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International Consultancy for the support of National Health Accounts (NHA) to strengthen capacity in the management and reporting of HIV- and TB-related detailed and aggregated financial data.

UNDP Country Office - BELIZE | Published October 20, 2016  -  Deadline November 3, 2016
In accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) standards, the Government of Belize seeks to reinforce the capacity of the National Health Accounts (NHA) team with regards to the management and reporting of TB- and HIV-related financial data.The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the risk of developing TB is estimated to be between 26 and 31 times greater in people living with HIV than among those without HIV infection. In 2014, there were 9.6 million new cases of TB, of which 1.2 million were among people living with HIV. As of 2012, Belize has the highest overall HIV prevalence rate in Central America with an estimate of 1.4% and approximately 3,300 people living with HIV (Global AIDS Report 2013). The estimated TB prevalence is 51 per 100,000, while the incidence is 40 per 100,000. Available data consistently reveal that the Belize, Cayo and Stann Creek districts have a high burden of TB and HIV thus representing the key affected geographic areas. In efforts to fight the rising numbers of HIV and TB infections in Belize, there have been increasing budgetary requirements as well as the need for adequate management and reporting of TB- and HIV-related finance. Since sustaining TB and HIV control at current levels and making further progress to achieve global targets requires financing, data about funding needs, sources of funding, funding gaps and expenditures are important at global, regional, national and sub-national levels.By being able to create systematic reports on the financial resources required for TB and HIV management and control as well as on sources of funding and funding gaps, the National TB and HIV Programmes and the wider MOH will be better able to assess its financial needs and resource allocation strategies in order to better achieve its goals. The management of TB and HIV necessitates a united response; and therefore, newer strategies in infection control are necessary in order to lessen the burden of HIV, TB and Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in Belize.The purpose of the consultancy is to provide technical assistance to design techniques, structures and processes that will improve the financial knowledge of the relevant authorities about disease-related financial projections, investment budgets and financial performance of the TB- and HIV-disease response programmes.

Wellpinit Service Unit Modernization Project

Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service | Published October 18, 2016
Purpose: This synopsis is issued to provide a notice to the public for project information to be performed in support of the Indian Health Service (IHS). The project name is Wellpinit Service Unit Modernization project. Location of the project is at the Wellpinit Service Unit, Wellpinit, WA 99040Authority: IHS (Division of Engineering Services (DES)) Seattle is issuing this synopsis in accordance with FAR Part 5.204 Pre-solicitation Notices.Description: The proposed contract listed here is 100 percent set-aside for small business concerns.  The Government will only accept offers from small business concerns. All other firms are deemed ineligible to submit offers.This is a new procurement.  It does not replace an existing contract.  No prior contract information exists.  A Sources Sought was issued on 24 August 2016, in order to conduct Market Research. This is a Pre-solicitation notice. The RFP will be available on or around 11/10/16, on, under the solicitation number 16-102-SOL-00031.  This is not a solicitation announcement for proposals, and no contract will be awarded from this notice or any follow-up information requests. In order to protect the procurement integrity of any future procurement, if any, that may arise from this notice, information regarding the technical point of contact will not be given and no appointments for presentations will be made. The following work includes, but is not limited to:1) IT Re-cabling,2) HVAC Replacement,3) Remodel Record/Reception Area,4) Temporary Work Stations,4) Demolition of walls,5) Installation of new partition(s),6) Demolition of existing darkroom equipment and casework,7) Removal and infill with lead-back gypsum drywall of the existing doorway,8) Installation of a new directory kiosk,9) Installation of primary departmental signage,10) Expanded front entry, 11) Demolition of curbing, concrete sidewalk, and asphalt.12) Installation of new concrete drive, concrete curbing, bollards, and repairs to CMU columns13)  All contractor and subcontractor staff that is anticipated to be on the project site shall submit to a background investigation and fingerprint screening,  14) Infection Control compliance15) Provide Operations and Maintenance Manuals16) Phased Construction planning The designs and specs will be provided on issuance of the RFP. A Site Walk is being considered for 17 November 2016 at 0900 or 9 A.M. on site, local time. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code is 236 -- Construction of Buildings. 236220 -- Commercial and Institutional Building Construction. Size Standard is $36.5 million. Competitive Acquisition: The solicitation will utilize source selection procedures which require offerors to submit a technical proposal, past performance and experience information, and a price proposal for evaluation by the Government. The intent is to utilize the FAR 15.101-2, Lowest Price Technically Acceptable source selection process.Contract Type: Indian Health Service intends to award a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) Construction Contract in support of this requirement.  ANNOUNCEMENT IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. Disclosure of the Magnitude of Construction: In accordance with FAR 36.204, the estimated price range for this construction project is identified below:The magnitude of construction is between $250,000 and $500,000.Period of Performance: The Period of Performance will be 180 calendar days from the date of notice to proceed. Bond(s): Offerors shall be required to submit a bid bond with their offer. Additionally, Payment and Performance Bonds will be required to be submitted by the awardee within 10 calendar days of award (in the amount of 100% of the contract value).  Disclaimer and Important Notes All respondents must register on the SAM located at

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service | Published October 20, 2016  -  Deadline November 4, 2016
This procurement is enacted to provide/acquire CRNA Nurse Anesthetist Services at the USPHS Indian Health Service Hospital in Browning, Montana on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. This procurement is being conducted under Simplified Acquisition procedures pursuant to the authority of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 13.1 and FAR 37.104 Personal Services. The IHS intends on awarding a single, firm-fixed-price (FFP) contract for Ten (10) months from Date of Award until September 30, 2017. Prospective contractors are requested to provide an offer for the ten (10) month period. MAJOR DUTIES: Specific work duties and services that the contractor shall provide under this contract shall provide include, but not be limited to the following: Adheres to established Indian Health Service hospital and health care policy and procedure related to job function. Contractor provides anesthesia services for patients experiencing a large variety of surgical therapeutic and/or diagnostic procedures. Work will vary in degree from simple to complicated anesthetic management problems, unrelated to surgical procedures, but related to patient physical and psychological status. Contractor will be responsible for reviewing and assessing the patient's psychological and physical status through patient interviews, reading clinical chart, laboratory reports and where appropriate, performs some elements of a physical examination. Contractor will make recommendations for pre-anesthetic medication, write pre-anesthetic notes in clinical chart and completes pre-anesthetic forms. Contractor will reassure the patient and their family by discussing with them the anesthetic management plan. The contractor will administer and manage a large variety of different types of anesthetic agents administered by one or more routes (regional, intravenous, inhalation, spinal, and topical). During the performance of this contract, the contractor shall provide for the consistent performance of patient care processes according to the standards for the JCAHO who supply accreditation to the Blackfeet Community Hospital, IHS. These standards shall include: the Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals, The Laboratory standards, Ambulatory Care Standards as they represent the scope of services of this contract. Anesthetizes patients for a broad range of surgery from the simplest to the most complex, occasionally involving high-risk patients. Reviews patient?s charts and/or interviews the family to ascertain patient?s physical and psychological status and degree of anesthetic risk, then selects specific type of anesthetic suitable for the patient. Administers general and regional anesthetic (Spinal), Bier, Axillary, Epidural) to assigned patients. Induces anesthesia to proper state of narcosis and manages throughout prolonged surgery. Determines need for and administers parenteral fluids, including plasma and blood. Administers stimulants as required. Observes patient during the operation to maintain the proper stage of narcosis and to prevent overdose. Adjusts the administration of anesthetic agents as well as other drugs and utilizes proper methods to support respiratory and circulatory functions of patients. Rotates with other anesthesia personnel to provide independent coverage seven days a week for emergency operation, resuscitations, labor epidurals, and consultations. Orders anesthesia supplies, performs proper maintenance required cleaning, and storage of anesthesia equipment and supplies use in the department. Visits patients pre-operatively and post-operatively to properly evaluate physical and mental status as it relates to the anticipated surgical procedure and developed anesthesia plan. Assures enforcement of Rules and Regulations for Safe Conduct of Anesthesia within the operating room and hospital. Anesthetist assists in accounting, control and physical security of controlled substances, such as Narcotics-drugs, needles, and syringes. Participates and assists with in-service Progress within the Anesthesia Department and the hospital. Assists with anesthesia audits and quality assurance programs. Knowledge and ability to perform CVP?s, A-lines, Swan Ganz (assisted), cricothyrotomy, ACLS, and use pulse oximeters, pressure transducers, non-invasive end-tidal respiratory gas concentration monitors, and other state-of-the-art anesthesia equipment. The contractor shall comply with all IHS facility infection control and safety procedures, practices, and standards. Provide for the consistent performance of patient care processes according to the standards for the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) who supplies accreditation to the Blackfeet Community Hospital, IHS. These standards shall include: the Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals, The Laboratory standards, Ambulatory Care Standards as they represent the scope of services of this contract. Contractor shall prepare and complete in a timely fashion the medical and other required records for patients he/she admits or in any way provides treatment. Abide by the Blackfeet Service Unit Medical By-Laws. Requires extensive knowledge of the Anesthesia Profession and the pharmacological properties and physiological affects of anesthetic drugs used in complex surgeries. Requires knowledge of the pharmacological properties and physiological affects of non-anesthetic drugs and how they may affect anesthetic care and preparation prior to surgery. Requires an ability to administer both general and regional anesthetics and the ability to detect and treat unfavorable reactions to anesthetics and other agents. Requires an ability to administer and manage new drugs and to recover the patient from any side affects that might occur. Requires skill in preparing reports of results on the use of new drugs. Frequently new techniques, information and criteria are established from these reports. Requires knowledge of operating room methods, equipment and procedures. Coordinate anesthesia activities with the total operating room team, hospital-wide concerned professionals and outside agencies as required. Knowledge of state-of-the-art anesthesia equipment and operation. Prepare professional reports as required for Joint Commission, committees, other agencies, anesthesia service, and professionals as required. Recover patients in post anesthesia recovery unit when specialty trained recovery nurse unavailable. Prepare and present quality professional level in-service lectures to anesthesia service, various concerned professionals hospital-wide. Works under the timeframe of established guidelines, which includes protocols of accepted practice. Contractor assists in developing and reviewing guidelines, which include protocols of accepted anesthesia practice (RN/MD). Due to changing situations of an operating theater, the guides are not completely applicable to situations likely to be encountered. The contractor must use judgment in interpreting, and in some situations, modifying the anesthetic technique. Evaluates patients for risk of each assignment, selection of anesthetic technique and agent (s) based on patient?s physiological and psychological status as well as the surgeon?s needs. Intervention begins with a through preoperative assessment that includes the ordering of proper lab, x-ray, ECG, pulmonary studies, and appropriate consults (cardiac, pulmonary, radiology, internal medicine, etc.). The nurse anesthetist along with others, as required, ?tunes? the patient both physically and psychologically so as to have the individual patient maximally prepared for surgery. Anesthetic management is modified according to the actual course of events during surgery where potentially dangerous deviation must be detected and corrected measure and its implementation must occur in an extremely brief period of time under great pressure having a direct effect on the patient?s survival and successful recovery. Must be capable of frequently responding (may be several times per night or day such as weekends and holidays) on very short notice (15 to 30 min.) at any hour to potentially life threatening situations. The anesthesia professional may be required to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation in confined spaces (helicopters, planes, ambulances, etc.) The anesthetist must endure long periods of standing while confined to a small area. Contractor must remain alert and make rapid and accurate decisions during periods of fatigue and anxiety induced by extended high-risk surgery. Performs a majority of anesthesia cases (90%) government-wide and is the one health professional closets to the hazardous gases for the most sustained period of time there is a much greater risk of abortions and birth defects in the children of anesthetists and possibly cancer and/or liver disease in anesthetists themselves. There is also the risk if exposure to radiation and infection (life threatening and /or loss of professional career) such as Aids and Hepatitis.APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS: The following documents will need to be included in your proposal/application. 1.) A Resume or an OF 612 Application for Federal Employment and OF 306 Declaration for Federal Employment 2.) College transcripts; conferred degrees and certified training in this field. 3.) BIA Form 4432-Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB), if applicable, if not, disregard. 4.) Two (2) letters of reference from current or previous employers. 5.) Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA): Applicants must describe their present/previous experiences with the following KSA evaluation requirements in their application/proposal. 6.) This must be all inclusive pricing. An indication as to what hourly rate the contractor is willing to work for.  7.) Credentialing Documents, Requirements and any degrees conferred by an accredited agency. 8.) Required Questionnaire for Child Care Positions 9.) Copies of Unrestricted Licenses; Copy Board Certificate or Board Admissibility 10.) A statement of contractor health status 11.) A statement of professional sanctions regarding licenses or medical staff privileges Prospective contractors can request a copy of the RFQ Package at the address, email and phone contained in this package. This is an Open Market procurement for all small business concerns. It is the contractor;s responsibility to ensure that their bid proposal arrives at the designated IHS facility listed below in order for their proposal to be considered. Must be an all inclusive price. Submit your proposal to the following mail address: USPHS Indian Health Service, P.O. Box 760, Browning, Montana 59417, Attention: Eric Butterfly, Purchasing Agent or at the Physical Mailing address at USPHS Indian Health Service, 760 Hospital Circle, Attention: eric.butterfly, Purchasing Agent, Browning, Montana 59417. Email -

Integration Infection Prevention and Control Service to support Public Health and Primary Care

Wirral Borough Council | Published October 13, 2016  -  Deadline November 14, 2016
Wirral Borough Council is seeking to commission effective Infection Prevention and Control Services which prevent infections by the provision of comprehensive, high quality, evidence based infection control support in the health economy. Aims:
• To reduce the burden of infection within the health economy
• To engage staff at all levels, through effective leadership, in order to develop and embed a culture that supports infection prevention and control and helps minimise and mitigate against the threat posed by infective agents within the community and across the health economy

Medical practice and related services

Městská část Praha 5 | Published September 21, 2016  -  Deadline November 8, 2016

The subject of this public service contracts, organizational, operational and staffing of emergency medical services for adults (hereinafter referred to as "first-aid") in accordance with the law for the citizens of Prague 5. LSPP includes outpatient emergency medical care services for adult citizens of the city of Prague 5, in connection with the services and organization of emergency Medical services hl. m. Prague, in cases of sudden changes in their health or worsening of the disease resulting in time off the regular operation of health care facilities. The subject of the public contract also includes: - provision of basic infection control measures to the extent necessary in the case of infectious diseases; - Treating patients who do not reside in the catchment area of ​​Prague 5 and are unable to attend to their physicians; - Treating private patients for payment, which does not pay for health care provided health insurance; - Ensuring the operation of the emergency pharmacy services under the conditions specified in the tender documentation. First-aid and emergency pharmacy service must be operated by the successful tenderer organizational, operational and personnel in accordance with applicable laws and to this extent: Weekdays - Monday - Friday 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 pm. The following day, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays - 7 : 00 - 7:00 am. the next day.

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