Public tenders for cooling in Drikkevannslsning-i-grubbegata-1 Norway

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Leasing renovation car and vans

Fylke: Nord-Trøndelag, Kommune: Steinkjer | Published March 13, 2018

2 vans 3.5 tonnes - one with lifting belt and one with lifting lift and cooling / freezing unit

18-024 Remodeling Lillehammer

Tilleggsinformasjon finnes på | Published May 8, 2018

The store at Lillehammer is going to undergo refurbishment and re-profiling. The store is given a new cooling room, floor coverings in the warehouse and sales area, lighting with ceiling panels and paint coatings, cf. appendix

Ski tracks to the entrance of Holmenkollbakken

Sted: hele Norge | Published July 13, 2017

There is a need to establish a new track for ski hopping at the entrance to Holmenkollbakken. The track purchased must be approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS), have a track with integrated cooling system and the opportunity to switch between ice tracks and porcelain tracks. See attached specification for further description.

VVA Havneparken Crossing Senkekasser

Fylke: Rogaland, Kommune: Sandnes | Published April 24, 2018

Sandnes Inner Havn Infrastructurselskap AS will, by agreement with Sandnes municipality, coordinate the construction of crossings of lower boxes in the harbor park in Sandnes. This request relates to a total contract for crossing the lower boxes with the following pipes: · Overflow line, Ø1000 mm · Pumped emergency overflow, Ø800 PE · Cooling line Light, Ø560 PE, 2 pcs

12-3321 Hamre - new building

Fylke: Hordaland, Kommune: Bergen | Published May 27, 2018

Orientating main quantities: • Demolition: approx. 570 tonnes (for waste disposal) • Digging: approx. 4000 m3 (for digging and filling) • Rock cracking / demolition: approx. 250 m3 • Scale: approx. 210 m2 • Reinforcement: approx. 8 tons • Pumped concrete: approx. 80 m3 • Cooling elements: approx. 410 tons • Walls of natural stone: approx. 190 m2 • Crafts: approx. 90 m (both sides of the culvert) • Asphalt: approx. 1600 m2, (varying thickness and structure) • Roadworks: approx. 45 m

Etterstad vg- New canteen kitchen and div

Fylke: Oslo | Published April 20, 2018

Etterstad vgs will be fully rehabilitated and the pupil number will be expanded from 766 to 1126 students by the end of 2023. This entry fee applies to preparatory works for the commencement of demolition of building E. The school consists of 5 buildings. In building A, minor renovations will be made (option). Building B must have dry coolers on the roof. Build C / D should walls tear up and new canteen kitchens be built. Building D will set up a cooling machine and ventilation unit for the canteen. Fitness room with unit must be moved. The work will be done with full school in operation.

BUS 2 - Health Bergen K301 Piping plant

Fylke: Hordaland, Kommune: Bergen | Published December 15, 2017

Helse Bergen HF will build stage 2 of the new Child and Youth Hospital (BUS2) at Haukeland University Hospital. This entry fee (K301) applies to pipelines, and includes; • Sanitary facilities including internal ducts • Common heating systems for plumbing and electricity • Ceiling drainage (drainage and piping) • Heating installations for district heating and geothermal installations • Gas and compressed air systems, mainly facilities for medical use • Sprinkler systems. • Manual extinguishers (Fire extinguishers and handheld devices) • Cooling kit for refrigeration plants including local refrigeration units such as Fancoils etc.
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