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Oulun seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä Osekk | Published November 11, 2016  -  Deadline December 21, 2016

Oulu Region Centre of Education in OSEKK invite bids industrial, medicinal, special fluids and gases.

Osekkissa has been used for the purchase of gas and gas cylinder in rents in 2015, approx. 54 000 EUR VAT 0%.

At the moment, bottles and bottle package (can also be used battery-name) is rented Woikoski from, Oy Aga Ab and Oy Teboil Ab and rental periods are of different lengths. Bottles and bottle packages are taken immediately in accordance with the agreement, the rental periods run out.

Possible organizational changes, mergers, joints, etc. May affect the competitive tendering of the total amount and scope. On this basis, in each case on the prevailing prices may not be price increases.

The quality does not compare, because it is recognized in all the quality factors associated with the acquisition of minimum requirements of the invitation to tender.

the subject of the contract is the Oulu Region Centre of Education OSEKK needed for industrial, medicinal, special and liquefied gases. can be ordered during the contract also mention in this invitation to tender, non-industrial, medicinal, special gases and liquids. The subscriber can order products that are not included in this call for tenders from other suppliers.

Said gases are used in various fields of mm. social services and health, natural resources and environment, as well as technology and transport. The client operates in the Oulu region of Education and its various units.

content and requirements of the contract is described in more detail later in the call for tenders.

A contracting entity shall have the right to check the information provided by the tender documents the tenderer prior to the contract award. If the information is not accurate, the offer is rejected on / off by comparison.

The award decision to be communicated to all bidders in its tender electronically provider to inform the e-mail address.

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