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Industry specific software package

Klassik Stiftung Weimar | Published May 23, 2017  -  Deadline June 14, 2017
48100000, 72000000

The object of the award is the conclusion of an EVB-IT system contract through the adaptation, delivery and integration of a visit management system, which allows booking and reservation, visitor management, backend for financial and rights management as well as evaluation, checkout and web-based ticket sales (online ticketing).

In a second step, they receive a detailed workbook and the invitation to submit a first offer.

With the task handbook, the preliminary formulation of tasks to be dealt with in the event of an invitation to negotiation talks and to be presented in the context of the selection discussions takes place.

On the basis of the fulfillment of the requirements according to the specification and the tender (weighting: 50% each), applicants are invited to submit an invitation to the following selection interviews and the invitation to attend.

The Klassik Stiftung Weimar needs a visit management system consisting of the modules

Booking and reservation, visitor management, back-end for financial and rights management

And evaluation, checkout and web-based ticket sales (online ticketing).

The cash system (software and hardware) can come from the same provider or from a second provider

Under the direction of and in cooperation with the supplier.

For conservative reasons, the KSW's castles and museum facilities apply

Compliance with these ceilings

In order to comply with the quotas,

A split is necessary for larger groups.

Complementary products such as guided tours, workshops, etc. must be assigned to each booking

These services are to be allocated according to the visitors' services.

Payment is to be made by means of an on-site payment (cashier) and, in the case of bookings, also by invoicing

to be possible.

In addition to the daily and advance sales at the museum kassen, online sales should be possible.

Compliance with the principles of proper accounting according to GoBD, the law against

Tampering with cash dispensers as well as all tax and data protection laws

(Including the amendment to the legal situation) is required.

The following criteria must be met; If a criterion is not fulfilled, the exclusion is carried out

Of the award procedure:

Global requirements:

- All modules and components (offered by the vendor) should be based on the same database system;


Basic system requirements for system environment / client operating systems:

- Windows 7 64 bit and Windows 10 64 bit;

- Microsoft Office 2010, 2016 must also be supported;

- Possibility to run Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows.

Long-term and timely cooperation of the system with the latest safety updates of the above system components

3.2 Required interfaces:

- Standard import / export interface:

- Possibility of mapping on import, possibility of data selection for export;

- transmission of all basic and movement data to an external system;

Selection of the data to be transmitted from the basic and motion data;

- Possibility to automatically export the selected basic and movement data

Every 10 minutes, every hour, etc.);

- Export the data min. In the formats XML and CSV for data transfer

In other applications;

- Identification of the exported data via a unique identification feature

Receipt / booking number);

- logging of data imports in the system;

- Ability to cancel faulty data imports as a whole;

- Data exports to Excel and Word;

Import interface for mails

Exchange to the system (transition to Exchange 2016 and Office 2016 scheduled for 2018);

- interface to the connection of MACH's financial accounting system and material management system;

- interface for connecting devices for card payment;

- Interface for the activation and acceptance test of tourist maps.

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