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Development of industrial park "An der A 38 - Ost" in Heilbad Heiligenstadt

Stadt Heilbad Heiligenstadt | Published March 15, 2018  -  Deadline April 19, 2018

Development of business park "An der A 38 - Ost" in Heilbad Heiligenstadt TO Baufeldfreimachung and terrain regulation

Engineering design services

Zweckverband Wasserversorgung und Abwasserentsorgung Obereichsfeld (WAZ) | Published November 28, 2015  -  Deadline January 12, 2016
71320000, 71322200, 71322500, 71321000, 71323100

30 hectares and is adjacent to the east to the existing industrial area A38. Both clients intend to apply for funding for the planned development of the business park. For accounting reasons, each customer must enter into a separate contract engineer for his achievements with the contractor. The following services are as set forth to provide for the relevant authority: I.) services for the city: a) Planning of outdoor installations according to HOAI § 38 - § 40 in conjunction with Annex 11, service phases 1-9, b) Traffic planning systems according to HOAI § 45 - § 48 required in conjunction with Annex 13, service phases 2-9, c) surveying services in accordance with Appendix 1.4 d) optional proportionally: Site supervision for traffic installations II) services for the WAZ: a) Planning of engineering structures according to HOAI § 41 - § 44 in. conjunction with Annex 12, service phases 1-9, b) planning of structural engineering according to HOAI § 49 - § 52 in conjunction with Annex 14, service phases 1-6 c) Fachplanung technical equipment according to HOAI § 53 - § 56 in conjunction with Annex 15, service phases 1-9 d) required surveying services in accordance with Annex 1.4 e) optionally proportionately: Site supervision for a)

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Zweckverband Wasserversorgung und Abwasserentsorgung Obereichsfeld | Published April 1, 2015  -  Deadline May 12, 2015

The purpose of association of water supply and sanitation Obereichsfeld (WAZ) intends to expand the wastewater treatment plant built in 1992 Horsmar. This was designed in two lines at that time by the usual criteria for measuring the ATV A131 for a predicted overall design of 16,000 inhabitants and einstraßig structurally built for a load of 8,000 inhabitants. The connection rate is currently out of the total feed, including the discharge of human waste from small wastewater treatment plants about 10,000 inhabitants. Due to the dynamic development in the catchment area through the development of commercial and industrial areas, the expansion in capacity PE 5,000 is provided to 15,000 inhabitants. On behalf of the WAZ planning services of Phases 1 to 3 have been developed up to now. As part of a separate Preliminary different solution variants were investigated. As the preferred solution, the extension of the system to a primary treatment with Fugatbehälter and primary sludge pumping station, a digester, the establishment of a multi-purpose building for CHP with heating system and heat exchanger and circulation was recorded on the variant discussion and also taking into account the non-monetary factors. The ventilation system in the existing activated sludge is to be renewed. The net construction costs were estimated at approximately EUR 2.6 million. The WAZ intends to award the necessary engineering services for the measure "Extension of WWTP Horsmar" for the phases 4 to 9 according VOF 2009, with a prior public call for participation (participation competition).
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