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Industrial machinery

Kirkkonummen kunta | Published November 5, 2015
Step Systems Oy
42000000, 44510000

The subject of the contract are purchased for the municipality of Kirkkonummi primary schools, equipment for teaching technical work equipment, tools, tools, fittings and furnishings. These refer to the municipal basic schools, the technical work spaces for teaching purposes are acquired in woodworking, metalworking, sheet metal machines, hand tools, electric and pneumatic tools, welding and soldering, the control systems for carving, grinding, fixing and clamping tools, measuring tools, the machinery referred to above and the devices above. deployable facilities planer benches and other jewelry. the placing of premises of special levels / -pöytiä, tool trolleys, storage units within the meaning of tools, chairs / stools, protective gear / protective devices oppilaaille / teachers referred to, as well as other machines within the meaning of the above-mentioned use, equipment or tools. The municipality of Kirkkonummi acquires a call for tenders the contract to deliver elect to tender the identified above. Services relating to the supply of machinery and equipment. The municipality of Kirkkonummi sought to be formed on the basis of an invitation to tender to the framework agreement supplier of the acquired technical work equipment selected in accordance with the aforesaid, during the equipment, etc. Of the contract possible area of ​​the municipality of Kirkkonummi launched new primary school, for renovation / undergoing reorganization of primary schools and primary schools in operation in technical work spaces. The municipality of Kirkkonummi current term of the contract as necessary. Circuit to be formed on the basis of the invitation to tender contract, are not the spaces referred to above purunpoisto- stationary mounted and ventilation, etc. Systems. Note: Notice Additional information can be found -toimittajaportaalista. A direct link to the notification the additional information can be found here Hilma notification:

The tender Veikkola-Kolmperä yhdysvesijohdon construction

Kirkkonummen kunta | Published October 13, 2014  -  Deadline October 29, 2014

Veikkola industrial and Kolmperäntien be located between the water line construction. Subject matter includes all the necessary water supply lines and the construction of structures in accordance with the plan documents, fully completed and operational, and other auxiliary viimeistelytöineen.
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