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Remodelling of Industrial Training Institute (IRI) in Tongi and Khulna in Bangladesh

United Nations Office for Project Services | Published September 17, 2015  -  Deadline October 4, 2015

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BD: Health Sector Development Program - P118708

 | Published July 13, 2015
Poly Medicure Limited

Hsm-1401(icb) Procurement Of Blood Bag ICB Contract Award Notice Bangladesh Project: P118708 - Bangladesh - Health Sector Development Program Bid/Contract Reference No: HSM-1401/2014-15/D-2/112 Scope of Contract: HSM-1401(ICB) Procurement of Blood Bag Duration of Contract: 14.00Week(s) Contract Signature Date: 14-Jun-2015 Evaluation Currency: USD-United States Dollars Awarded Bidder(s): Name: Poly Medicure Limited Address: 232 B, 3rd Floor, Okhla Industrial State, Phase III, Country: India Bid Price at Opening:USD 327,915.00 Evaluated Bid Price: USD327,915.00 Contract Price: USD393,498.00 Evaluated Bidder(s): Name : M/s. UniMed Limited Address :5/8, Block C,Lalmatia, Country: Bangladesh Bid Price at Opening:USD 736,530.00 Evaluated Bid Price: USD736,530.00 Rejected Bidder(s): Name: M/s. Sterling Multi-Technologies Ltd. Address: House # 31, Road # 4, Sector-3, Uttara, Country: Bangladesh Bid Price at Opening: Reason for Rejection: Non Responsive

BD: Chittagong Water Supply Improvement - P103999

 | Published June 29, 2015
Hubei Industrial Construction Group Co. Ltd.

Construction Of Distribution Pipelines (no Regret Investment) Package W-8 ICB Contract Award Notice Bangladesh Project: P103999 - BD Chittagong Water Supply Improvement and Sanitation Project Bid/Contract Reference No: CWSISP/PD/84/14/W-8/1750dt 20.05.2015 Scope of Contract: Construction of Distribution Pipelines (No Regret Investment) Package W-8 Duration of Contract: 2.16Year(s) Contract Signature Date: 28-Jun-2015 Evaluation Currency: BDT-Bangladeshi Takas Awarded Bidder(s): Name: Hubei Industrial Construction Group Co. Ltd. Address: 42 Xiongchu Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China Country: China Bid Price at Opening:BDT 2,638,969,710.00 Evaluated Bid Price: BDT2,540,640,117.48 Contract Price: BDT2,540,640,117.48 Evaluated Bidder(s): Name : RPL-CRFG JV Address :PRAN-RFL Center, 105 Middle Badda, Dhaka Country: Bangladesh Bid Price at Opening:BDT 2,694,053,448.00 Evaluated Bid Price: BDT2,688,255,779.15 Evaluated Bidder(s): Name : China Petroleum pipeline Bureau Address :87 Guangyang road, Langfang, Hebei 065000, P.R, China Country: China Bid Price at Opening:BDT 2,301,381,854.00USD 16,877,800.00 Evaluated Bid Price: BDT3,818,835,833.50 Evaluated Bidder(s): Name : Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation Address :No. A 6, HuiXinDong Street Chaoyang District, Beijing City, P.R. China Country: China Bid Price at Opening:BDT 1,982,396,387.00USD 25,447,778.00 Evaluated Bid Price: BDT3,949,539,937.30 Evaluated Bidder(s): Name : Pratibha-Navana JV. Address :House-28/A, Road- 83, Gulshan-2, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Country: Bangladesh Bid Price at Opening:BDT 4,094,746,973.30 Evaluated Bid Price: BDT4,083,229,975.15

Backstopping Support to the Skills for Employment Investment Programme Bangladesh.

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh | Published April 29, 2015  -  Deadline June 4, 2015

The objectives of the assignment are: 1. To advise on inclusive targeting, quality assurance and result-based management of SEIP; 2. To advise on the overlapping tranches and the pathways towards a sector-wide approach; 3. To enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the SDCMU; 4. To support the project steering by SDC and ADB. The SEIP Advisor will be responsible for the following tasks 1.1. Support the SDCMU at strategic and implementation level to address social inclusion in terms of the effective targeting and participation of the poor and disadvantaged in the trainings and overall job placements (including issues of decent work); 1.2. Ensure that the quality assurance interventions are implemented effectively in close collaboration between the SDCMU, BTEB, Training Providers, industry associations and ISCs; 1.3. Support the SDCMU and the training providers on the development and implementation of an efficient and effective result-based monitoring and payment system; 2.1. Advise the EPD to prepare the design and project cycle management of the over-lapping tranches including facilitating required due diligence activities; 2.2. Provide insights to SDC to facilitate its decision in regard to supporting the future tranches of SEIP; 2.3. Facilitate the sharing of lessons learnt among other Development Partners in view of their potential contributions to the next tranches of SEIP and a sector-wide approach; 2.4. Contribute to policy dialogue and the discussions on the establishment of the Skills Development Authority and National Human Resource Development Fund; 3. 3.1. Advise the EPD in the sequencing of the implementation activities, team organisation of the SDCMU and the timely mobilisation of the technical assistance as envisaged in the SEIP design; 3.2. Advise the SDCMU in preparing high quality quarterly and annual progress reports by focusing on lessons learnt and challenges, and what requires special attention of different authorities to facilitate smooth implementation; 3.3. Advise the EPD in establishing Centre of Excellences in priority industrial sectors; 3.4. Advise the EPD in organizing training and capacity building activities and effective international exposure visits for the SDCMU and the implementing agencies; 4. 4.1. Advise the EPD and SDCMU in organizing joint review missions, Program Steering Committee meetings and regular meetings of the implementing partners; 4.2. Update SDC and ADB on a periodic basis about progress and problems related to carrying out the tasks of this ToR; 4.3. Ensure that SDC's priorities as per its Cooperation Strategy are well addressed in SEIP and make recommendations for links, complementaries and synergies be-tween SEIP and other SDC-funded projects; 4.4. Participate as required in SDC organized events for program development. 4.5. Undertake any other related tasks assigned by the EPD and SDC.

RERED II - P131263

Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) | Published February 26, 2015  -  Deadline April 16, 2015

Firm For Identifying Potential Sites For Implementing Solar Mini-grid Projects Assignment Title: Firm forIdentifying Potential Sites for Implementing Solar Mini-grid Projects Reference No.:IDCOL/USAID/REREDPII/S-01, Date: 25/02/2015 Package No: S-01 underUSAID fund for REREDPII InfrastructureDevelopment Company Limited (IDCOL) has received fund from the World Bank, ADB,DFID, KfW, JICA, USAID for financing solar mini-grid projects in Bangladesh,and intends to apply part of the proceeds for the services. The services ("theServices") include: Identify remote isolated areasseparated from the main lands, preferably char, islands where grid electricitycannot be expanded in the next 5 to 10 years; Identify availability ofexistingelectricity sources e.g. kerosene, diesel for the local inhabitants, commercialand industrial enterprises, irrigation pumps etc.; Assess demand for electricityand loadconsumption patterns of local potential consumers as well as assess willingnessto avail electricity from potential solar mini-grid projects; Assess adequacy of affordability andwillingness to pay of potential customer groups as mentioned above; Assess suitability of a potential sitebased on basic technical and environmental factors e.g. possibility of rivererosion, vulnerability to cyclone and flood; Assess potential development ofnewbusiness and economic activities following installation of the  mini-grid; IDCOL now inviteseligible applicants ("Consultants") to express their interest in providing theServices. Interested Firms should provide information demonstrating that theyhave the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform theServices. The firms those meet the following criteria are encouraged toparticipate: Companiesand firms registered with appropriate authorities; Have yearlyminimum turnover about BDT 5,000,000/- (Fifty lac taka only); Record of a minimumof three (03) years' experience and expertise on similar assignments; Havecompleted minimum 03 (three) similar assignments in last 3 (three) years ofminimum volume 20 man-months; Haveall thetechnical facilities of their own or necessary arrangements with suchfacilities; Have a teamof key experts (required qualifications of key experts are elaboratedin theTerms of Reference). Applicants/Firms whohave the eligibility mentioned above are encouraged to submit their EOIs. Theinterested applicants are requested to submit require supporting as permentioned below for proving the eligibility criteria: Documentary evidence of registration ofthe Firm(Trade License ofthe year of registration and of the latest year, MOA, Incorporationcertificate, Articles of Association, or Membership of professional bodies,Partnership deed RJSC, Copy of TIN certificate, Copy of bank statement asevidence of the bank solvency), if relevant; Audit Report (by CA firm) for last 03(Three) years containingnecessary disclosures; Annual Report, if any; Details of works completed in the last three (3) years includingclients' names, brief description of engagements, contract period, contractvalue, etc. Theshort-listing criteria are: Yearsofgeneral experience Yearlyturnover Numbers ofcompleted similar task/assignment Qualificationof team members The attention ofinterested Firms is drawn to Paragraph 1.9 of the World Bank's Guidelines: Selection andEmploymentofConsultants ("Consultant Guidelines"), setting forth the World Bank'spolicy on conflict of interest. Creative Firms may associate with other firmsor individuals in the form of a joint venture or a sub consultancy toenhancetheir qualifications. Firms will be selected in accordance with the selection basedon Quality and Cost-Based Selection(QCBS) method set out in the Consultant Guidelines and the contract will beLump-Sum based. Further information canbe obtained at the address below during office hours- 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM(BST) and the interested firm may visit for detail REOI andTerms of Reference (ToR) of this assignment. Applications will be evaluated byan evaluation committee in accordance with the criteria described in the ToR.Only shortlisted applicants will be further communicated for submission ofdetailed Request for Proposal (RFP) for final selection. Expressions of Interest(EOI) must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, orby mail, or by fax, or by e-mail). The last date for submission of EOI is 16April 2015 by 05:00PM (BST). EOI shall be in a sealed envelope and beclearly marked 'Application for the Firmfor Identifying Potential Sites for Implementing Solar Mini-grid Projects'. Anyapplication received after the deadline will be returned unopened to theapplicants. Md. Maidul Islam, Officer, Procurement, Infrastructure Development CompanyLimited (IDCOL) UTC Building,Level-16, 8 Panthapath, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh Telephone No.:889102171-8(Ext- 143), Fax No.: +880-2-8116663, E-mail:

BD: Modern Grain Storage Facilities - P120583

 | Published November 11, 2015

Theinformation disclosed must include at least the name and address of the agent or other party, the amount and currency,and thepurpose of the commission, gratuity or fee. Failure to disclose such commissions, gratuities or fees may result in termination ofthe Contract and/or sanctions by the Bank. B.  Commencement, Completion,Modification and Termination of Contract11. Effectiveness ofContract 11.1.      This Contract shall come into force andeffect on the date (the"Effective Date") of the Client's notice to the Consultant instructing the Consultant to begin carrying out the Services.  This notice shall confirm that the effectiveness conditions, if any, listed in the SCC have been met. 12. Termination of Contract forFailure to Become Effective 12.1.      If this Contract has not become effective within such time periodafter the date of Contract signature as specified in the SCC, either Party may, by notless than twenty two (22) days written notice to theother Party, declare this Contract to be null and void, and in the event ofsuch a declaration by either Party, neither Party shall have any claim against the other Party with respecthereto. 13. Commencement ofServices 13.1.      The Consultant shall confirm availability of Key Experts and begincarrying out the Services not later than the number of days after the Effective Date specified in the SCC. 14. ExpirationofContract 14.1.      Unless terminated earlier pursuant to Clause GCC 19 hereof, thisContract shall expire at the end of such time period after the Effective Date as specified in the SCC. 15. EntireAgreement 15.1.      This Contract contains all covenants, stipulations and provisionsagreed by the Parties.  No agent or representative of either Party hasauthority tomake, and the Parties shall not be bound by or be liablefor, any statement, representation, promise or agreement not set forthherein. 16. Modifications orVariations 16.1.      Any modification or variation of the terms and conditions of thisContract, including any modification or variation of the scope of the Services, may only be madeby written agreement between theParties. However, each Party shall give due consideration to any proposals for modification or variation made by the otherParty. 16.2.      In cases of substantial modifications or variations, the prior writtenconsent of the Bank is required. 17. ForceMajeure a.      Definition 17.1.      Forthe purposes of this Contract, "ForceMajeure" means an event which is beyond the reasonable control of a Party, is not foreseeable, is unavoidable, and makes a Party'sperformance of its obligations hereunderimpossible or so impractical as reasonably to be considered impossible under thecircumstances, and subject to those requirements, includes, but is not limited to, war, riots, civil disorder, earthquake,fire,explosion, storm, flood or other adverse weather conditions, strikes,lockouts or other industrial action confiscation or anyother action by Government agencies. 17.2.      Force Majeure shall not include (i) any eventwhich is caused by the negligence or intentional action of a Party or such Party's Experts, Sub-consultants or agents or employees,nor (ii) any event which a diligentParty could reasonably have been expected to both take into account at the time of theconclusion of this Contract, and avoid or overcome in the carrying out of its obligations hereunder. 17.3.      Force Majeure shall not include insufficiency offunds or failure to makeany payment required hereunder. b.       No Breach of Contract 17.4.      Thefailure of a Party to fulfill any of itsobligations hereunder shall not be considered to be a breach of, or default under, this Contract insofar as such inability arisesfrom an event of Force Majeure, provided that the Party affected by such an event has taken all reasonable precautions, due careand reasonable alternative measures, all with theobjective of carrying out the terms and conditions of this Contract. c.       Measures to be Taken 17.5.      A Party affected by an event of Force Majeureshall continue to perform its obligations under the Contract as far as is reasonably practical, and shall take all reasonablemeasures to minimize the consequences of any event of Force Majeure. 17.6.      A Party affected by an event of Force Majeureshall notify the other Party of such event as soon as possible, and in any case not later than fourteen (14) calendar daysfollowing the occurrence of such event, providing evidence of the nature and cause of such event, and shall similarly give writtennotice of the restoration of normal conditions as soon as possible. 17.7.      Anyperiod within which a Party shall, pursuantto this Contract, complete any action or task, shall be extended for a period equal to the timeduring which such Party was unableto perform such action as a resultof Force Majeure. 17.8.      During the period of their inability to performthe Services as a result of an event of Force Majeure, the Consultant, upon instructions by theClient, shalleither: (a)    demobilize, in which case the Consultant shall be reimbursedfor additional coststhey reasonably and necessarily incurred, and, if required by the Client, in reactivating the Services;or (b)    continue with the Services to the extent reasonably possible, in which case theConsultant shall continue to be paid under the terms of this Contract and be reimbursed for additional costs reasonably andnecessarily incurred. 17.9.      In the case of disagreement between the Partiesas to the existence or extent of Force Majeure, the matter shall be settled according to Clauses GCC 44 &45. 18. Suspension 18.1.        The Client may, by written notice of suspensionto the Consultant, suspend all payments to the Consultant hereunder if the Consultant fails to perform any of its obligations underthis Contract, including the carrying out of the Services, provided that such notice of suspension (i) shall specify the nature ofthe failure, and (ii) shall request the Consultant to remedy such failure withina period not exceeding thirty (30) calendar daysafter receipt by theConsultant of such notice of suspension. 19. Termination 19.1.     This Contractmay be terminated by either Party as per provisions set up below: a.       By the Client 19.1.1.    The Client may terminate this Contract in case of the occurrence of any of the events specified in paragraphs (a) through(f) of this Clause. In such an occurrence the Client shall give at least thirty (30) calendar days' written noticeof termination tothe Consultant in case of the events referred to in(a) through (d); at least sixty (60) calendar days' written notice incase of theevent referred to in (e); and at least five (5) calendar days' written notice in case of the event referred to in (f): (a)      If the Consultant fails to remedy a failure in the performance ofits obligations hereunder, as specified in a notice of suspension pursuant to Clause GCC 18; (b)      If the Consultant becomes (or, if the Consultantconsists of morethan one entity, if any of its members becomes) insolvent or bankrupt or enter into any agreements with their creditors for reliefof debt or take advantage of any law for the benefit of debtors or go into liquidation or receivership whether compulsory orvoluntary; (c)      If the Consultant fails to comply with any finaldecision reached asa result of arbitration proceedings pursuant to Clause GCC 45.1; (d)      If, as the result of Force Majeure, the Consultant is unable toperform a material portion of the Services for a period of not less than sixty (60) calendar days; (e)      If the Client, in its sole discretion and for any reason whatsoever,decides to terminate this Contract; (f)       If the Consultant fails to confirm availability of Key Expertsas required in Clause GCC 13. 19.1.2.     Furthermore, if the Client determines that the Consultant has engaged incorrupt, fraudulent,collusive, coercive or obstructive practices, incompeting for or in executing the Contract, then the Client may, after givingfourteen (14) calendar days written notice to the Consultant,terminate the Consultant's employment under the Contract. b.       By the Consultant 19.1.3.     The Consultant may terminate this Contract, by not less than thirty (30) calendar days' writtennotice to the Client, in case of the occurrence of any of the events specified in paragraphs (a) through (d) of thisClause. (a)     If the Client fails to pay any money due to the Consultant pursuant tothis Contract and not subject to dispute pursuant toClause GCC 45.1 within forty-five (45) calendar days after receiving writtennotice from the Consultant that such payment is overdue. (b)     If, as the result of Force Majeure, the Consultant isunable to perform amaterial portion of the Services for a period of not less than sixty (60) calendar days. (c)     If the Client fails to comply with any final decisionreached as a resultof arbitration pursuant to Clause GCC 45.1. (d)     If the Client is in material breach of its obligations pursuant to thisContract and has not remedied the same within forty-five (45) days (or such longer period as the Consultant may have subsequentlyapproved in writing) following the receipt by the Client of the Consultant's notice specifying suchbreach. c.       Cessation of Rights and Obligations 19.1.4.     Upon termination of this Contract pursuant to Clauses GCC 12 or GCC 19 hereof, or uponexpiration of this Contract pursuant to Clause GCC 14, allrights and obligations of the Parties hereunder shall cease, except (i)such rights and obligations as may have accrued on the date of termination or expiration, (ii) the obligation of confidentialityset forth in Clause GCC 22, (iii) the Consultant's obligation to permit inspection, copying and auditing of their accounts andrecords set forth in Clause GCC 25, and (iv) any right which a Party may have under the ApplicableLaw. d.       Cessation of Services 19.1.5.     Upon termination of this Contract by notice of either Party to the other pursuant to Clauses GCC19a or GCC 19b, the Consultant shall, immediately upon dispatch or receipt of such notice, take all necessary steps tobring theServices to a close in a prompt and orderly manner and shall make every reasonable effort to keep expenditures for this purpose toa minimum. With respect to documents prepared by the Consultant and equipment and materials furnished by the Client, the Consultantshall proceed as provided, respectively, by Clauses GCC 27 or GCC 28. e.       Payment upon Termination 19.1.6.     Upon termination of this Contract, the Client shall make the following payments to theConsultant: (a)    payment for Services satisfactorily performed prior to the effective date oftermination; and (b)    in the case of termination pursuant to paragraphs (d) and (e) of Clause GCC19.1.1, reimbursement of any reasonable cost incidental to the prompt and orderly termination of this Contract, including the costof the return travel of the Experts. C.  Obligations of theConsultant20. General a.       Standard of Performance 20.1     The Consultant shall perform the Services and carry out the Services with all due diligence,efficiency and economy, in accordance with generally accepted professional standards and practices, and shall observe soundmanagement practices, and employ appropriate technology and safe and effective equipment, machinery, materials and methods. TheConsultant shall always act, in respect of any matter relating to this Contract or to the Services, as a faithful adviser to theClient, and shall at alltimes support and safeguard the Client's legitimate interests in any dealings with the thirdparties. 20.2.    The Consultant shall employ and provide such qualified and experienced Experts and Sub-consultants asare required to carry out the Services. 20.3.    The Consultant may subcontract part of the Services to an extent and with such Key Experts andSub-consultants as may be approved in advance by the Client. Notwithstanding such approval, the Consultant shall retain fullresponsibility for the Services. b.       Law Applicable to Services 20.4.     The Consultant shall perform the Services in accordance with the Contract andthe Applicable Lawand shall take all practicable steps to ensure that any of its Experts and Sub-consultants, comply with the Applicable Law. 20.5.     Throughout theexecution of the Contract, the Consultant shall comply with the import of goodsand services prohibitions in the Client's country when (a)     as a matter of law or official regulations, the Borrower'scountry prohibits commercial relations with that country; or (b)     by an act of compliance with adecision of the United Nations Security Council taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, the Borrower'sCountry prohibits any import of goods from that country or any payments to any country, person, or entity inthat country. 20.6.     The Client shall notify the Consultant in writing of relevant local customs, and the Consultantshall, after such notification, respect such customs. 21. Conflict ofInterests 21.1.     The Consultant shall hold the Client's interests paramount, without any consideration for futurework, and strictly avoid conflict with other assignments or their own corporate interests. a.       Consultant Not to Benefit from Commissions,Discounts, etc. 21.1.1      The payment of the Consultant pursuant to GCC F (Clauses GCC 38through 42) shall constitute the Consultant's only payment in connection with this Contract and, subject to Clause GCC 21.1.3,theConsultant shall not accept for its own benefit any trade commission, discount or similar payment in connection with activitiespursuant to this Contract or in the discharge of its obligations hereunder, and the Consultant shall use its best efforts to ensurethat any Sub-consultants, as well as the Experts and agents of either of them, similarly shall not receive any such additionalpayment. 21.1.2      Furthermore, if the Consultant, as part of the Services, has theresponsibility of advising the Client on the procurement of goods, works or services, the Consultant shall comply with the Bank'sApplicable Guidelines, and shall at all times exercise such responsibility in the best interest of the Client. Any discounts orcommissions obtained by the Consultant in the exercise of such procurement responsibility shall be for the account of theClient. b.       Consultant and Affiliates Not to Engage in CertainActivities 21.1.3     The Consultant agrees that, during the term of this Contract and after its termination, theConsultant and any entity affiliated with the Consultant, as well as any Sub-consultants and any entity affiliated with suchSub-consultants, shall be disqualified from providing goods, works or non-consulting services resulting from or directly related tothe Consultant's Services for the preparation or implementation of the project, unless otherwise indicated in the SCC. c.       Prohibition of ConflictingActivities 21.1.4     The Consultant shall not engage, and shall cause its Experts as well as itsSub-consultants notto engage, either directly or indirectly, in any business or professional activities that would conflict with the activitiesassigned to them under this Contract. d.       Strict Duty to Disclose ConflictingActivities 21.1.5     The Consultant has an obligation and shall ensure that its Experts and Sub-consultants shallhave an obligation to disclose any situation of actual or potential conflict that impacts their capacity to serve the bestinterestof their Client, or that may reasonably be perceived as having this effect. Failure to disclose said situations may lead to thedisqualification of the Consultant or the termination of its Contract. 22. Confidentiality 22.1      Exceptwith the prior written consent of the Client, the Consultant and the Experts shallnot at any time communicate to any person or entity any confidential information acquired in the course of the Services, nor shallthe Consultant and the Experts make public the recommendations formulated in the course of, or as a result of, theServices. 23. Liability of theConsultant 23.1      Subject to additional provisions, if any, set forthin the SCC, the Consultant's liability under this Contract shall be provided by theApplicable Law. 24. Insurance to be Taken out bythe Consultant 24.1      The Consultant (i) shall take out and maintain, and shall cause any Sub-consultants totake out and maintain, at its (or the Sub-consultants',as the case may be) own cost but on terms and conditions approved by theClient, insurance against the risks, and for the coverage specified in the SCC, and(ii) at the Client's request, shall provide evidence to the Client showing that such insurance has been taken out and maintainedand that the current premiums therefore have been paid. The Consultant shall ensure that such insurance is in place prior tocommencing the Services as stated in Clause GCC 13. 25. Accounting, Inspection andAuditing 25.1      The Consultant shall keep, and shall make all reasonable efforts to cause itsSub-consultants to keep, accurate and systematic accounts and records in respect of the Services and in such form and detail aswill clearly identify relevant time changes and costs. 25.2      The Consultant shall permit and shall cause its Sub-consultants to permit, the Bank and/orpersons appointed by the Bank to inspect the Site and/or all accounts and records relating to the performance of the Contract andthe submission of the Proposal to provide the Services, and to have such accounts and records audited by auditors appointed by theBank ifrequested by the Bank. The Consultant's attention is drawn to Clause GCC 10 which provides, inter alia, that acts intendedto materially impede the exercise of the Bank's inspection and audit rights provided for under this Clause GCC25.2 constitute aprohibited practice subject to contract termination (as well as to a determination of ineligibility under the Bank's prevailingsanctions procedures.) 26. ReportingObligations 26.1      The Consultant shall submit to the Client the reports and documents specified in Appendix A, in the form, in the numbers and within the time periods set forth in the saidAppendix. 27. Proprietary Rights of theClient in Reports and Records 27.1      Unless otherwise indicated in the SCC, allreports and relevant data and information such as maps,diagrams, plans, databases, other documents and software, supporting recordsor material compiled or prepared by the Consultant for the Client in the course of the Services shall be confidential and becomeandremain the absolute property of the Client. The Consultant shall, notlater than upon termination or expiration of this Contract,deliver all such documents to the Client, together with a detailed inventory thereof. The Consultant may retain a copy of suchdocuments, data and/orsoftware but shall not use the same for purposes unrelated to this Contract without prior written approval ofthe Client. 27.2      If license agreements are necessary or appropriate between theConsultant and third parties for purposes of development of the plans, drawings,specifications, designs, databases, other documents and software, the Consultant shallobtain the Client's prior written approval to such agreements, and the Client shall be entitled at its discretion to requirerecovering the expenses related to the development of the program(s) concerned.  Otherrestrictions about the future use of these documents and software, if any, shall be specified in the SCC. 28.        Equipment, Vehicles andMaterials 28.1      Equipment, vehicles and materials made available to the Consultant by the Client, orpurchased by the Consultant wholly or partly with funds provided by the Client, shall be the property of the Client and shall bemarked accordingly.  Upon termination or expiration of this Contract, the Consultantshall make available to the Client an inventory of such equipment, vehicles andmaterials and shall dispose of such equipment,vehicles and materialsin accordance with the Client's instructions. While in possession of such equipment, vehicles and materials,the Consultant, unless otherwise instructed by the Client in writing, shall insure them at the expense of the Client in an amountequal to their full replacement value. 28.2      Any equipment or materials brought by the Consultant or its Expertsinto the Client's country for the use either for the project or personal use shall remain the property of the Consultantor theExperts concerned, as applicable. D.  Consultant's Experts andSub-Consultants29. Description of KeyExperts 29.1      The title, agreed job description, minimum qualification and estimated period ofengagement to carry out the Services of each of the Consultant's Key Experts are described in Appendix B. 30. Replacement of KeyExperts 30.1      Except as the Client may otherwise agree in writing, no changes shall bemade in the KeyExperts. 30.2      Notwithstanding the above, the substitution of Key Experts duringContract execution may be considered only based on the Consultant's written request and due to circumstances outside the reasonablecontrol of the Consultant, including but not limited to death or medical incapacity. In such case, the Consultant shall forthwithprovide as a replacement, a person of equivalent or better qualifications and experience, and at the same rate ofremuneration. 31. Removal ofExperts orSub-consultants 31.1      If the Client finds that any of the Experts or Sub-consultant has committed seriousmisconduct or has been charged with having committed a criminal action, or shall the Client determine that Consultant's Expert ofSub-consultant have engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive, coercive or obstructivepractice while performing the Services, theConsultant shall, at the Client's written request, provide a replacement. 31.2      In the event that any of Key Experts, Non-Key Experts or Sub-consultants is found by theClient to be incompetent or incapable in discharging assigned duties, the Client, specifying the grounds therefore, may request theConsultant to provide a replacement. 31.3      Any replacement of the removed Experts or Sub-consultants shall possess better qualifications and experience and shall be acceptable to theClient. 31.4      The Consultant shall bear all costs arising out of or incidental to any removal and/orreplacement of such Experts. E.  Obligations of theClient32. AssistanceandExemptions 32.1      Unless otherwise specified in the SCC, theClient shall use its best efforts to: (a)     Assist the Consultant with obtaining work permits and such other documentsas shall be necessary to enable the Consultant to perform the Services. (b)     Assist the Consultant with promptly obtaining, for the Experts and, ifappropriate, their eligible dependents, all necessary entry and exit visas, residence permits, exchange permits and any otherdocuments required for their stay in the Client's  country while carrying out theServices under the Contract. (c)     Facilitate prompt clearance through customs of any property required forthe Services and of the personal effects of the Experts and their eligible dependents. (c)     Issue to officials, agents and representatives of the Government all suchinstructions and information as maybe necessary or appropriate for the prompt and effective implementation of theServices. (d)     Assist the Consultant and the Experts and any Sub-consultants employed bythe Consultant for the Services with obtaining exemption from any requirement to register or obtainany permit to practice theirprofession or to establish themselves either individually or as a corporate entity in the Client's country according to theapplicable law in the Client's country. (e)     Assist the Consultant, any Sub-consultants and the Experts of either ofthem with obtaining the privilege, pursuant to the applicable law in the Client's country, of bringing intothe Client's countryreasonable amounts of foreign currency for the purposes of the Services or for the personal use of the Experts and of withdrawingany such amounts as may be earned therein by the Experts in the execution of the Services. (f)      Provide to the Consultant any such other assistance as may bespecified in the SCC. 33. Access to ProjectSite 33.1      The Client warrants that the Consultant shall have, free of charge, unimpeded access tothe project site in respect of which access is required for the performance of the Services. The Client will be responsible for any damage to the project site or any property thereon resulting from such access andwill indemnify the Consultant and each of the experts in respect of liability for any such damage, unless such damage is caused bythe willful default or negligence of the Consultant or any Sub-consultants or the Experts of either ofthem. 34.Change in the Applicable Law Related toTaxes and Duties 34.1      If, after the date of this Contract, there is any change in the applicable law in theClient's country with respect to taxes and duties which increases or decreases the cost incurred by the Consultant in performingthe Services, then the remuneration and reimbursable expenses otherwise payable to the Consultant under this Contract shall beincreased or decreased accordingly by agreement between the Parties hereto, and corresponding adjustments shall be made to theContract price  amount specified in Clause GCC 38.1 35. Services, Facilities andProperty of the Client 35.1      The Client shall make available to the Consultant and the Experts, for the purposes of theServices and free of any charge, the services, facilities and property described in the Terms of Reference (Appendix A) at the times and in the manner specified in said AppendixA. 36. CounterpartPersonnel 36.1      The Client shall make available to the Consultant free of charge such professional andsupport counterpart personnel, to be nominated by the Client with the Consultant's advice, if specified in Appendix A. 36.2      Professional and support counterpart personnel, excluding Client's liaison personnel,shall work under the exclusive direction of the Consultant.  If any member of thecounterpart personnel fails to perform adequately any work assigned tosuch member by the Consultant that is consistent with theposition occupied by such member, the Consultant may request the replacement of such member, and the Client shall not unreasonablyrefuse to act upon such request. 37. PaymentObligation 37.1      Inconsideration of the Services performed by the Consultant under this Contract, theClient shall make such payments to the Consultant for the deliverables specified in Appendix A and in such manner as is provided by GCC Fbelow. F.  Payments to theConsultant 38. Contract Price 38.1      The Contract price is fixed andis set forth in the SCC. The Contract price breakdown is provided in Appendix C. 38.2      Any change to the Contract price specified in Clause 38.1 can bemade only if the Parties have agreed to the revised scope of Services pursuant to Clause GCC 16 and have amended in writing theTerms of Reference in Appendix A. 39. Taxes andDuties 39.1      The Consultant, Sub-consultants and Experts are responsible for meeting any and all taxliabilities arising out of the Contract unless it is stated otherwise in the SCC. 39.2      Asan exception to the above and as stated in the SCC, all local identifiable indirect taxes (itemized and finalized at Contract negotiations) are reimbursed to theConsultant or are paid by the Client on behalf of the Consultant. 40. Currency ofPayment 40.1      Any payment under this Contract shall be made in the currency(ies) of theContract. 41. Mode of Billing andPayment 41.1      The total payments under this Contract shall not exceed the Contract price set forth inClause GCC 38.1. 41.2      The payments under this Contract shall be made in lump-sum installments againstdeliverables specified in Appendix A. The payments will be made according to thepaymentschedule stated in the SCC. 41.2.1      Advancepayment:Unless otherwise indicated in the SCC, an advance payment shall be made against an advance payment bank guarantee acceptable to the Client in anamount (oramounts) and in a currency (or currencies) specified in the SCC. Suchguarantee (i) is to remain effective until the advance payment has been fully set off, and (ii)is to be in the form set forth in Appendix D, or in such other form as the Client shall have approved in writing. The advance payments will be set off by the Client in equal portions against the lump-suminstallments specified in the SCC until said advance payments have been fully set off. 41.2.2      The Lump-Sum Installment Payments. The Client shall pay the Consultant within sixty(60) days after the receiptby the Client of the deliverable(s) and the cover invoice for the related lump-sum installmentpayment.   The payment can be withheld if the Client does not approve thesubmitted deliverable(s) as satisfactory in which case the Client shall provide comments to the Consultant within the same sixty(60) days period. The Consultant shall thereupon promptly make any necessary corrections, and thereafter the foregoing processshall be repeated. 41.2.3      The Final Payment .The final payment under this Clauseshall be made only after the final report l have been submittedby the Consultant and approved as satisfactory by the Client.  The Services shall thenbe deemed completed and finally accepted by the Client. The last lump-sum installment shall be deemed approved for payment by theClient  within ninety (90) calendar days after receipt of the final report by theClient unless the Client, within such ninety (90) calendar day period, gives written notice to the Consultant specifying in detaildeficiencies in the Services, the final report.  The Consultant shall thereuponpromptly make any necessary corrections, and thereafter the foregoing process shall be repeated.  41.2.4 All payments under this Contract shall be made to the accounts of the Consultant specified in the SCC. 41.2.4      With theexception of the final payment under 41.2.3 above, payments do not constitute acceptance of the whole Services nor relieve theConsultant of any obligations hereunder. 42.Intereston Delayed Payments 42.1      Ifthe Client had delayed payments beyond fifteen (15) days after the due date stated inClause GCC 41.2.2 , interest shall be paid to the Consultant on any amount due by, not paid on, such due date for each day of delayat the annual rate stated in the SCC. G.  Fairness and GoodFaith43. GoodFaith 43.1      The Parties undertake to act in good faith with respect to each other's rights under thisContract and to adopt all reasonable measures to ensure therealization of the objectives of thisContract. H.  Settlement ofDisputes44.Amicable Settlement 44.1      The Parties shall seek to resolve any dispute amicably by mutual consultation. 44.2      Ifeither Party objects to any action or inaction of the other Party, the objecting Partymay file a written Notice of Dispute to the other Party providing in detail the basis of the dispute. The Party receiving theNotice of Dispute will consider it and respond in writing within fourteen (14) days after receipt. If that Party fails to respondwithinfourteen (14) days, or the dispute cannot be amicably settled within fourteen (14) days following the response of that Party,Clause GCC 49.1 shall apply. 45. DisputeResolution 45.1      Any dispute between the Parties arising under or relatedto thisContract that cannot be settled amicably may be referred to by either Party to the adjudication/arbitration in accordance with theprovisions specified in the SCC. II.General Conditions Attachment 1: Bank's Policy ? Corrupt and FraudulentPractices (the text in this Attachment 1 shall not bemodified) Guidelinesfor Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrowers, dated January2011: "Fraudand Corruption 1.23 It is the Bank's policy to require thatBorrowers (including beneficiaries ofBank loans), consultants, and their agents (whether declared or not),sub-contractors,sub-consultants, service providers, or suppliers, and any personnel thereof,  observethe highest standard of ethics during the selection and execution of Bank-financed contracts [footnote: In this context, any actiontaken by a consultant or any of its personnel, or its agents, or its sub-consultants, sub-contractors, services providers,suppliers, and/ortheir employees, to influence the selection process or contract execution for undue advantage is improper.]. Inpursuance of this policy, the Bank: (a)        defines, for the purposes of this provision, theterms setforth below as follows: (i)   "corruptpractice" is the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting, directly or indirectly, of anything of value to influence improperlythe actions of another party[1]; (ii)     "fraudulent practice" is any act or omission, including misrepresentation, that knowingly or recklesslymisleads, orattempts to mislead, a party to obtain financial or other benefit or to avoid an obligation[2]; (iii)   "collusive practices" is an arrangement between two or more parties designed to achieve an improperpurpose, including to influence improperly the actions of another party[3]; (iv)    "coercivepractices" is impairing or harming, or threatening to impair or harm, directly or indirectly, any party or the property of theparty to influence improperly the actions of a party[4]; (v)     "obstructive practice" is (aa)  deliberately destroying, falsifying, altering, or concealing of evidence material to theinvestigation or making false statements to investigators in order to materially impede a Bank investigation into allegations of acorrupt, fraudulent, coercive, or collusive practice; and/or threatening, harassing, or intimidating any party to prevent it fromdisclosing its knowledge of matters relevant to the investigation or from pursuing the investigation,or (bb)  acts intended to materially impede the exercise of the Bank's inspection and auditrights; (b) will reject a proposal for award if it determines that the consultant recommended foraward or anyof its personnel, or its agents, or its sub-consultants,sub-contractors, services providers, suppliers, and/or their employees,has, directly or indirectly, engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive, coercive, or obstructive practices in competing for thecontract in question; (c) will declare misprocurement and cancel the portion of the Loan allocated to a contract if itdetermines at any time that representatives of the Borrower orof a recipient of any part of the proceeds of the Loan were engagedin corrupt, fraudulent, collusive, coercive, or obstructive  practices during theselection process or the implementation of the contract in question, without the Borrower having taken timely and appropriateaction satisfactory to the Bank to address such practices when they occur, including by failing to inform the Bank in a timelymanner they knew of the practices; (d) will sanction afirm or an individual at any time, in accordance with prevailing Bank's sanctionsprocedures[5], including bypublicly declaring such firm or an ineligible, either indefinitely or for a statedperiod of time: (i) to be awarded a Bank-financedcontract, and (ii) to be a nominated[6] sub-consultant,supplier, or service provider of an otherwise eligible firm being awarded a Bank-financed contract. II.            Special Conditions ofContract Number ofGC Clause Amendments of, and Supplements to, Clauses in the General Conditions of Contract 1.1(b) and3.1 TheContract shall be construed in accordance with the law of Bangladesh. 4.1 The language is:English. 6.1 and6.2 The addresses are: Client :            Directorate General ofFood Attention :     Project Director, Modern Food Storage FacilitiesProject Facsimile : E-mail (wherepermitted) : Consultant :  MABS & J Partners, CharteredAccountants Attention :     C.R Mazumder, FCA 21 Purana Paltan Line (4th & 7th Floor), Dhaka-1000 Facsimile :    02-9332936 E-mail (wherepermitted) : 8.1 [If the Consultant consists only of one entity, state"N/A"; OR If the Consultant is a Joint Venture consisting of more than one entity,the name of the JV member whose addressis specified in Clause SCC6.1 should be inserted here. ] The Lead Member on behalf of the JVis___________ ______________________________ [insert name of themember] 9.1 The Authorized Representatives are: For theClient: Project Director, ModernFood Storage Facilities Project For the Consultant: MABS & J Partners CharteredAccountants 11.1 Thecontract will become effective two weeks after signing of contract. 12.1 Termination of Contract for Failure to Become Effective: The timeperiod shall be 30 days 13.1 Commencement of Services: Thenumber of days shall be Ten Confirmation of Key Experts' availability tostart the Assignment shall be submitted to the Client in writing as a written statement signed by each KeyExpert. 14.1 Expiration of Contract: June 30, 2020 Thetime period shall be 60 (sixty)months. 21 b. TheClient reserves the right to determine on a case-by-case basis whether the Consultant should be disqualified from providing goods,works or non-consulting services due to aconflict of a nature described in Clause GCC 21.1.3 Yes 23.1 No additional provisions. 24.1 Theinsurance coverage against the risks shall be as follows: (a)Professional liability insurance, with a minimum coverage of 100% of contact value (b)     Third Party motor vehicle liability insurance in respect of motor vehiclesoperated in the Client's country bythe Consultant or its Experts or Sub-consultants, with a minimum coverage of in accordance with the applicable law in the Client'scountry; (c)     Third Party liability insurance, with a minimum coverage of in accordance with the applicable law in the Client'scountry; (d)     employer's liability and workers' compensation insurance in respect of theexperts and Sub-consultants in accordance with the relevant provisions of the applicable law in the Client's country, as well as,with respect to such Experts, any such life, health, accident, travel or other insurance as may be appropriate;and (e)     insurance against loss of or damage to (i) equipment purchased in whole orin part with funds provided under this Contract, (ii) the Consultant's property used in the performance of the Services, and (iii)any documents prepared by the Consultant in the performance of the Services. 27.1 None 27.2 The Consultant shallnot use any documents and software,map, data, drawings etc for purposes unrelated to this Contract without the prior written approval of theClient. 38.1 The Contract price is: BDT 73,20,000.00 [Seventy threelakh twenty thousand Taka only ]inclusive of local indirect taxes. Any indirect local taxes chargeable inrespect of this Contract for the Services provided by the Consultant shall be paid on behalf of the Consultant by theClient. The amount of such taxes is BDT18,30,000.00 [Eighteen lakh thirty thousand taka only 39.1 and 39.2 The Client shall pay on behalf of theConsultant, the Sub-consultants and the Experts, any indirect taxes, duties, fees, levies and other impositions imposed, under theapplicable law in the Client's country, on the Consultant, the Sub-consultants and the Experts in respectof: (a)     any payments whatsoever made to the Consultant, Sub-consultants and theExperts (other than nationals or permanent residents of the Client's country), in connection with the carrying out of theServices; (b)     any equipment, materials and supplies brought into the Client's country bythe Consultant or Sub-consultants for the purpose of carrying out the Services and which, after having been brought into suchterritories, will be subsequently withdrawn by them; (c)     any equipment imported for the purpose of carrying out the Services andpaid for out of funds provided by the Client and which is treated as property of the Client; (d)     any property brought into the Client's country by the Consultant, anySub-consultants or the Experts (other than nationals or permanent residents of the Client's country), or the eligible dependents ofsuch experts for their personal use and which will subsequently be withdrawn by them upon their respective departure from theClient's country, provided that: (i) the Consultant,Sub-consultants and experts shall follow the usual customs procedures of the Client's country in importingproperty into theClient's country; and (ii) if the Consultant,Sub-consultants or Experts do not withdraw but dispose of any property in the Client's country upon which customs duties and taxeshave been exempted, the Consultant, Sub-consultants or Experts, as the case may be, (a) shall bear such customsduties and taxes inconformity with the regulations of the Client's country, or (b) shall reimburse them to the Client if they were paid bythe Clientat the time the property in question was brought into the Client's country. 41.2 The payment schedule: Signing - 10% (shall be made against the bank guarantee for the same amount as per GCC 41.2.1) · Final Internal Audit report for 2014-2015 and Recommendation report for Improving activities in theproject - 10% on the remuneration · Final Internal Audit report for 2015-2016 - 10% on the remuneration ·   Final Internal Audit report for 2016-2017 - 15% on the remuneration ·   Final Internal Audit report for 2017-2018 - 15% on the remuneration · FinalInternal Audit report for 2018-2019 - 20% on the remuneration · FinalInternal Audit reportfor 2019-2020 - 20% on the remuneration · FinalCompletion Report ? 10%on the remuneration · Reimbursable shall be paid yearly on the basis of documental evidence. ·       Payment against Reimbursable expenses will be made upon submission ofbill/voucher etc. VAT & Tax will be deducted as per NBR rules of Bangladesh (If applicable) 41.2.1 The following provisionsshall apply to the advance payment and the advance bank payment guarantee: (1)     An advance payment of 10% of Contract value shall be made within 10 days after the receipt of an advance bank payment guarantee by the Client.The advance payment will be set off by the Client in equal portions against first three payments. (2)     The advance bank paymentguarantee shall be in the amountand in the currency of the currency(ies) of the advance payment. (3)  The bank guarantee will be released when the advance payment has been fullyset off. 41.2.4 The accounts are: for foreign currency: [insert account]. for local currency: [BDT]. 42.1 The interest rate is: 2-year LIBOR+1 % 45.1 Disputes shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the following provisions: 1.       Selection of Arbitrators.  Each dispute submitted by a Party to arbitration shall be heard by a sole arbitrator or anarbitration panel composed of three (3) arbitrators, in accordance with the following provisions: (a)    Where the Parties agree that the dispute concerns a technicalmatter, they may agree to appoint a sole arbitrator or, failing agreement on the identity of such sole arbitrator within thirty(30) days after receipt by the other Party of the proposal of a name for such an appointment by the Party who initiated theproceedings, either Party may apply to  theInstitution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) for a list of not fewer thanfive (5) nominees and, on receipt of such list, theParties shall alternately strike names therefrom, and the last remaining nominee on thelist shall be the sole arbitrator for thematter in dispute.  If the last remaining nominee hasnot been determined in this mannerwithin sixty (60) days of the dateof the list, IEB shall appoint, upon the request ofeither Party and from such list or otherwise, a sole arbitrator for the matter in dispute. (b)    Where the Parties do not agree that the dispute concerns atechnical matter, the Client and the Consultant shall each appoint one (1) arbitrator, and these two arbitrators shall jointlyappoint a third arbitrator, who shall chair the arbitration panel.  If the arbitratorsnamed by the Parties do not succeed in appointing a third arbitrator within thirty (30) days after the latter of the two (2)arbitrators named by the Parties has been appointed, the third arbitrator shall, at the request of either Party, be appointed by Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB). (c)     If, in a dispute subject to paragraph(b) above, one Party fails to appoint its arbitrator within thirty (30) days after the other Party has appointed its arbitrator,the Party which has named an arbitrator may apply to ICAB to appoint a sole arbitrator for the matter in dispute, and thearbitrator appointed pursuant to such application shall be the sole arbitrator for thatdispute. 2.       Rules of Procedure.Except as otherwise stated herein, arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of procedure forarbitration of Bangladesh. 3.       SubstituteArbitrators.  If for any reason an arbitrator is unable to performhis/her function,a substitute shall be appointed in the same manner as the original arbitrator. 4.       Nationality andQualifications of Arbitrators.  The sole arbitrator or the third arbitratorappointed pursuant to paragraphs 1(a) through 1(c) above shall be annationally / internationally recognized legal or technicalexpert with extensive experience in relation to the matter in dispute and shall be a national ofBangladesh. 5.       Miscellaneous.  In any arbitration proceeding hereunder: (a)     proceedings shall, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties,be held in Bangladesh; (b)     the English language shall be the official language forall purposes; and (c)     the decision of the solearbitrator or of a majority of thearbitrators (or of the third arbitrator if there is no such majority) shall be final and binding and shall be enforceable in anycourt of competent jurisdiction, and the Parties hereby waive any objections to or claims of immunity in respect ofsuchenforcement. III.           Appendices Appendix A ? Terms of Reference ToR Attached ???????????????????????????????????? Appendix B - Key Experts Documents Attached: ?????????????????????????????????????? Appendix C ? Breakdown of ContractPrice Documents attached: When the Consultant has been selected under Quality-Based Selection method, also add thefollowing: "The agreed remuneration rates shall be stated in the attached Model Form I. This form shall bepreparedon the basis of Appendix A to Form FIN-3 of the RFP "Consultants' Representations regarding Costs and Charges" submitted bythe Consultant to the Client prior to the Contract's negotiations. Should these representations be found by the Client (either through inspections or audits pursuant to Clause GCC25.2 or through other means) to be materially incomplete or inaccurate, the Client shall be entitled to introduce appropriatemodifications in the remuneration rates affected by such materially incomplete or inaccurate representations.  Any such modification shall have retroactive effect and, in case remuneration has alreadybeen paid by the Client before any such modification, (i) the Client shall be entitled to offset any excess payment against thenext monthly payment to the Consultants, or (ii) if there are no further payments to be made by the Client to the Consultants, theConsultants shall reimburse to the Clientany excess payment within thirty (30) days of receipt of a written claim of theClient.  Any such claim by the Client for reimbursement must be made within twelve (12)calendar months after receipt by the Client of a final report and afinal statement approved by the Client in accordance with ClauseGCC 45.1(d) of this Contract."] Section 7.  Terms of Reference Government of the People's Republic ofBangladesh Ministry of Food Modern Food Storage Facilities Project?MFSP Terms ofReference For Independent Internal Audit Team Assignment Title Consultant firm for Independent Internal Audit Team Assignment duration Contract period 5 Months (1 Month peryear) Primary assignment location Dhaka and Site offices Funding source(s) IDA Project Cr. Number: 5265- BD for Modern Food Storage Facilities Project?MFSP Contracting entity Project Director Directorate General of Food Context of theAssignment Government of The People's Republic of Bangladesh hasreceived a grant from the Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience Fund Administered by the World Bank and an IDA credit toward thecosts of the Modern Food Storage Facilities Project (MFSP), being implemented by the Directorate General of Food, Ministry of Food,and intends to apply part of the IDA credit forIndividual Consultancy Services. The overall projectdevelopment objective is to increase the grain reserve available to households to meet their post-disaster needs and improve theefficiency of grain storage management. The Project consist of major 3 components: (i) Developmentof an improved silo storage system to store grainthrough the construction of modern grain storage silos at eight selected strategic sites,provision of grain storage bins toeligible households under a voucher system for safekeeping of rice and other food in the event of disasters and food shortages andimplementation of environmental and social safeguard management activities identified in the ESMPs and/or RAPs for the Project(Component-A). (ii) Implementation of a food policy research program including, inter alia, a range of priority studies for thedevelopment of evidence-based policies, strategies, legal and institutional frameworks for improved food stock management anddistribution(Component-B). (iii) Project Management, Construction, Supervision, Technical Assistance, Training and StrategicStudies (Component-C). The projectwill be implemented by the Ministry of Foodthrough the DG Food. DG Food will have overall responsibility for project implementation, including fiduciary compliance. The DGFood will also be responsible for overall financial management and operation of the designated account. FPMU will lead thedevelopment, management and implementation of the integrated food policy research program under Component B. The Project SteeringCommittee (PSC), chaired by the Secretary, MoFood, will provideoverall guidance and help coordination among various governmentagencies. The Secretaries of Planning, Agriculture, Forestry, Environment, Finance and Disaster Management, BADC, representativesof the Cabinet,Deputy Commissioners of the districts where silos are being constructed, the DG Food and DG FPMU will be the membersof the PSC. The DG Food will act as the Secretary of PSC. The project will be implemented over a period of six years.  All works will be completed in year four or five of the project and one to two years will be allowed for the warranty period. A Project Management Unit (PMU) has been establishednearby the DG Food's office for day?to-day implementation and monitoring of the projectactivities. Objectiveof the Assignment: ·      The primary objectives of the internal audit are to review and reporton: o   Reliability of the Financial Management system, financial data and report at all tiers  of operation; o   Adequacy and effectivenessof the accounting, financial and operational controls; o   Internal Control Systems: completeness, written instructions, effective implementation and frequency of review andup-dating; o   Level of compliance with the established policies, plans and procedures; o   Financial Monitoring Report (FMR): completeness, timeliness, occurrence, measurement, recording,regularity includingeligibility and propriety; and o   Assets: completeness, existence, recording, safeguard and utilization for the purpose intended.
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