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Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Agglomération Sud Pays Basque | Published September 2, 2016
Groupement SARL Schurdi — Levraud Stephane architecte

Lumber mastery mission to create industrial cells including demolition, rehabilitation, construction, cutting of external warehouses and facilities.

Architectural and related services

Agglomération Sud Pays Basque | Published December 2, 2015  -  Deadline January 5, 2016

a) Development of a pilot production in a warehouse. Reflection based on the constraints of deliveries / shipments, the connection to the office building, the existing structural elements including DRC: nave, wood workshop, metal workshop, assembly box, 3d printing, ...: 820 square meters floor including: material library, Training and Production space: 430 square meters; b) cutting industrial warehouses cells. Total floor area 4350 square meters: Removal of all existing networks. Length brought facades connection works to networks, sanitary walls ... Creating fire and acoustic treatment. creating openings in front, facades closures after demolition, to painting, cladding, ...; c) Demolition / asbestos removal of part of the warehouses. Floor area 450 square meters; d) Landscaping, access, stream delivery, parking, green spaces, fencing, waste storage ... This market design and implementation involves a mission of project management / reuse or rehabilitation of building work - studies diagnostics (Diag) inform the agglomeration on the condition of buildings, existing structures and feasibility operation - draft studies (aps apd), including records and consultations for obtaining the PCs and other authorizations - Project studies (Pro ), - support given to the chipboard. For awarding works contracts (Act), - compliance review of the project design studies. Made by companies and their visa (Visa), - management of the execution of works contracts (DET) - scheduling, management and coordination of the construction site (OPC).
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