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Design of a master plan for a Technological Agro-Industrial Park (TAIP) in Cameroon

United Nations Industrial Development Organization | Published February 9, 2016

Design of a master plan for a Technological Agro-Industrial Park (TAIP) in Cameroon

Digitization project for OAPI Cameroon, in Yaounde

World Intellectual Property Organization | Published December 17, 2014  -  Deadline January 30, 2015

WIPO is pleased to invite you to submit a proposal about the digitization project of industrial property documents of the ‘’Organisation Africaine de la Propriété Intellectuelle’’ (OAPI), based in Yaounde, Cameroon (as described in the Annex I - TOR attached). The organization currently has seventeen (17) Member States and receives from them an increasing number of files each year in hard copy. For this reason, with the support of WIPO, OAPI Cameroon has undertaken this major project to overhaul its information system starting as of the signature of the contract for a period of about six (6) months. Any interested company wishing to participate in the RFP procedure is invited to respond to this Request for Proposals (RFP)  N°. PTD/14/086 via this e-Tendering Portal (ETP) and to download documents enabling it to respond and submit an offer. Deadline for technical, commercial or legal queries: January 16, 2015 Deadline for submission of proposals: before 16h00 on Friday January 30, 2015 (CET)

CM - Competitive Value Chains - P112975

COMPETITIVE VALUE CHAINS PROJECT | Published December 23, 2014  -  Deadline January 23, 2015

The Recruitment Of A Consultant To Conduct The Kribi Growth Pole Study In Cameroon REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON ------------- Peace ? Work ?Fatherland ------------- MINISTRY OFECONOMY, PLANNINGAND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT ------------ COMPETITIVEVALUE CHAINS PROJECT (PCFC) ------------ REQUEST FOREXPRESSION OF INTEREST ------------- N°0025/ASMI/MINEPAT/PCFC/SPM/2014OFDecember, 23 rd. 2014 ------------ Financing : IDA Credit No. 4780CM --------------- FOR THERECRUITMENT OF A CONSULTANT TO CONDUCT THE KRIBI GROWTH POLE STUDY IN CAMEROON ***************************** This request for expression of interest is a follow-upto the General ProjectProcurement Notice published in Development Business of 12 July 2010. The Government of the Republic of Cameroon has obtained from the International Development Association (IDA)Credit No. 4780 tofinance the Competitive Value Chains Project (PCFC) and intends to apply part of the funds towards eligiblepayments "for the recruitment of a Consultant toconduct the Kribi Growth Pole Study in Cameroon". The consulting services, hereunder referred toas the Services, shall include: GENERALOBJECTIVE: Thestudy aims to transform the conceptof the Kribi Port Industrial Complex into a growth pole built around the industry and tourism sectors to maximize the impactoneconomic growth and job-creation. The findings of the study will inform the Government of Cameroon's economic developmentstrategy. SCOPE OF WORK: To that end, the Consultant shall:(i) conduct a demandsurvey of potential anchor investors such as RioTinto, GDF Suez, CAMIRON, etc. in the developing petrochemicals, gas,minerals,agro-industry sectors and evaluate the capacity of Cameroonian SMEs to subcontract for, and/or supply to multinationals in thesesectors and propose measures to upgrade these SMEs; (ii) identify job profiles likely to be required within the Kribi Port andIndustrial Complex and in close collaboration with the relevant industrial developers, prepare a mapping or census of trades andskills to be developed. Once such a mapping is available, the second step would be to develop appropriate vocational training to beable to supply in a timely manner the desired qualified manpower both in terms of quantity and quality(iii) examine productive andcommercial activities that  can be developed in Kribi through a combination offavourable factors (economies of scale and agglomeration,innovation, competition, partnerships and strengthening of horizontalandvertical links between firms of the same industrial sector) allowing the formation of competitive clusters; (iv) analyze existingand potential constraints and propose critical public (for example policy and infrastructure) and private interventions necessaryto transform the region's comparative advantages into competitive advantages (v) takestock of the touristic opportunities andrecommend policy reforms as well as infrastructural investments required to develop and position Kribi as the first touristdestination in Cameroon. IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD: Themission shall be implemented for three (03) months. The Coordinator of the Competitive Value Chains Project hereby invites eligible candidates toexpress interest in providing theabove services. Interested consultants must submit information indicating that they are qualifiedfor the mission. Criteria used to establish the shortlist are: (i) have multi-country and multi-sector experience in conducting growth pole studies, with specific knowledge and experiencein various spatial approaches; (ii) have knowledge and experience on (a) the investment climate;(b) the enhancement of SMEs; and(c) mapping of trades and skills. Interested Consultants are reminded that the provisions of paragraph 1.9 of the World Bank's Guidelines: Selectionand Employment ofConsultants by World Bank Borrowers, revised in October 2006and May 2010 relating to World Bank rules governing conflict of interest shall be applicable. Consultants may associate with otherfirms in the form of a joint ventureor a sub-consultancy to enhance their qualifications. A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Quality and Cost-Based Selection (QCBS) methodset out in the Consultant Guidelines, May 2004 edition revised in October 2006 and May 2010. Interested Consultants may obtain further information on reference documents atthe under-mentioned address during working hours from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., local time.  The Terms of Reference of this mission are available and can be withdrawn from the Procurement Department ofPCFC. Written expressions of interest shall be deposited at the following address in person, by mail, by facsimile orby electronic mailnot later than January, 23rd 2015 at12:00 noon, localtime, and labeled asfollows: Expression of InterestNo. 0025/ASMI/MINEPAT/PCFC/SPM/2014Of December, 23 rd. 2014 "for the recruitment of a consultant to conduct the Kribi Growth Pole Study in Cameroon". The address referred to above is: Coordination Unit of the Competitive Value ChainsProject (PCFC), Procurement Department, situated at "Derrière l'Usine Bastos", 300metres from SNV coming from "Nouvelle Route Bastos", Tel.: +237 222 21 86 52 / 22221 8653, E-mail : francoisesoua@yahoo.frwith copyto Yaounde,   December, 23 rd.2014 E. Françoise SOUA NTYAM, Coordinator of PCFC

Déxpertise services to support starting an Industry Technical Centre for Agri-Food in Cameroon + structuring services for 50 companies

United Nations Industrial Development Organization | Published November 5, 2015  -  Deadline November 27, 2015

As part of the project 'Support Programme for the improvement of the competitiveness of the Cameroonian economy' we seek to identify one (or more) service provider (s) for: Lot 1- Support the boot of a Technical Center Agri-Food Industry in Cameroon (CTIA); Lot 2 The implementation of structural services in 50 of the agri-food sector in Cameroon.

CM-Ag. Invest. and Mark. Dev. Proj - P143417

CROPSEC | Published December 11, 2014  -  Deadline February 25, 2015

Acquisition Of Cleaning Machines From Sorghum For The Cooperatives Sococcen And CROPSEC the North and Extreme North NOTICE APPELD'OFFRES INTERNATIONAL AOIN 001 / COOP / CMP / 2014 OF 11/12/2014 ---------- -------------- This Tender Notice is subsequently àl'Avis General Procurement appeared in issue No. WB5115 of 10 October 2014 "Development Business" Cesdeux cooperatives intend to use a portion of the allocation desditssous projects effectuerdes payments under the deséquipements Market sorghopour cleaning their cooperatives This defournir and install sorghum cleaning equipment lesCoopératives Garoua and Maroua and training of staff USABILITY said machines. The Bidding will be conducted by international Appeld'offres (AOI) as defined in the "Guidelines: Procurement deFournitures Markets Works and Services (other than Consultants' Services) by the Borrowers of the World Bank under IBRD Loans and Credits etdes Don IDA January 2011 ", and open to all lessoumissionnaires eligible countries as defined in the Guidelines. Eligible bidders etintéresséspeuvent obtain information from the Cooperative CROPSEC in Maroua (quartierDjarengol) and prendreconnaissance of Tender documents at the address given below from Monday At Friday between 9 am and 15 hours. The requirements qualificationssont: Technical capacity and experience LeSoumissionnaire must demonstrate with supporting documentation that satisfaitauxexigences technical capacity following: two (02) similar markets (Minutes of Reception and copies desmarchés) made over the last five years (2009 - 2013); Provide listings of strategic spare parts, desproduits maintenance and cleaning of equipment. Attach CV of the leading expert del'équipe (qualified personnel for installation, commissioning andTHE warranty tracking (provide CV: agro-industrial engineer, factory installation specialist (5 years minimum or equivalent) with atleast 10 years of experience in the installation of industrial units with atleast two (02) similar missions. Note: When laconception local, said ingénieurdevra ensure that civil works are consistent avecles plansd'installation sorghum cleaning units and more concrete soclesdes the equipment meets the requirements set by the manufacturer of Machines and equipment. Documentationstechniques (catalogs, technical specifications, instructions and dossierstechniques, operating procedures and maintenance, manual -Guides, lesinstructions and working procedures) to attest the performanceset the characteristics of the proposed supplies. Uneautorisation manufacturer, in case the bidder is not the manufacturer. View the document Appeld'Offres for detailed information. Unecommunication come later specified the place of the meeting and sonheure accurate. This meeting will be followed by a visit dusite, free according to the availability of chaquesoumissionnaire. In addition, ledocument of bidding, in PDF format, can be sent by Email àl'intéressé if requested. Offers serontouvertes in the presence of bidders or their representatives àl'adressementionnée following Wednesday, 25/02/2015 to 12 hours. Bids must include a Bid-Securing Declaration. Tenders will be opened enprésence of bidders' representatives present in person or àdistance: District Djarengol delegate; BP 775 The sealed envelopes will comprendrelamention following: "AOIN 001 / COOP / CMP / 2014 FOR THE ACQUISITION OF CLEANING EQUIPMENT SORGHOPOUR COOPERATIVES AND SOCOCCEN CROPSEC. - OPEN IN SEANCED'OUVERTURE FOLDS "Lesoumissionnaire pasl'option will submit its bid electronically. Lesoffres déclarationde must include a guarantee of supply, The (s) address (s) which are incorporated by reference above is (are): POURLES INFORMATION: BP: 775 MAROUA MARIAMHAMAN ADAMA address: PO Box 775 - Street: District djarengol delegate City: Maroua -Country: Cameroon Phone: (237) 678 38 10 10/699 74 20 13/675 47 13 50. Email:; copiesobligatoires to and FOR COOPERATIVE SOCOCCENET CROPSEC


Projet REDD+/MINEPDED | Published October 15, 2015  -  Deadline October 30, 2015

Recruitment Of A Cabinet For A Thorough Analysis Of The Engines Deforestation and Degradation In The Taking Account Of Five agroecological zones, L-Depth Analysis of strategic options Suspected Of The Regler Deforestation ..... DUCAMEROUN REPUBLIC WORK? HOMELAND ????? ???. REPUBLICOF CAMEROON
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