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Industrial machinery

Metaz Týnec a.s. | Published February 11, 2017  -  Deadline February 21, 2017

4.5 The subject of public procurement is a modification of the existing steel foundry to improve the environmental performance of operation corresponding to contemporary standards. The adjustment includes the supply and installation of new technological equipment in smelting and molding sand mixtures including prep caused by construction work, HVAC and energy installations. Building contracts specifically:

- Adapting the required technical solution of the whole work according to specific equipment supplied,

- Complete project documentation of actual construction, including completion of all necessary permits to operate the new technology,

- Supply works,

- Delivery of equipment,

- Installation,

- Comprehensive testing of the whole work,

- Commissioning.

Services related to the oil and gas industry

Innogy Gas Storage, s.r.o. | Published February 14, 2017  -  Deadline March 20, 2017

The deliverable is delivery of two regenerators triethylene glycol for underground gas storage (UGS) Štramberk.

Legal services

Český rozhlas | Published February 9, 2017  -  Deadline March 8, 2017

The subject of performance of this contract is a contract for the provision of legal services with suppliers providing legal advice.

This mainly includes the preparation, processing and review of documentation in the field of intellectual property law, particularly copyright, rights related to copyright, trademark rights and documentation within the competence of the Industrial Property Office.

This mainly includes the preparation, processing and review of documentation from the media law, especially regarding the rights and obligations of broadcasters, broadcasting rights, advertising and relationship to the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting.

This mainly includes the preparation and development of specifications and other documents in the tender, representing the contracting authority at all stages of the procurement procedure and ensure that all sub-tasks in the procurement procedure, consultation and representation of the contracting entity after the tender procedure, regardless of the type of award procedure, both in the provision of supplies or services, as well as providing construction works.

This includes in particular the provision of legal services in civil, labor, administrative and criminal law, from the preparation, processing and inspection of legal documents, representing the sponsor in the discussion of contentious and disputed agendas to providing consultation and advice in the defined field.

484/1991 Coll., On Czech Radio.

Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Česká exportní banka, a.s. | Published January 25, 2017  -  Deadline February 21, 2017

The subject of performance of this contract is to provide independent inspection services in cases of credit financed by a contracting authority for the purpose of assessing and monitoring the implementation of funding business cases and project sponsor for 36 months, on the basis of a framework agreement.

General scope of the public procurement:

a) implementation or assessment of technical feasibility,

b) Assessment of the technical readiness of exporters and their suppliers prior to the commencement financing,

c) Control of contracting technical training supply and contract sourcing (procurement)

d) Inspection of completion of deliveries in production,

e) Inspection of completion of the work in the filling (construction and assembly process)

f) Monitoring compliance with delivery schedules work

g) Monitoring of compliance with the budget,

h) Checking the purpose of drawing the loan,

i) Check the insertion of investors' own funds into the project,

j) Check the share of Czech supplies.

Distribution of industrial segments, within which the public contract:

a) energy;

a. Nuclear;

b. coal;

c. the steam / gas;

d. water;

e. Photovoltaic;

b) construction;

c) infrastructure;

a. roads;

b. Railroad;

c. electrical appliances / pipelines;

d) metallurgy and metal processing;

e) paper / wood processing;

f) extraction of raw materials;

g), chemicals and petrochemicals;

h) aviation;

i) pharmacy;

j) building materials technology;

k) automotive;

l) agriculture, food and agriculture;

m) defensive technology;

n) medical equipment;

o) information and communication technology.

Suppliers are entitled to submit its bid on any precisely defined number of segments specified in point. a) to o) of paragraph 2 of this Article, and subject to the scope of the public contract pursuant to paragraph 1 of this Article, the tender documentation.

Sponsor stipulates that public contracts are awarded procedure with reopening competition under § 135 of the Act.

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