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Jászfényszaru Város Önkormányzata | Published October 15, 2014
Rusainé Tóth Terézia ev.;Rusainé Tóth Terézia ev.;

Subject: asset purchase quantity: Part I paradicsompaszírozó industrial stainless steel funnel, filter and suspension, aluminum body, 200-225W performance, capacity 130-155kg / h, power supply 230V 1 piece pouch seal welding weld length 200-400mm, power supply 230 V , power from 0.5 to 07 kW, net weight 3.5 to 4 kg, size 75x455x620 - 75x555x620 mm x 1 Shrink stainless steel, adjustable temperature control, automatic film tension, surface heating 290x165 - 300x175mm, 400-500mm film width, size 485x600x140 - 590x720x185mm, Mains connection 230V, power 0,45KW one piece of potato abrasive

road construction

Jászfényszaru Város Önkormányzata | Published June 22, 2015
Swietelsky Magyarország Kft. és Viatek-Nova Kft. közös ajánlattevők

Subject: The volume of road construction: A "way-finding: Length: 880 meters of the road is classified as K.VI.B. Terrain: plains Design speed: v = 50 km / h. Crown width: 9.00 berm width: 1.25 Housing width: 6.00 m lane width of 3.00 m lane number: External security 2x1 lane circular arc radius of 0.25 meters minimum horizontal 100m "B" finding Route: Length: 332 meters of the road is classified as K.VI.C. Terrain: plains Design speed: v = 30 km / h. Crown width: 8.50 berm width: 1.25 lane width: 3.00 m lane number: 2x1 External security lane: 0,00 m minimum horizontal arc radius 100m short presentation of the project 'A' marked trail length of 850 planned m. The first phase of exploration road marked 'B' is being built (between 0 + 163-0 + 499 km c.) From the A road sign crossing and the existing industrial park. In addition to housing and below on the basis of industry-specific plans kövilágítás, water pipes, sewage pipes and IT substructure will be built Main quantities: Unsuitable subsoil extraction: 6,200 m3 Resist making sandy gravel: 2639 m3 Soil Stabilization production: 7085 m3 Ckt T4 roadbed: 1452 m3 Asphalt reinforcement grid 915 m2 x-ray Fasteners .: AC-22 asphalt binder 1293 m3 x-ray Wearing .: AC-11 616 m3 of asphalt wearing course M56 stabilized berm construction: 600 m3 Rézsűképzés: 9050 m2 Humuszterítés 20 cm thick flat surface: 1299 m2 slope surface 15 cm Humuszterítés VTG: 1357 m2 Details Plans older documentation issued
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