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Construction work for commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial buildings, buildings relating to transport

SNCF | Published December 1, 2017  -  Deadline December 22, 2017

The industrial site of Hellemmes, to the west of the metropolis of Lille, is a unique establishment which extends on a surface of 27Ha of ground.

This industrial establishment has been developing its activity on the site since 1873. During its development it has been spread over a multitude of buildings totaling today approximately 90,000 m2 of built-up areas.

The objective of this project is to consolidate all these activities into a single new workshop, which will be called Rolling Stock Building (BMR).

The BMR will have an operating area of ​​approximately 25,000 m2 to accommodate the maintenance of levels 4 and 5 TGV trains and Repairable Parts of the Equipment.

A second building will house the associated farm premises and transverse functions. It will be called Tertiary building.

This call for applications concerns the construction of the BMR and the tertiary building in any body of state.

See attached description.

Realization of the Rolling Stock Workshop (MR): Main work of the project. It is a simple metal RDC structure with apparent structure whose external dimensions are 117x205 m (about 24 000 m2) and a height outside the acroterre of 17.5 meters.

Realization of the so-called "Tertiary" Building which is a single-level concrete structure of about 2,300 m2.

Real estate services

SNCF | Published August 25, 2016

Industrial and railway

Legal services

Établissement français du sang | Published March 11, 2015  -  Deadline March 27, 2015

Provision of legal advice in the field of industrial property for the benefit of EFS.

Real estate services

SNCF | Published December 8, 2015  -  Deadline January 8, 2016

Missions Assistance to the Owner for Master 2 lots: - lot 1: for operations on land "Tertiary and Social '- lot 2: for operations on land" Industrial and Rail ".

Soil-decontamination work

SEM Plaine commune développement | Published February 18, 2015

Support the work of impacted lands of the northern extension of the Landy-Pleyel BIA. The aim of the work is the management and disposal of lands affected by the industrial past of the site from earthworks islands 1 ZC1 and the Public Garden site mainly. Most of these materials can not be sent to landfills for inert waste, they require special management.

Toner cartridges

Établissement français du sang | Published November 18, 2016  -  Deadline December 19, 2016

Supply of printing supplies for inkjet printers (except industrial printers for marking, and thermal transfer printers) and laser, laser fax, and the collection and recycling of all used printing supplies and not Used.

Supply of printing supplies for inkjet and laser printers, collection and recycling of printing supplies uses for the French establishment of blood.

Sewerage work

SNCF | Published October 6, 2015  -  Deadline October 23, 2015

The goal is up to standard wet networks and pollute the pond. - Setting separative work and retrofitting of storm water networks, sewage and industrial wastewater on site Technicentre - Decontamination works of the pond of the Star (water and sediment) - Removing the driving current transfer between the unit Technicentre and the city of Achères - Overhaul of drinking water systems OPTION Technicentre Site: pressurized branched network output pits.

Workshops construction work

SNCF Réseau, représenté par la direction territoriale achats Île-de-France (DTA IDF MN) | Published November 7, 2015  -  Deadline January 4, 2016

Industrial building construction steel structure market and a traditional living building attached, including the work of VRD, sanitation and installation service channels. The works mainly comprise: - the completion of all works necessary for construction of a factory building of 4330 m² overall surface (120.5 mx 36 m) with 3840 m² floor space (120 mx 32 m) and 10 m high - its equipment through two 20-ton cranes, two rail lines and communication, - the construction of the building next life the workshop on its length and grouping the refectory, toilets, offices and some local technical as boiler room, oil mill for the press and Energy (HV / LV) / Telecom - the work of VRD and sanitation.

Electrical wiring and fitting work

SNCF | Published January 26, 2016  -  Deadline February 19, 2016
45311000, 31200000

SNCF Mobility introduces an open market order (MOSO), to ensure the deployment in 142 Transilien stations from a centralized control room. This tool aims to enable to offer customers, in-service equipment from 1st to last train, ensuring their supervision outside the presence of the station staff hours.

The operation consists of unwinding multicore copper cable or optical fiber to the operating equipment (lighting, escalator, elevator, lift pump, sale of equipment, metal curtain, ticket inspection line), a station so they control (lift information and commands) from a central site via an industrial controller.

Construction work for railways workshop

SNCF | Published December 2, 2015  -  Deadline January 15, 2016

The Technicentre Paris Est, located in Noisy-le-Sec is a site currently used for maintenance of the trains lines E, P and T4. The construction of a workshop dedicated to the maintenance of trains T4 and the future line TLN allows requalification of existing channels 53 and 54 in the main workshop. The main shop is a building of 150 mx 90 m wide approximately. In terms of routes 53 and 54, the building measures 200 mx 20 m in width. The proposed development will require to achieve: - The demolition, excavation and removal of 2 channels (channel 53 and channel 54) on concrete pits (rails, slabs, metal walkways) - The creation of two railway lines on bollards, a new pit and seats instead of demolished tanks, - The creation of two levels of metal maintenance walkways, - the modification and adaptation of an existing crane and adding an overhead crane serving routes maintenance, and removal of the lifting tables. The work of this contract consist of: - Legislative history: expansion of the access door V54, recovery of the area of ​​disconnectors, removal, recovery cladding - Earth in cut and fill - Civil Engineering pits - technical Galleries - Electrical Networks and industrial fluids under paving - Railway Works: track laying on bollards Being in a constrained and operated site, special attention should be paid to the containment of the site (dust cover), storage areas, and the management flows and road noise (demolition work outside the operating hours).

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

SNCF Réseau | Published January 17, 2017  -  Deadline February 1, 2017
71000000, 71600000

The objectives of this audit are:

Update the assessment of the network status;

2. Assess maintenance policies and trajectories in connection with the condition of facilities and the expected performance;

Express policy recommendations to adapt where necessary the industrial trajectory:

industrial policies;

Allocation by technical area (track, signaling, catenary structures ...).

The audit will therefore endeavor in the first place to produce a photograph * * the state of the heritage of the national network, with a reminder of changing its consistency for 20 years, and in a second stage to assess the likely trend this state in time for the effects of traffic, the natural aging of components and maintenance policies (as maintenance and regeneration) being implemented.

4 axes of analysis:

a) On the network status:

The national railway network will be broken down into 6 main categories:

- The high-speed network,

- Principles of UIC lines groups 1 to 4,

- The main lines of UIC groups 5-6,

- Secondary lines with travelers UIC groups 7, 8 and 9 AV,

- No user secondary lines of UIC groups 7, 8 and 9 SV,

- Service roads including major projects to treat freight traffic (yards).

In addition, it will consider the segmentation used in Île-de-France to differentiate certain policies:

- Hyper-dense areas,

- Dense areas,

- Standard + areas

- Standard areas

- ...

This photograph will focus on examining the following areas:

- Ways and crossings,

- Engineering structures and earthworks,

- Security installations,

- Telecommunications facilities,

- The fixed installations for electric traction: catenary and sub power stations into electrical energy.

b) policy evaluation:

This assessment will focus on maintaining the broad sense, ie:

- Regeneration

- Servicing,

- The surveillance.

And the effectiveness of related policies in the medium and long term, given the stakes:

- of security,

- Performance (speed, speed, reliability, availability, resilience, robustness)

- The cost of ownership over the long term.

Comparisons with other networks provide useful insights.

The analysis will also take into account the conditions of realization of the renewal or maintenance work light rail traffic and potential constraints generated by network development operations.

c) On resource allocation and adjudication process:

It will set out recommendations as necessary on this subject.

d) On the path of renewal of signaling installations:

The audit will be able to propose changes on trajectories between JRC and other signaling (automatic blocks, cables, power supplies ...), in respect of heritage data, incidents are and its evolution, direct and indirect consequence of these performance data etc ...

Data transmission services

Haute autorité de santé (HAS) | Published April 5, 2016  -  Deadline May 11, 2016
72318000, 72320000

These data are intended to supply the products of the HAS, including the opinions of the Transparency Committee (Ct), the National Commission for Evaluation of Medical Devices and Health Technologies (CNEDiMTS), the Commission 'Economic evaluation and Public Health (CEESP) and possibly publications such as recommendations or relevance of the acts.

in terms of objectives, the transmitted data will allow:

- Feeding the opinions of the CT, when reviewing or re-registrations,

- Validate or amend the medical device or efficiency reviews, provided by industrial,

- Have the latest available data consumption,

- Know the doctors prescribing practices carried on dispensations (drugs, medical devices, acts)

- Estimate the populations treated with a drug or medical device,

- To study the care and monitoring of patients.

the contracts are concluded in the form of a conditional phases markets within the meaning of Article 72 of the CMP. Each market is composed of a firm phase and a conditional phase.

The content of services relating to those tranches specified in the CCTP.

The firm phase aims to help ensure that the data actually available for powering the records of the ct, CNEDiMTS and PSARC according to methodological requirements and in compliance with the regulatory framework of these committees. The firm order for each lot, as is an introductory phase verification of the availability of data for the expected uses by Has.

If the conditional phase is strengthened and renewed the market, the total duration of the latter (firm phase and conditional phase included) shall not exceed four (4) years.

Printing and related services

Association française de normalisation: AFNOR | Published December 1, 2015
Ricoh France

Introducing the group and its subsidiaries. The AFNOR Group There are more than 50,000 customers now trust him. AFNOR Standardization. Only 2% of them are mandatory, on the initiative of the authorities who wish to use it to support existing regulations. AFNOR standards Editions Deployment Unit is naturally complemented by the publication of books and collections of standards on the major themes of standardization. French leader in thematic management systems - Quality, Safety, Environment, Health, Safety, Environment, audit and evaluation, industrial management, metrology ... AFNOR Skills that every year more than 11 000 trainees, has the ability to reinvent itself constantly and reacts very quickly to market demands. AFNOR Certification. 60 000 sites are now certified by AFNOR Certification worldwide. Whether assess performance, to recognize the quality of its organization, products, services or skills of men and women who make up its teams, AFNOR Certification has the ability to support all economic players in the definition of a certification process tailor-made to their strategy. Repositories on basic standards or creating repositories of specifications (labels), regulatory certifications, scoring, diagnosis, inspection, evaluation, AFNOR Certification relies on a worldwide network of auditors and technical partners, large laboratories, centers technical, inspection bodies. Description of the current organization. 1,000 jobs (PC Windows Seven) on a primary site consisting of 2 buildings (Atrium & Patio) Regions - 14 regional branches - 70 PC active regions training halls and integration, recipe, etc. specific networks on Office Software: Office 2010 or, Acrobat Reader, IE 9 or higher, AUTOCAD etc. Fax server available on all positions. Printing Qualiac (ERP) only supports direct printing on the IP addresses of machines. FAX server available Reception limited in number, TIF format. AFNOR is a major consumer of paper, nearly 12 million pages for 1000 people or nearly 12 000 pages per person per year. Very strong culture "paper" work processes such as archives are based on paper. The pooling (which is often confused with sharing a printer in an office) is generally well received. Confidentiality, proven or not, is often put forward as an obstacle to sharing.

Footbridge construction work

SNCF | Published October 20, 2017  -  Deadline November 16, 2017
45221113, 45220000

Access to the site is difficult on site.

The sizing works of this market are:

Metallic structure:

Metal gantry every 5 m between existing metal gantries

- on the posts: consoles for the level of shore gangway,

- on the crossbars: support in reverse tee of the central gangways,

- on the brackets of the footbridges: spinning beams supporting the fixed platforms and the fill-gaps.

- the whole metal structure is made up of 29 gantries spaced 5 m apart, supported between the 13 m poles, and 7.0 m high with respect to the rail level (level 0.00).

Civil engineering:

Development of the surface foundations of gantry cranes under the dock pavement

Technical status bodies:

- lot electricity (light and force),

- HVAC lot (Heating),

- batch industrial fluids (compressed air, water),

- batch automation for the safety chain of access in footbridges and the enslavements.


- installation of a compressed air network for each gangway,

- establishment of sheep parks at the end of footbridges on the same track,

- installation of a 125 kg electric hoist at the beginning of each shore gangway,

- life line on each gateway.

Order of magnitude of certain quantities:

- metal framing and various metalleries (grating, railing, etc.): 140 tons,

- 100 m 3 reinforced concrete for surface foundations,

- sheet metal army in bridge: 750 m 2

- filling gaps: 440 ml

The quantities indicated above are given merely for information purposes.

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