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Recruitment of Four National Individual Consultants ( Financial Management Consultants ) for Regional Industry Park Development Programme-Re-advertisement

UNDP Country Office - ETHIOPIA | Published November 3, 2016  -  Deadline December 16, 2016
The Government of Ethiopia is expediting its industrialization through the development of industrial parks, integrated agro parks and SME clusters infrastructures to attract quality investment and facilitate ease of entry and reduce transaction cost and time. In addition to Federal Government, Regional Governments are also expected to construct and run regional industrial parks and clusters as public entities or PPP. To make the development of industrial parks across regions independent and self-sustaining, regional industry park development corporations (RIPDCs) that would be in charge of construction, development and management of parks and clusters have been established. The RIPDCs are expected to mobilize their own financial resources to construct the regional industry parks and run the facilities as business entities..Application Instruction:Download both TOR and IC Proposal Submission Form from the following link: follow the instructions indicated in the IC Proposal Submission Form uploaded hereto; andGroup of Individuals and/or Firms are not eligible for this consultancy assignment (open only for individual consultant)Documents Required:The following proposals must be prepared as per the IC Proposal Submission Instructions. The Proposals shall be submitted on or before application deadline December 16, 2016 via UNDP Ethiopia Secured mail address: Proposal in pdf under file name:ETH-IC-2016-086 – TP - [insert your name];Financial Proposal in pdf under file name: ETH-IC-2016-086– FP - [insert your name];Please note that these proposals shall be submitted to the designated secured email into two files but in one email unless both Files are Greater than 9MB file size.Important Note:A candidate applying only by uploading CV to this job site will not be considered. Instead, both Technical and Financial Proposals shall be submitted to UNDP Secured email: prospect consultants who fail to submit both Technical and financial proposals as per the standard format and to the designated secured email will not be further considered for evaluation.Please group all your documents into single PDF document as the system only allows to upload maximum one document.While submitting your proposals to be sure your email subject line is ETH-IC-2016-086 in order to let our Office easily locate your respective proposals from secured email and be considered in subsequent evaluations.

ETH/RFP/2016/06 - Firm Level Consultancy Service for Background Studies for the 15-year Perspective Plan Preparation for National Planning Commission (NPC) - Re-advertised

UNDP Country Office - ETHIOPIA | Published December 5, 2016  -  Deadline December 16, 2016
BACKGROUND / RATIONALEEthiopia has long history of preparing and implementing comprehensive and robust planning for economic and social development that dates back to the 1950’s with the launch and implementation of the three-five years national development plans exercised during 1957 – 1973. The central planning exercise continued through the early 1990’s in the national development campaigns including the formulation of a ten year perspective plan (1984/85 – 1993/94) which was largely aborted owing to the then protracted civil war that culminated to the down fall of the socialist regime in 1991. Poverty reduction and its ultimate eradication has been the overriding development agenda of the Government since 1991. Thus macroeconomic and sector polices, strategies and programs have been geared towards addressing the poverty agenda. Formulation and implementation of the sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction Program (SDPRP) spanning 2002/03 – 2004/05 was the first comprehensive national development program implemented and one of the key lessons drawn from its implementation was the need for formulation of longer term perspective development plan from which medium tern national development plans could be cascaded and implemented. . . .OBJECTIVES OF THE SERVICE / WORKThe principal objective of this assignment is to lead and coordinate the drafting of well-researched background papers on six thematic areas, namely, macroeconomic framework, energy sector development, industrial development, agricultural policy and development, transport sector and the human resources development in Ethiopia. Findings of these studies will inform formulation of the 15-year perspective plan that spans from 2015/16 to 2029/30 which is aligned to Agenda 2030 and agenda 2063 and guides the country’s transformation to a middle-income country.The typology of the studies must draw the development experience of fast growing economies of South East Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, South Koria and Vietnam which demonstrated the efficacy of long-term Perspective Plans as key instrument for an integrated and coordinated management and implementation of a market economic system. It would also help the private sector and other non-state actors to design long term investment polices strategies and programs that are aligned and complementary to the public sector policies and strategies. Although this 15-year perspective plan is a 10 years extension of the GTP II, there is a need to review the rationales, objectives, and strategic pillars of GTP Ii in the context of the perspective plan to sharpen policies and strategies aimed at addressing development bottlenecks identified in GTP I and development challenges during GTP II and beyond. . . . SCOPE OF THE SERVICE / WORKMacro-Economist/ Team LeaderThe 15 years perspective plan is expected to articulate long term macroeconomic framework that include setting baselines and targets for key macroeconomic variables: Real sector(supply and demand side projections), fiscal projection (government revenue and expenditure by major components, budget deficit and its financing ), monetary aggregates (money supply and demand projections by major monetary aggregates). This exercise need to be complemented by review of recent performance at both macro and sectorial levels as well as overview of envisaged polices and strategies that will help to build alternative growth scenarios with plausible and solid assumptions.. . . EXPECTED OUTPUTS / DELIVERABLESThe expected outputs or deliverables are six independent study reports on the six thematic areas: namelyStudy report on Ethiopian macroeconomic frameworkStudy repot on energy sectorStudy repot on industrial sectorStudy repot on agriculture sectorStudy repot on humans resources; andStudy repot on transport sector MINIMUM ORGANIZATION REQUIREMENTSThe prospective Service Provider is expected to meet the following minimum requirements:It must have at least 10 years of practical experience in economic and policy research, planning and modeling, preferably have a lot of engagements with emerging economies in similar works in South East Asia;Knowledge of economy wide modeling and/or sectoral forecasting techniques experience working with emerging economies; Capability to deploy strong quantitative and analytical skills;Capability to deploy good report writing skills;It must have experience in South Asian economies and similar experience in Africa is desirable; andIt shall demonstrate its capabilities, understanding of the TOR, and methodology.The multi-disciplinary team should comprise members with the following educational qualifications and experience:BID SUBMISSION INSTRUCTION:Strictly follow the instructions indicated in the RFP Proposal Submission Form uploaded heretoDOCUMENTS REQUIRED:The following proposals must be prepared as per the prescribed standard format indicated in the respective RFP Bid Document. The Proposals shall be submitted on or before application deadline December 16, 2016 via UNDP Ethiopia Secured mail address: Proposal in pdf under file name: ETH-RFP-2016-06 – TP - [insert Company Name]Financial Proposal in pdf under file name: ETH-RFP-2016-06 – FP - [insert Company Name]Please note that these proposals shall be submitted to the designated secured email into two files but in one email unless both Files are Greater than 9MB file sizeEMAIL SUBJECT LINE WHILE SUBMITTING PROPOSAL:While submitting your proposals to be sure your email subject line is ETH-RFP-2016-06
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