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Echo, ultrasound and doppler imaging equipment

Landstinget Dalarna | Published November 21, 2015
GE Healthcare Sverige AB
33112000, 33124120

This contract relates to a framework agreement for successive call-off of ultrasound devices for ultrasonic diagnosis in women's healthcare. Ultrasound system in three levels easy, medium and medium of 3D to gynecological and specialist antenatal care receiving, for abdominal and vaginal examinations.


Landstinget Dalarna | Published May 16, 2017  -  Deadline August 22, 2017
24100000, 24111500

The county of Dalarna consists of two lasarets, 2 smaller hospitals and a number of health care facilities / activities spread throughout the county with Idre in the north and Avesta in the south.

The tender relates to supplies of medical gases, gas mixtures and dry ice to 2 storage sites at the Falun and Mora lasers. Redistribution from the respective warehouse takes place through the internal transport organization. During 1 year, approximately 8,000 refilled gas bottles are distributed to the various healthcare facilities / operations.

The tender relates to supplies of medical gases, gas mixtures and dry ice.

Electric pumps

Landstinget Dalarna | Published April 29, 2017
CareFusion Sweden 314

This procurement relates to framework agreements on volume pump pumps and accessories and consumables for successive callouts. The contract relates to volume pumps for intravenous infusion / TPN (non-blood transfusion) primarily for use in home and / or residential care. The procurement also refers to syringe pumps for the subcutaneous use of different drugs, mainly in immunodeficiency disease. The procurement is performed for the 7-cluster, it is a name for cooperation between county councils and municipalities in the county of Dalarna, Uppsala, Sörmland, Västmanland and the region of Gävleborg.

We work together for a good and cost-effective resource development in the region, among other things. Through joint procurement. The procurement can be done with all or part of the 7-clinic healthcare heads.

Volume spray pumps.

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