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Ullerud healthcare - inside and outside signage

HR Prosjekt AS | Published June 2, 2017

Ullerud healthcare should be posted inside and outside, including signage. Plans have been prepared for exterior and interior signage. Exterior plan shows both road signs and information signs.

Destruction equipment and disposables to Ullerud healthcare

HR Prosjekt AS | Published December 1, 2017

The procurement is based on one-time delivery of disposal installations and regular delivery of disposable materials and any equipment within a 2-year period.

Healthcare Services ref. Health and care Act § 3-2, first paragraph. 6

Nedre Romerike Innkjøpssamarbeid NRI | Published January 29, 2017

Lower Romerike purchasing co (NRI) establishes a qualification scheme for the purchase of certain health services to users in Aurskog-Holand, Enebakk, Nittedal and Sørum.
Vendors who meet the scheme's conditions will be included in the scheme if they apply for admission within the deadline.
New suppliers will be invited to apply for admission to 12 months after the scheme's start date.
Ordering under the scheme will mainly be carried out as mini competition, alternatively by user selection or direct inquiries.
Lower Romerike purchasing co (NRI) was established in spring 1997, and has existed under the current name since 01.01.2015. NRI is a binding inter-municipal purchasing system consisting of municipalities Aurskog-Holand, Enebakk, Fet, Nittedal, Rælingen and Sørum. NRI financed by Secretariat contributions, see the attached Framework Agreement, Section 6. For more information on NRI see For more information on municipalities, see municipal entities.


Sykehusinnkjøp HF | Published February 2, 2017

Health Stavanger at the radiology department Stavanger University intends to enter into a contract with GE Healthcare AS on the purchase of Steripet (F-18 FDG), 18F-2'-fluoro-2'-deoxyglukose.
Intended Use: Diagnosis using PET (positron emission tomography).
The purpose is to provide a good diagnostic image.
Stavanger University will need weekly deliveries of FDG.

Laundry facilities and vending machine solution for overalls for nursing homes and home health

Harstad kommune | Published February 15, 2017

Harstad- and Kvæfjord municipality invite to tender on rent and cleaning of work and institution noise to healthcare, as well as automate solution with Exterior and filing device for workwear
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