Please confirm whether there is antiseptic oil for these conductors. If there is, whattypes of coatings are available, interior or steel-cored? No 12 Lot 4,  Schedule6   GTP Final12 Oct15, scope of  Cable Fault Locator and HV TestEquipment Clause13.0, 66 Asfor the cable fault locator, there are two types of this product. Please confirm thatthe loose instruments shall be required orthat the system could be installed in the vehicle. Loose Instrumentshall be required 13 Lot3,Schedule6   GTP Final 12 Oct15, scope of Distribution Box with MCCBs33kV or 11 /0.4kV Clause5.1 Asfor the 400V Cubicle Distribution Box, there is only one technical data sheet. The detailed drawing is requested kindly toprovide apart from the technicaldata sheet. Additional data isattached "Distribution box additional Data"  providing busbar and circuitbreaker ratings (See attachment8) 14 FBD ESCOMVol 1_Lines Final 12Oct15 & FBD ESCOM Vol_ II Lines Final 12Oct15 13.3 Marking for Transport 62& 66 (1)Plant, Test and Inspection Schedule, HSEQ and Others (2) All parts of the Contracted Equipment and the Contractor'sequipment shall be well-packed and protected against loss or damage during transport by sea and over land? Is this "Plant" samewith contractor's equipment or any difference? Yes, Plant is bothContracted equipment and Contractor'sequipment. 15 ForM.V. and L.V. Conductor, the Technical Specification is given in Chapter D of schedule 1 along with Technical data Schedule but inChapter I of Schedule 6, at page 29 to 31, again Technical Data Sheets have been given with different values. Please clarify whichare to be followed. Use Schedule 6- Pages 29to 31 Values 16 Losses and Impendences given in the Technical Specification of Distribution Transformer given in Chapter B of Schedule Iare different from the Technical Data Sheets given in Chapter I of Schedule 6 (Page 7 & 13). Pleaseclarify. Use Vol 1 Section IIIClause 1.2 ( c), Page  1-35 17 TheCreepage distanceof the Surge Arrestor given in the Sketch (Page 11, Chapter M) of Schedule I of Technical specification is 20mm/kV whereas in Technical Data Sheet at Page 55 of Chapter I of Schedule 6, it is 30 mm/kV.PleaseClarify. Use30mm/kV 18 PowerFrequency withstand Voltage (Dry & Wet) and Mechanical failing load of LV Bobbin Insulators is different in TechnicalSpecification (Chapter E Page 19)and Technical data Sheet (Page 27 of Chapter I of Schedule 6).Pleaseclarify. Use Schedule 6- Page 27Values 19 The TechnicalSpecification of the Concentric Cable 16 is not available. See Volume IISchedule 6 Item 6.6- Page 41 20 It ismentioned in Price Schedule No. 2 that the Vehicle and the Vehicle and Mobile Phones shall be as specified in Vol. 2 but no detailsavailable in Vol. 2. It is providein  Volume II Clause 12.2.2 and 12.2.3, Pages 60-61 21 ThePower Frequency withstand Voltage (Dry) for 33kV Fuse Cut Out given in Chapter E of Schedule I, is as 170 kV, where as in TechnicalData Sheet at page 33 of Chapter I of Schedule 6, is given as 95 kV. The creepage/Leakage distance is also given 610 mm where as inspecification it is 31 mm/kV (i.e. 31x36=1116 mm). Please clarify. Use 95kV and 610mmas per attached ESCOM Spec "10_116 Drop-out fuse-link assembly 33kV"- Stock Code 10/117 (See attachment 4) 22 TheGTP for 33 kV Polymer Post Insulator was not given. This may please be supplied. Refer to Volume IISchedule 6 Item 2.1 and 2.2, Page 26 with correction for 2.2 as in Item 23 below. 23 TheGTPs of the following Material given in Schedule 6 are incorrect:i.                    Para2.2 Page 26 ? 33 kV Polymer Pin Insulatorsii.                 Para 4.1 Page 33 ? 33kV Fuse Link Assemblyiii.               Para 6.2 Page 35 ? LV 4 CoreXLPE Insulated Armoured Cableiv.               Para 6.6 Page 41/42 ? 16 LVAlConcentric Service CablePlease provide the correctedGTPs of above. i) Para 2.2 33kV Polymer Pin Insulator, please note correct values are-Dry power Frequency Withstand Voltage, 50Hz kV 70Lightning impulseVoltage, 50Hz kV (peak) 170Minimum Specified mechanical failing load (SML) kN 45ii) Para 4.1 use attachment 4ESCOM spec. ''10_116 Drop-out fuse-link assembly 33kV'' - Stock Code - 10/117iii) Para 6.2 Use attachment 3 ESCOM specification ''03_025 Cable 185mm2600-1000V PVC-SWA-PVC 4-core Cu'' effectively replacing XLPE with PVC insulationiv) Para 6.6  Use industrial bestpractice, Refer to Item 10 above 24 Please Confirm that the material of Stay Insulators shall be Glazed Porcelain instead of GlazedComposite. Confirmed Glazedporcelain 25 Please confirm that Dimensions and ultimate load of wooden poles shall be as per GTP. As per the ESCOMspecifications attached. Refer to Item 9 above. 26 Inthe Drawing No. 5084014-POLE-E2001 (Alignment Pole), 33 kV Pin Insulators is shown as directly fixed on the Poles wherespecification of Polymer Line Post Insulator (Clause 6.1 of Chapter C), Line Post Insulators fixed with two Bolts is shown. Pleaseclarify which type of Polymer Insulators required for Alignment Pole. According to design eitherof it can be used 27 VolI According toSection I Instruction to Bidders, item 17.5 refers to sales tax and other taxes payable in the Employer's country, thosetaxes are applied to schedules 1 to 6 of Lot 4. How do we submit the breakdown of these taxes in the priceschedules? Breakdown can be specifiedas percentage or by adding anadditional column at right most side alongside Total price. All applicable taxes should be included.Please note the purpose of quoted taxes is for any adjustments for changes in tax rates between bid closing and contractaward. 28 VolI In Section I Instruction to Bidders, item 17.4 and 17.5 itis refer Schedule 6 ?Recommended spare parts, however this schedule is not available. Can you please send this schedule? Recommended spare partscan be quoted using Schedule 1 format 29 PriceSchedule According with item 1 of price schedule No 1, it isindicated a totalquantity of the cable supplied, 10.411 meters. However, in Volume II, 1.2 Scope of supply is mention a total quantity of11.500 to Lot 4. What is the total quantity of cable to supply and install for Lot 4? It is 10,411m as per Lot 4Price Schedule 30 PriceSchedule In item 6 of price schedule No 4 it is indicated a price for line e). These pricesare to keep or they are an example of how to submit the price of miscellaneous and day works? For each item we mustindicate twocurrencies as showed or just one? If it is local item itshould be in MWK & USD for overseas item. These prices shall be used for any future scope changes and not added to Final BidPrice. 31 PriceSchedule In item 3 of price schedule Nº 1, is refer a cable fault locator. In Volume IIin Facilities and Service for the employersays that the cable fault locator should be supply as per the TechnicalSpecification. In Technical Specification we only have the "Earth Fault Locator" in the Ring Main Unit chapter. Doesthe cable fault locator refers to this earth fault locator? Can you send technical specification of the cable faultlocator? For Cable Fault Locatorplease refer to Volume II Clause12.2.5, Page 62 and Volume II Schedule 6 Para 13.0 page 66 32 VolIII Regarding the volume III, section VII, general condition 14 says the contractorshall bear and pay all taxes, duties, levies andcharges assessed. Where do we put the breakdown of all this taxes, duties, leviesand charges? Breakdown can be specifiedas percentage or by adding anadditional column at right most side alongside Total price. All applicable taxes should be included.Please note the purpose of quoted taxes is for any adjustments for changes in tax rates between bid closing and contractaward. In the Structure BOQ, theBOQ for the detail of structure of 0.4 kV Line to be constructed with AAC 100 wasp, 3-Phase 4-wire was given, however theStructure detail for 0.4 kV ? Line to be constructed with ABC, 95 3 Phase 4- wire is not given. Kindly arrange to provide theStructure BOQ for the Line to be constructed with ABC, 95 3 Phase 4- wire. Please use  attachment 12 revised Lot 2 Price Schedule Rev 5 1) ABC Structure BOQ is provided inattached Structure BOQ Sheet items - O, R, P and Q. 2) Item 2.00 of Schedule 1 and 4 has been split using 2.00A for OHL and2.00B for ABC. 33 Schedule I /GT Requirement/ Clause 1.2 Informationto accompany bid 6 Please be informed at thetime of tender stage if may not be feasible for a bidder to submit these documents (sag tension charts, foundation details, GADrawing etc.) Kindly confirm whether the same can be submitted by the successful contractor at the time of detailed engineering forthe project YES 34 Schedule I /GeneralTechnical  Requirement Clause2.1.1 11kV power cables ? from line  to distribution transformers; cableshall run partly underground and also inair Please provide drawingdepicting arrangement of cable laying in air and underground Please use attachment 10drawing number 5084014-POLE-E2000 35 Schedule I /GeneralTechnical  Requirement Clause4.4 Earthingpractice Please provide drawingsfor prevailing earthing practicein Malawi Please use attachment 11drawing 'Substation earthing drawing' The Current practice is touse three(3) to four(4) earth mats using 4 x Earth Rods and 200m of 70mm2 Hard Drawn Copper BareWire 36 Schedule I /GeneralTechnical  Requirement Clause8.2.2 FencingWall Please provide the detailsof concrete fencing for distribution transformers Please not that this is NOT required in all lots 37 Schedule I /Technical  Specifications Clause1 Chapter B ?Distributiontransformer Transformer is to beoperated in parallel with existing transformers. Details of existing transformer/equipment need to bearranged Please note that NOTRANSFORMER will operate in parallel with another Transformer 38 Schedule I /Technical  Specifications Chapter B ?Distributiontransformer Please provide terminationarrangement of drawings of transformer Please Refer to drawingNo. Attachment 10 -5084014-POLE-E2000 39 Schedule I /Technical  Specifications Chapter B ?Distributiontransformer Copper earthing requiredand please provide earthing arrangement of existing transformers Please refer to 37above 40 Schedule I /Technical  Specifications Chapter E ?MV Fuse Cut out/ MV Fuse Link Technical Specifications Please clarify which typeof MV Cut Out fuse for 33kV and 11kV need to be used and kindly also provide the drawing for the same Please refer to 21above 41 Schedule I /Technical  Specifications Chapter F / Pole MountedDBand Price Schedule Lot 1 Transformer/BOQ We understand that PoleMounted Distribution Boxes required for Low Tension Side Connection for transformer, however we could find the quantity ofDistribution  boxes in the Price Schedule of Lot 1 Please note thatDistribution boxes are NOT required inLot 1 42 Drawing Number E1000 for11kV Cable Trench Trenchdrawing Please clarify the meaningof "CCT 1-5" and "CCT 1-3" CCT 1-5 means Circuit 1 to circuit 5. For Lot 1, the trench will accommodate from 1 x cable to 5 x cablesdepending on location and cable directions CCT 1-3 means Circuit 1 tocircuit 3. For Lot 4, the trench will accommodate from 1 x cable to 3 x cables depending on location and cabledirections 43 Civil Clarification withrespect to Underground Cables Drawing Number E1000 &E1002 From the drawing it is notclear that how many number of3 core cable need to be laid in one trench. Kindly clarify Refer to Item No. 42above 44 Price Schedule Lot1 Price Schedule Lot1 Lot 1  Transformer structures Items is not included in Price Schedule Please note thattransformer structure is NOT required in Lot 1 45 Schedule 1 / RMU /Technical Specification Technical Specification /BOQ 11kV 300sq mm single corecable for RMU connection is not included in price schedule. Please incorporate the same in price schedule and also confirm thequantity for the same Please note this cable isNOT required. 46 Technical Specifications / Chapter N / RMU / Clause1.3 ? type test We understand that ifmanufacturers has relevant type test reports for similar equipment for last 5 years then there is no need to repeat type test againon the same equipment. Please confirm Type Test isrequired 47 Technical Specifications Chapter I / Capacitor Bank/ Clause 2.4 Please clarify whether theautomatic power factor control panel in bidder's scope or employer's scope It is in Bidder'sScope 48 Technical Specifications Chapter I / Capacitor Bank Please provide uscapacitor bank arrangement drawings including CT/NCT/LA/Isolator ETC Use the current industrialpractice 49 Technical Specifications Chapter I / CapacitorBank Please provide capacitorbank foundation details Please note that they willbe mounted on existing H-pole wooden structure 50 Lot 4 Price Schedule 2 &Price Schedule 4 River crossing ofcable Please provide thearrangement of river crossing for cable Please note it is throughsteel pipe 51 Lot 4 Price Schedule 2 &Price Schedule 4 CableTunnel Please provide the detailsof cable tunnel The Tunnel is500x500mm 52 Price Schedule Lot 1.3 Item no.4.10 132kV lineStructure In Lot 1.3 BOQ shownwooden pole structure for 132kV line dead ends. As we understand in lattice steel structures. It is Wooden Polestructure 53 Lot 4 Price schedule 1 / Item3.3 / Cable fault Locator Please provide technicalspecification for Cable Fault locator Please find the technicalSpec in Vol II ?Schedule 6 Item No 13.0 54 Lot 1 & Lot 4 Cable TerminationArrangements Please provide cabletermination arrangement at various places Please see details Vol II-Schedule 1 -Chapter K 55 Drawing Number E2001,E2002, E2003 Please provide thedetailed drawings of various accessories to be used in the poles Use standardpractice 56 Price Schedule Lot1 Item No.1.6 Structural Isolation withD-fuses Please provide the drawingfor the same Please useBOQ 57 Section 3-EconomicEvaluation Clause No1.2 Transformer lossesspecified in section 3 Clause no. 1.2"Economic evaluation are different from the losses specified in Chapter B Technicalspecification Distribution Transformers Clause No 3.2.10 "Capitalization of Losses" Kindly Clarify which losses need to beconsidered Refer to 16 Above 58 Section VI- TechnicalSpecifications Chapter G Woodpoles As per section 6 TechnicalSpecifications Chapter G- Wood Poles Clause No 26 Stay Blocks and brace/Kicking/Concrete Blocks- itis mentioned stay blocks andbrace / concreate block shall be in accordance with Figure 5 figure 6(a) and 6 (b). but in tender document these drawing are notavailable. You are requested to clarify the following a)      Please furnish drawings ofstay blocks and brace/kicking/concrete blocks b)       Please furnish thedetails on the application of stay blocks and brace/ concrete blocks Please refer to drawings in the bid document- Attachment 9- 5084014-POLE-E1014A 59 As per Schedule 1-Technical Specification Clause no.1.3 Information to be approvedbefore commencing work 7 As per schedule 1?Technical specifications Clause No. 1.3 Page No 7 for all types of foundations are suitable calculations for foundation strengths,foundation drawings, loading data, pole deflection and fibre stress calculation, conductor clearance and election diagrams. Weunderstand that the loading calculation is required for alltypes of pole foundations particular for stress diagrams aresuitablecalculations for foundation strength will only be performed in tower structures not for the general pole erectedfoundations. So, please clarify YES 60 As per Schedule 1-Technical Specification Clause 1.5 serviceConditions 7 As per tenderspecification maximum outdoor temperature mention is -5 degrees. Please note in tender Ice loading details are not mentionedanywhere. Please clarify whether Ice loading calculation is required to consider or not Ice Loading calculationNOT Required 61 Price Schedule, Schedule No 1 Lot 2 Itemno 6.2 4 Way Single phase Splitdin Rail Prepayment Energy Meter Pole Top Enclosure Kindly furnish thedetailed specification and drawing ofenclosure Please refer tospecification  in Vol II Schedule 6 Item No 11.2 for the encloseddetailedspecification 62 ITB17.5(a) Volume I /Section II Bid Data Sheet C. Preparation ofBids 1-30 General Amendment toBid Named place ofdestination: DAP project sites at Northern, Central and Southern Regions in Malawi asrequired in Volume II ? Employer's Requirement ? Scope of Work 63 ITB17.5(d) Volume I /Section II Bid DataSheet C. Preparation ofBids 1-30 General Amendment toBid Named place ofdestination: DAP project sites at Northern, Central and Southern Regions in Malawi asrequired in Volume II ? Employer's Requirement ? Scope of Work All attachments mentioned have been sent to allprospective bidders who bought tender documents. The documents can also be viewed on and UNDB. ESCOM LTD
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