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Repair and maintenance services of medical and precision equipment

„Комплексен онкологичен център — Пловдив“ ЕООД | Published March 11, 2017  -  Deadline April 19, 2017

"Subscription servicing of medical equipment" Complex Oncology Centre - Plovdiv "LTD".

"Subscription servicing of medical equipment" Complex Oncology Centre - Plovdiv "Ltd."

Lot №1: Subscription service, Multimodal linear accelerator for photonic and electronic therapy model "Clinac iX", system lacheplanirane therapy model "Eclipse" together with oncology information system model ARIA, producer "Varian Medical Systems" - USA.

Subscription service of Spiral CT for radiotherapy planning model Toshiba - Aquilion RXL, producer "Toshiba" - Japan.

Subscription service of laser systems.

Subscription service and calibration of dosimetric equipment for radiation control.

Subscription service of equipment for the dissolution of cytostatics.

Subscription service diagnostic equipment for imaging.

Subscription service, Therapeutic framework for deep X-ray therapy.

Subscription service, operational and bakteriatsidni lamps.

Subscription servicing of operating tables.

Subscription service of anesthesiology equipment.

Subscription service of resuscitation equipment.

Subscription service operating equipment.

Subscription service of ECGs.

Subscription service, Coagulators.

Subscription service of gastroetnerologichna equipment.

Subscription servicing of equipment in the department of medical oncology and pulmonology.

Subscription service of packing technique tools.

Subscription service of laboratory equipment and research.

Subscription servicing of equipment for rehabilitation.

Subscription service of blood pressure.

Subscription service equ ...

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