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Textile manufacture and delivery of healthcare institutions SE Call for Change Law

Semmelweis Egyetem | Published November 30, 2016
Textile manufacture and delivery of healthcare institutions SE Call for Change Law

Enterprise, or sales contract supply of promotional work, implementation and operation of electronic healthcare space (EESZT) and supply manufacturers supported

Állami Egészségügyi Ellátó Központ | Published November 23, 2016  -  Deadline December 6, 2016
Enterprise, or sales contract supply of promotional work, implementation and operation of electronic healthcare space (EESZT) and supply manufacturers supported

Medical equipments

Magyar Honvédség Egészségügyi Központ | Published December 1, 2016  -  Deadline December 20, 2016

Sale and a contract for the development of KEHOP-1.6.0-15-2016-00006- Disaster Management Systems project development within the framework of the MH-disaster health capacity development Disaster healthcare purchasing container and other fixtures.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Állami Egészségügyi Ellátó Központ | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline December 6, 2016

Health Care for Electronic Map Service (EESZT) implementation and operation support tasks, as well as complementary hardware components and associated transportation manufacturers supported.

In connection with the electronic healthcare space (EESZT) system:

Part I: supply of promotional work, implementation and operation of electronic healthcare space (EESZT):

- Task Group and Milestone 1,

- Task Group and Milestone 2,

- Task Group and Milestone 3,

- Development of expertise and expert advice to 1500 days (+ optional quantity of 450 expert days)

- Operational Support Services is 12 months.

More details in the documentation.

In connection with the electronic healthcare space (EESZT) system:

II. Part One: Delivery of manufacturers supported

- ESET File Security - 206 pieces,

- MFE Event Receiver VM 12 P: 1GL - 1,

12 Cores P: 1 GL - 1,

- Linux Enterprise Server - 24 pieces,

- HisC-eH66-110 hisC - HCIS Base Module (rights management, workflow, registers and cross-reference portal) - 480,

- HisC-eH66-121 hisC - HCIS module - Event Catalog - 70 pcs,

- HisC-eH66-122 hisC - HCIS module - EHR - 70 pcs,

- HisC-eH66-123 hisC - HCIS module - Patient Profile 10,

- HisC-eH66-124 hisC - HCIS modules - electronic referral - 40,

- HisC-eH66-125 hisC - HCIS Module - Digital image transmission - 10,

- HisC-eH66-127 hisC - HCIS module - Electronic recipe - 42,

- HisC-eH66-128 hisC - HCIS Module - Innovative data displays - 5,

- HisC-eH66-130 hisC - HCIS modules - Object sharing - 14,

- HisC-eH66-134 hisC - HCIS module - Appointment - 8,

- Oracle Service Bus - Processor Perpetual - 8,

- Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall - Processor Perpetual - 32,

- Oracle WebLogic Suite - Processor Perpetual - 16,

- Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware - Processor Perpetual - 8,

- Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition - Processor Perpetual - 6,

- Oracle Database Enterprise Edition - Processor Perpetual - 32,

- Oracle Real Application Clusters - Processor Perpetual - 32,

- Oracle Partitioning - Processor Perpetual - 32,

- Oracle Advanced Security - Processor Perpetual - 32,

- Diagnostics Pack - Processor Perpetual - 32,

- Oracle Access Management Suite Plus - Processor Perpetual - 6,

- Oracle Identity Governance Suite - Processor Perpetual - 4,

- Oracle API Gateway - Processor Perpetual - 8,

- Limited Linux Premier Support (1 year) - 14,

- Oracle VM Premier Support Limited (1 year) - 14,

- Barracuda Energize upd 1y loadbalancer 640 - 4,

- Barracuda 640 loadbalancer 1y inst REPLACE - 4,

Firewall 860 1y energize upd - 4,

Firewall 860 1y inst REPLACE - 4.

Details in the documentation.


Országos Tisztifőorvosi Hivatal | Published November 24, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017

BCG Vaccine procurement - to vaccinate infants.

contracting framework contract for the sale of BCG vaccine obtains - inoculating infants ATC code: J07AN01

In case arising under the contract temporary product shortage delivery bidder vaccine may recommend a replacement for the transitional period in question, the terms of the offering and acceptance contains a draft of the sales contract.

Quantity: 490 000 + 190% dose infant option

If the offered product must be accompanied ampoule packages, the contract has been made for administration, offered by WHO type 2 syringes and needles.

Quality Requirements: The vaccine must comply with the WHO TRS 979: Recommendation to assure the quality, safety and efficacy of BCG Vaccines; European Pharmacopoeia 01/2012: 0163 monograph requirements.

If the performance necessary to ensure the achievement of usability, regardless of the date of 18 months from the date of entry specified by the contracting authority.

Entry deadline: within 30 days of signing the contract: 150 000 doses.

05/02/2017 .: 120 000 doses.

08/01/2017 .: 120 000 doses.

11/02/2017 .: 100 000 doses.

During delivery of the vaccine given date, the total amount of overdue entry into the new place of delivery, during storage of the vaccine injection given due date, the total volume of traffic to be able to provide the contracting authority made available as appropriate.

Marketing-authorization: The offered vaccines have a marketing-authorization, as follows: should the offer be attached to the pharmaceutical administrative authority (Food and Drug Administration Food and Health Institute, that OGYE or previously Pharmaceutical Healthcare Quality and Development Institute, ie by GYEMSZI or earlier and Drug Administration, that NIP) or by the European Commission Regulation 726/2004 / EC of the European Parliament and the Council, az1901 / 2006 / EC Regulation or 1394/2007 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Parliament and of the Council simple copy issued pursuant to the Regulation, placed on the offered vaccine marketing authorization, if necessary by a translation.

If the annexes to the offered product for marketing authorization - Summary of Product Characteristics, package leaflet, labeling - in electronic form, the Hungarian language in their entirety, free of charge are not available in OGYE website, please attach to these Hungarian translation.

If the bidder offered vaccine marketed under the above marketing authorization does not hold, then the preparation of the European Economic Area (EEA) enjoying the EEA member states of equal status on the basis of Member States, and the European Community or an international agreement concluded in the EEA with State marketing must have been authorized, tender and submit a duly signed statement by the bidder in the tender must be attached to the fact that in case of winning undertake to 44/2004. That the OGYE carry out the procedure for contracting work with individual drug purchases in accordance with (IV.28.) Of the EszCsM licensing.

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