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Industrial or laboratory furnaces, incinerators and ovens

Safina, a.s. | Published December 5, 2015  -  Deadline December 23, 2015
42300000, 42942000

The subject of the public tender is to select a supplier for the manufacture, delivery, connection and commissioning of 3 calcining kiln to decompose PGM salt. The decomposition is conducted at temperatures to 900 ° C without a protective atmosphere in platinum and under a protective gas atmosphere with palladium. Equals process is the reduced, metallic platinum, respectively. palladium.

Build a sidewalk along the area SAFINA

Obec Vestec | Published August 28, 2015

The purpose of this contract is the execution of works leading to the building of new interconnecting areas along the road, with the emphasis that the contractor performed the works of high quality without defects and unfinished, on his own responsibility and within the set deadlines. The purpose of this contract is also to provide the maximum possible synergies and vendor readiness CONTRACTORS construction of a safe and fully functional operation, which allows the maximum possible use of the building for the purpose arising from its povahy.Jedná about building a new walkable areas, moving along the fence of the company Safina, modifications of existing access roads and construction of public lighting. The sidewalk is built along the existing roadway ul. Industrial.
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