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Harju, industrial building, road Põldmäe 18 Vatsla village in Saue parish, LP2876

Elektrilevi OÜ - Taimi Ostrat | Published October 13, 2016
The EU is resolved in this job design. Construction work at Harju, industrial building, road Põldmäe 18 Vatsla village in Saue parish, LP2876. To carry out the work according to the project. Any significant changes during the works must agree in writing to the project manager before making any changes. If the work reveals the need to change the amount of work it has to be agreed with the Contractor and, where appropriate, formalize an agreement on the reserve. In this period the contract signed by the contracting authority seizure of the contracting authority has the right to be treated as RHS § 53 of the successful tenderer for the award of the contract and the refusal of the offer to be withdrawn. Before the start of work to inform the work for the owners of the properties concerned by registered letter or a landowner's consent to the signature of the site plan. Electricity Distribution LLC in the present work is transferred to the municipality to operate the application. Before the start of construction at its inaugural meeting convened by the builder agreed to the composition of the object: person in control, and if necessary, the project designer. After the meeting, formalized protocol Electrical Distribution Ltd Form V165.

Liquid detergents Purchase

Päästeamet - Elin Küttis | Published October 18, 2016  -  Deadline November 1, 2016
With this simple procurement framework agreement has been the subject of contracting komandodes located in industrial washing machines for liquid detergents Purchase with free shipping. Also, use the granting of the contracting authority dispensers, washing machines installation of dispensers, washing machines, programming and detergent canisters connecting washing machines and dispensers maintenance and repair.
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