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Enterprise resource planning software package

Caen la mer Habitat | Published February 23, 2017  -  Deadline March 27, 2017
48451000, 48450000

This consultation provides a market of information and communication technologies for the purpose of awarding a contract of concession of the right of use or subscription and human resource management software tracking service - Payroll, times and activities and training.

Caen la mer Habitat is:

- A A public industrial and commercial (EPIC), non-profit, run by a board of 23 members,

- Consist of staff under the status of the territorial public service and private employees.

The payroll software package - human resources management, time management and activities and training management must be able to adapt and integrate simply legal obligations under these two statutes to ensure reliable data different treatments.

Lot 1 includes 1 firm phase - Human Resource Management Module (HRM) and 1 optional tranche - Management Module Training (GFOR).

The optional tranche for the acquisition of the learning management module may be exercised within a maximum period of 24 months from the notification of the market.

The payroll must ensure reliable and simple treatment of the overall payroll process taking into account the existing management arrangements in Caen la mer Habitat:

- Calculating remuneration,

- Establishment of payslips,

- Transmission, storage and archiving paperless way of payslips,

- Calculation of contributions,

- Implementation of summaries of payments and contributions.

The main objectives are:

They need to follow their work ahead of time and achievement from accumulations easy to read,

- Have a safe and scalable tool providing high capacity setting, evolution, ergonomics and usability and which is simple in its use,

- Have a management tool and tracking time, activities and schedules that integrates and communicates with all of the existing information system.

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