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Administrative healthcare services

Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport | Published January 4, 2017

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, at the request of the House of Representatives enacted a temporary and ex gratia compensation for budget and caregivers with demonstrable financial loss as a result of the implementation problems of the drawing right PGB. About the effect of this concession, the State Secretary the House of Representatives, among others informed by letter dated 09.11.2015, 12.07.2015 and 06.10.2016.

Initially, the proposal was a combination of 1) an arrangement with a fixed, standard fees and 2) a customized arrangement with a reimbursement of actual costs for budget and caregivers whose disadvantage is demonstrably much higher than the standard fee.

In this outline of the plan is a feasibility and enforceability test conducted by the National Enterprising Netherlands. In response to the...

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201400117.007.024 - Pseudonymisation Services - Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

de directie Zorgverzekeringen van het ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport, ten deze vertegenwoordigd door Haagse Inkoop Samenwerking (HIS) | Published November 25, 2014  -  Deadline January 16, 2015

This tender is aimed at concluding a contract with one provider for Pseudonymisation Community service of risk and the drugs and medical devices Information Project (GIP) for a maximum period of four years. The Pseudonymisation Services is used to healthcare costs are taking applications Specifically: risk and the drugs and medical devices Information Project (GIP). Structural gains or losses on groups of insured due to the risk profile of the groups, come after settlement in principle does not occur. CBP guidelines require inter alia that directly identifying information (such as name, address, SSN) are replaced by cryptographic pseudonyms of a certain quality and that also indirectly identifying data are 'thinned'. Then the GIP checks these data and correct it if necessary. Per year are processed approximately 1250 files and processes 1.6 billion pseudonimiseringen

Research and development consultancy services

Uitvoeringsorganisatie Bedrijfsvoering Rijk | Haagse Inkoop Samenwerking (UBR|HIS) | Published November 21, 2015
Stichting VU-VUmc
73200000, 73210000

A few years ago, is the contracting authority began evaluating its own enforcement methods and tools. So does the contracting authority by evaluating current practices, conducting impact studies and to expand and disseminate scientific knowledge about surveillance. These activities are carried out in collaboration with scientific institutes. Testing the effectiveness of surveillance methods and tools will give a boost to the quality of the monitoring instruments. Scientific research is one of the key drivers for the improvement of healthcare and also for monitoring. With the establishment of the evaluation oversight of the health care and medical products, the establishment of a special Inspectorate Chair "Effectiveness of monitoring the quality of health care" and the establishment of an Academic Collaborative Supervision, the research policies of the contracting authority in recent years received a boost. Meanwhile has developed a multi-faceted research practice for the purpose of supervision. The contracting authority has a long tradition in itself and by third parties (to) carry out scientific research. For these services, the contracting authority has given an annual research budget available. The research carried out by or on behalf of the contracting authority, should two goals: - research for supervision by the contracting authority (various departments) is performed (thematic supervision); - Research which contributes to the improvement of monitoring (method of inspectors, methods and tools), innovation of supervision and the development of evidence-based supervision. For details, see the descriptive document.
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