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City Dessau, broadband

Sachsen-Anhalt: Stadt Dessau-Roßlau | Published August 26, 2016  -  Deadline October 24, 2016
Following the market consultation from 19.01.2016 to 19.03.2016 and the interest determination procedure from 19.04.2016 until 14.06.2016 and on the 

- Based on the current EU guidelines on the application of State aid rules in relation to rapid
Broadband expansion (EU Broadband Guidelines)
- The framework of the Federal Republic of Germany for supporting the establishment of a nationwide Next Generation Access (NGA) -Breitbandversorgung (NGA framework)
- The Directive on the granting of aid for the promotion of Next Generation Access broadband expansion in Saxony-Anhalt (NGA RL LSA) and in conjunction with the operational program for the ERDF in Saxony-Anhalt 2014-2020
- Directive "promotion, in support of broadband rollout in the Federal Republic of Germany"

does the city plan Dessau for located in the urban area
19 business parks: Dessau-Mitte (TG: G1, G2, G3, I), Dessau-Mitte (TG: D, D1, E, F, H), Dessau-Mitte (TG: B, B1, C, C1) Dessau-Mitte (TG: A1, A2, A3), Dessau airfield Dessau-industrial park on railroad cars, Dessau-Ost, Dessau West, Roßlau-industrial port, Roßlau-site at the Lukoer road Roßlau East, Roßlau-West , Rodleben-DHW, Rodleben funds width BioPharmaPark Dessau, Dessau-Süd / RAW terrain, Dessau-At the Fine, Dessau-Daheimstr./Erich-Köckert- Str., Dessau-Am Friedrich garden, Dessau-Debolon, Dessau-Köthen Str./Golfpark and Dessau Am Rehsumpf to achieve a supply of a nationwide NGA network.

Network operators and telecommunications companies are therefore hereby invited to submit a binding offer for the provision of symmetrical broadband connections at 100 Mbit / s download and upload rate for all companies / trader for the mentioned industrial areas.

Z5sh - FE 05.0185/2014/CRB "Numerical modeling of the lysimeter BASt"

Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen | Published September 14, 2016  -  Deadline October 24, 2016
Leistungsbeschreibung - Summary 
FE 05.0185/2014/CRB
"Numerical modeling of the lysimeter BASt"
The use of "Ersatzbaustoffen" as recycled building materials and industrial Nebenprodukte and anthropogenically contaminated soils according Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz mandatory and economically sinnvoll. These materials fall in large quantities and are good in earthworks used where large Baustoffmengen need be. Floor and Grundwasserschutz are here to ensure. To a possible discharge of pollutants from the aforementioned materials to minimize, it is necessary the entry of water into a building of such materials minimally to keep. These are technical Sicherungsmaßnahmen in the building, which in "Merkblatt over construction Technical Sicherungsmaßnahmen the use of soils and building materials with umweltrelevanten Inhaltsstoffen earthworks (M TS E)" described are.
To the technical Sicherungsmaßnahme in road optimally used and improve to be able to reduce the water and Stofftransport in Ersatzbaustoffen realistically described and to the special conditions in the structure to be adjusted. To determine realitätsnaher data BASt itself and in cooperation with the University of Augsburg large scale lysimeter durchgeführt. These are part of this project by numerical modeling can be mapped. When creating the model are known Kennwerte the used materials in the model are transmitted.
Procedure: see tender specifications - Long version (. Tender documents No 1.b.)
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