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Industrial machinery

Technologický park Lochovice s.r.o. | Published October 30, 2015  -  Deadline November 18, 2015

The subject of the tender is the device that will be used for intensive testing of corrugated sheet machining and mechanical compression reinforcement and other mechanical modification of the substrate. This is an advanced surface treatment in terms of development of new methods of mechanical machining and hardening of the materials for the project, when debug by pressure and a suitable punch desired characteristics in an extent suitable for future technological applications.

Pre-fitting power lines and pipelines necessary for commissioning sealed fluid cleaning technologies for research and electroplating metallization processes

OPTAGLIO s.r.o. | Published March 14, 2016

The contract is the supply and installation preparation power lines and pipelines necessary for putting into operation two closed fluid cleaning technologies for research and electroplating metallization processes in the center of industrial development and innovation for advanced holographic elements. This is the delivery and installation of the supply line providing process fluid distribution research of galvanic metallisation processes and technologies for cleaning and operating units of electrical energy for the two closed cleaning technology research liquids.

Closed Cleaning Technology Research demetallization liquids and coating methods for the development of new holographic products

OPTAGLIO s.r.o. | Published October 27, 2015

The contract is closed cleaning liquids technology research demetallization and coating methods. The entire device will comprise a storage tank for industrial processed water tank into treated water and a tank for a concentrate waste from the research activities, which is intended for external removal by disposal. All tanks must be fitted with frost protection, they will also be placed outside the building.
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