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Industrial computers (rugged) Purchases

Eesti Energia Aktsiaselts - Juri Saija | Published April 7, 2017

Industrial computers (rugged) purchase, the approximate amount of two years - 40 computers.

Tallinn Industrial Education Center toilets and repair works

Tallinna Tööstushariduskeskus - Mati Lauri | Published April 6, 2017  -  Deadline April 28, 2017

Tallinn Industrial Education Center toilets and repair works

Industrial and household care buying

Tallinna Linnavaraamet - JAANUS ANNI | Published April 25, 2017  -  Deadline May 17, 2017

Public procurement is the subject of stoves, refrigerators, washing machines and driers, maintenance and repair.

Tartu, Tartu The pellet industrial building, KP affiliation, Tartu parish, LL2466, IL3874, LL2696

Elektrilevi OÜ - Taimi Ostrat | Published April 13, 2017

This job design is solved by the EU. Construction at: Tartu, Tartu granule industrial building, KP affiliation, Tartu parish, LL2466, IL3874, LL2696. 01/06/17), KP 240mm2 cable (SLO-15.5.17). NB !!! Stalhuti Tila and AJ can do after dem KP Tartu pellet, the network is completed. Valli Forest Development connections must be willing to 08/10/2017, if necessary, to make temporary connections. Intra-Urban routes must be willing to 01/09/2017. Of crop damage may be required to reimburse the builder. After noting down the route to contact the project manager, who agreed to accept the opening meeting of the works time and way. LL2466: distribution point in housing (building installation) - pos B70.020.002 beneath - 1 kmpl. LL2466 common volume calculated route in the IL3874 and LL2969 volumes: B20.200.001 Cable protection tube in the closed method (including the amount of installed IL3874 reserve tube 8 m). Disassembly guide the project Table 3.5 of the explanatory memorandum (KP Fuse base and switches, limiters KP, traverse, etc.). LL2466: Ol.o work of the outgoing AHXAMK 3x120-W cable out of the tube and pull the tube cleaning - 131, etc. (route). LL2466: B20.080.002 Job: KP cable installation to an existing pipeline or tunnel - including the 2x131m existing in a protection. LL2696: B20.195.001 Trench construction - (route length, ie horisontaalprojektsiooni point to point) - a common route in the LL2466 volume. LL2466: Alignment cleaning of bushes / trees: 1,120 m2. Existing konsentraatorid raise around ELV partner. LL2466: Pärnamets 35/15 kV feeder Kõrveküla AJ de-VT is changed; pos B70.080.002 Telemehhanika; equipment, installation and configuration.

Industry 110/6 (10) kV substation reconstruction (IK0356)

Elektrilevi OÜ - AARE LOKK | Published April 10, 2017

The tender "Industrial 110/6 (10) kV substation reconstruction (IK0356)," the volume of work includes the following: 2.1. Engineering works: 2.1.1. Structural part, including. territory design; 2.1.2. Gullies õlieraldussüsteemi and drainage design; 2.1.3. Industry substation (abbreviated AJ) cable and pipe stormwater drainage design 2.1.4. AJ Industrial building design. 2.1.5. Primary design; 2.1.6. Industry AJ 10 kV switchgear design; 2.1.7. Secondary design. 2.1.8. Kommertsmõõtesüsteemide design; 2.1.9. Automatic fire and security alarm system design. 2.1.10. The reserve power supply (a battery) and the mechanical design of the communication devices; 2.1.11. Existing transformers transport and access design. 2.2. Construction and installation work Substation: 2.2.1. Switchyard building construction; 2.2.2. Ground-omatarbetrafode installation; 2.2.3. Kaarepoolide installation; 2.2.4. Installing the compensation of reactive energy; 2.2.5. Linking existing transformers of the new distribution unit. 2.2.6. Four sections of 10 kV switchgear installation; 2.2.7. Outgoing 10 kV feeder cable lines, construction of cable couplings with installation and interconnection power grid; 2.2.8. Depositions of drainage construction and interconnection; 2.2.9. Cable pipes; 2.2.10. Elektrilevi kommertsmõõtesüsteemide installation; 2.2.11. The reserve supply of equipment 2.2.12. Existing transformers transport and access hard coating installation; 2.2.13. JS building access roads to the construction gates to be installed; 2.2.14. Fence construction, upgrading or installation of additional gates. 2.2.15. Secondary Installation and setup work. 2.3. Dismantling 2.3.1. Industrial substations HEKA temporary de-demounting and logistics.
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