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Commune de Brignoles | Published December 30, 2014
34514700, 34951000

This is the revival of the market with the same title, this consultation has been declared unsuccessful. The maximum delivery estimate amounts to 31 000 EUR excluding VAT. The Municipality of Brignoles wants to achieve a raised loading dock located in the Industrial Zone of Consacs. This service involves the supply, delivery and installation of a ramp comprising a fixed table with a payload of 12 tonnes. The technical description specified in the Special Conditions of Contract. Part earthwork and asphalt will be performed by the contractor to the common good of civic order. The expected completion date is planned for the end of the fourth quarter 2014.

Fire-prevention installation works

Commune de Brignoles | Published December 8, 2015

This works contract is to replace existing fire safety equipment in the showroom on the ground floor and the Municipal Archives. These are by equipment supply, installation, cabling, connection and all necessary accessories to the implementation and realization of installations. The services are located at the following address: Cultural Pole of the Counts of Provence - Place des Comtes de Provence - 83170 Brignoles. Project management is provided by the Company: BET ST Engineering - industrial park Gémenos - Font path Serene - The Grand Bosquet - Building A - 13420 Gemenos - tel. +33 442186245 - Fax +33 442700913 - email:
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