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Provision of Forensic Toxicology Services

Lancashire County Council | Published December 20, 2016
Provision of Forensic Toxicology Services.

Forensic Advocacy Services NHSGGC

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde | Published January 11, 2017
Forensic Advocacy Services NHSGGC.

Forensic Audits

Elections Canada | Published January 13, 2017  -  Deadline January 27, 2017
  1. Forensic Audit Services
    1. Elections Canada File No: ECBR-RFP-16-0456
    2. Applicability of Trade Agreements: Yes
    3. Tendering Procedure: All SA Holders have been invited to submit a proposal
    4. Competitive Procurement Strategy: Highest Combined Rating of Technical Merit and Price

The information contained in this notice is a brief description of the requirement and is for information purposes only. Bidders must refer to the complete Request for Proposal (RFP) document for a full description of the requirements and the full bid instructions.

This requirement is for Elections Canada.

This requirement is open only to those PASS Supply Arrangement Holders who qualified under Stream 4 for Forensic Audits for the following categories:

  • Senior Auditor
  • Auditor

2. Background

The Chief Electoral Officer of Canada (“CEO”), an agent of Parliament, exercises general direction and supervision over the conduct of elections and referendums at the federal level. The CEO heads the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, commonly known as Elections Canada.

EC requires forensic audit services on an “as and when requested” basis to support the CEO’s statutory mandate.

3. Requirement

As and when requested, the CEO requires the professional services of individuals with forensic audit expertise to conduct audit(s) of business transactions.

When authorized, the Contractor will assist the Project Authority in selecting financial and business documents and data for forensic audit and will provide the Project Authority with a professional opinion on the existence and nature of business transactions alleged to have occurred and to have contributed to contraventions under of the Canada Elections Act.

4. Period of the Contract

The term of the contract will be from the effective date of the contract to March 31, 2018. In addition, the successful bidder will grant Elections Canada 3 irrevocable options to extend the contract for up to one year under the same terms and conditions.

5. International Trade Agreements

This procurement process is subject to the World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement (WTO-AGP), the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement, the Canada-Columbia Free Trade Agreement, the Canada-Panama Free Trade Agreement, the Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement, and the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT).

6. Submission of Bids

a) It is requested that bids be provided directly to the Contracting Authority. Bids must be delivered to the following address, sealed, on or before January 27, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. (Gatineau time).

b) Mailing Address:

Elections Canada

30 Victoria Street -1st Floor (Business Centre)

Gatineau, QC

K1A 0M6

Attn: Barbara D. Robertson, Senior Advisor, Procurement and Contracting Services

Elections Canada File No: ECBR-RFP-16-0456

c) For sending packages by courier or for dropping off, please note that the Business Centre hours are Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Gatineau time).

d) Bids received after the stipulated closing date and time will not be accepted and will be returned unopened to the bidder.

e) If a late bid must be opened to determine the name and/or address of the bidder or the nature of the enclosure, a covering letter will be sent to explain the necessity of opening the bid.

f) Faxed or bids sent via electronic mail will not be accepted.

g) All enquiries and other communication with Elections Canada officials are to be directed ONLY to the Contracting Authority. The Contracting Authority will be the bidder’s primary contact. All requests for information must be directed to this contact. Bidders who contact anyone other than the Contracting Authority may be disqualified. All enquiries must be submitted in writing to no later than 5 calendar days before the RFP closing date. Enquiries received after that time may not be answered.

h) Interested parties wishing to order the solicitation documents for this RFP must do so through The documents downloaded through this site take precedence over any copies that may also be made available.

i) Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

j) Elections Canada retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.

k) Further information about Elections Canada may be obtained at

F10190 Registered Social Landlord for Community Forensic Service

West Hampshire CCG | Published December 22, 2016
F10190 Registered Social Landlord for Community Forensic Service.

C0261 Specialist Forensic Mental Health Step Down Residential Rehabilitation

Birmingham City Council | Published December 17, 2016
C0261 Specialist Forensic Mental Health Step Down Residential Rehabilitation.

Registered Social Landlord for Community Forensic Service

NHS West Hampshire CCG | Published December 21, 2016  -  Deadline January 18, 2017
West Hampshire CCG are commissioning on behalf of the CCG’s of Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth a Community Learning Disability Forensic Service.  The Forensic Community Team resource is seen as a means of moving from hospital based to a social care model for people with forensic needs who also have a learning disability.  In support of this West Hampshire CCG has applied for a Grant from NHS England to help provide accommodation via a Registered Social Landlord provision, with associated Supported Living resources being procured alongside this procurement to provide support staff for this service.  The Grant application is for £935k with funding if approved, becoming available from May/June 2017 to source 5 flats across 2 sites within Hampshire (2 flats in one building and 3 in another).  The contract with the appointed Registered Social Landlord would be for a period of 30 years (initial term) with the ongoing service and maintenance costs for the properties being funded via the Housing Benefit of the Tenants.  This contract is likely to be for a minimum of 30 years.

Tenants would likely stay within the Forensic Community Service accommodation for up to 2 years until they move in to a more permanent home. These tenants will require their own front door and own tenancy agreement. The Tenant will be responsible through their Housing Benefit, to cover the costs for service charges for cleaning of communal areas (inside and out), utility bills, council taxes, etc. When assessed on a client specific basis, it may be more appropriate if these charges and the monthly rental transfer directly to the RSL. The Contracting Authority is willing to consider Risk Share approaches around any potential voids if a property is vacant during the lifetime of the contract. The Contracting Authority is also seeking suggestions on any other innovative solutions for managing these services based on the experience of the RSL.

The service specification which will be released with the Pre Qualification Questionnaire will confirm the requirements for a Registered Social Landlord to source and manage 5 high quality forensic pathway step up/step down self contained flats for clients with learning disabilities to enable them to live in the least restrictive environment with the optimum level of independence. The flats would be identified and sourced by the RSL once their appointment was confirmed. It is not anticipated that they will need to identify the specific properties until the award of contract but they will be asked for assurances during the procurement process of their capacity and capability to be able to deliver this arrangement. RSL’s will be required to engage in multi agency working with other statutory and tertiary services within the locality to ensure personal living conditions are appropriate for each client.

The Housing Partners will be expected to:
• Take responsibility for and project manage the procurement and any required adaptation of agreed priorities to an agreed budget and timescale
• Undertake the ongoing registered social landlord functions
• Undertake all maintenance and repairs of the properties
• Provide assured leases for each client
• Rents (including service charges will be paid by the client via Housing Benefit)
• Provide assurances around their ability for joint working with other related agencies

There will be no requirement to provide separate staff accommodation as this will be part of the Supported Living resources procurement.

To aid the finalisation of the specification, we are holding a market engagement event in the Southampton area on Friday 20th January 2017 Nightingale Room, Wells Place, Eastleigh, Southampton SO50 5 LJ 11:00-13:00. To request your place, please submit a response via the In-Tend portal by 13th January 2017. Please note, due to limitations on space, we require that no more than 2 people per organisation are in attendance. This will be communicated when details of the event are confirmed.

Estimated cost excluding VAT: 935,000 GBP

All info will be available on the portal under the following link;

Access to the Portal to register attendance

Organisations, who wish to attend this Market Warming Event, must be registered on the South of England Procurement Services (SoEPS) eTendering Portal “In-tend”. If you are not already a registered supplier on our portal, you must sign up (free of charge) on In-Tend using the following guide.

Instructions for Registering on the SoEPS Commissioning Support In-tend e-Tendering Portal

1. Browse to the SoEPS Commissioning Support portal –
2. Click the “Register” link on the left-hand side of the page.
3. Enter your correct business and user details.
4. Note the email address chosen and Click “Register My Company” when complete.
5. You will receive an email with your unique password (keep this secure).
6. Login to the portal with the username/password.
7. You will be prompted to change your password on first login.

If you have any questions relating to specific projects or tendering with SoEPS please email:

Once registered, you should be able to access the project “F10190 Registered Social Landlord to provide suitable accommodation for a Community Forensic Service” where you will find the draft specification document for your information.

This procurement opportunity will be conducted via a Restricted Procedure. Please note: Completion of the registration of attendance or actual attendance at the market Warming Event, does not constitute an expression of interest in this requirement.

Defense Forensic Science Center Broad Agency Announcement for Basic, Applied, and Advanced Research (Fiscal Years 2017-2021)

Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command | Published October 18, 2016  -  Deadline October 15, 2021
The Defense Forensic Science Center (DFSC) (formerly the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL)) provides forensic laboratory services to DoD military criminal investigative organizations (Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and the Army Criminal Investigation Command) and other DoD customers. It is a full service forensic laboratory, providing state-of-the-art forensic examinations in the following disciplines:
• DNA/Serology• Digital Evidence• Drug Chemistry• Firearms and Toolmarks• Forensic Documents• Latent Prints (including footwear and tire track evidence)• Trace Evidence
The DFSC has three primary objectives:
(1) Analyze forensic evidence and provide expert testimony to support worldwide criminal investigation across all military services(2) Provide expeditionary and reach-back forensic services to U.S. military forces in active theaters of operation(3) Coordinate and execute research, development, testing and evaluation (RDT&E) projects to advance forensiccapabilities
The Department of Defense Forensic Research and Development Program ("Program") is administered by the U.S. Army Research Office and the Defense Forensic Science Center. The Program aims to enhance the capability of forensic science applications in traditional law enforcement/criminal justice purviews and in expeditionary environments. The Program accomplishes this mission by funding research projects that lead to the production of useful knowledge, materials, devices, systems, or methods that have forensic function.
To be eligible for an award under this announcement, a prospective awardee must meet certain minimum standards pertaining to financial resources and responsibility, ability to comply with the performance schedule, past performance, integrity, experience, technical capabilities, operational controls, and facilities. In accordance with Federal statutes, regulations, and Department of Defense and Army policies, no person on grounds of race, color, age, sex, national origin, or disability shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving financial assistance from the Army.
The Program is seeking proposals for funding to support forensic research and its application. The requested proposals should focus on adding to general forensic knowledge and/or DFSC activities and needs. Forensic research proposals should focus on the creation of new and improved field or laboratory functional capabilities that result in faster, more robust, more informative, less costly, or less labor-intensive recognition, preservation, collection, and/or analysis of forensic evidence. Proposals involving the development of equipment that is portable, sustainable, and useful in an expeditionary or field environment are also solicited. The expeditionary and field environments require systems that are lightweight, portable, inexpensive, fast, and capable of operating in extreme environments of temperature, dust, humidity, etc. The systems must also be capable of secure data communications.
Funding of research and development (R&D) within Program areas of interest will be determined by funding constraints and priorities set during each budget cycle. Due to Government budget uncertainties, no specific dollars have been reserved for awards under this BAA. Those contemplating submission of a proposal are encouraged to submit a white paper and quad chart, summarizing their proposed work. If the proposed R&D warrants further inquiry and funding is available, submission of a full technical and cost proposal will be encouraged. This sequence allows earliest determination of the potential for funding and minimizes the labor and cost associated with submission of full proposals that have minimal probability of being selected for funding. Costs associated with white paper, quad chart, or full proposal submissions in response to this BAA are not considered allowable direct charges to any resulting award. These costs may be allowable expenses to normal bid and proposal indirect costs specified in FAR 31.205-18 for contracts. Offerors submitting proposals are cautioned that only a Government Contracting or Grants Officer may obligate the Government to any agreement involving expenditure of Government funds.

Custodial Healthcare and Forensic Services

Warwickshire Police & West Mercia Police Procurement & Contracts Department | Published November 3, 2016  -  Deadline January 30, 2017
Custodial Healthcare and Forensic Services forStaffordshire, West Midlands, West Mercia and Warwickshire Police Forces Type of Contract: Services

Capacity of Forensic Laboratories in Canada to Test for Drugs - 201704838

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada | Published November 28, 2016  -  Deadline November 1, 2017

1. Requirement Summary

Public Safety Canada (PS) has a requirement for a Contractor to perform services as required to determine the current laboratory capacity to deal with a potential influx of samples to be tested for cannabinoids and other drugs in Canada.

2. Period of Work

2.1 Period of Work

The period of the Contract will be from the date of Contract award to December 31 2017

3. Contracting Authority

Krystal Maloney

Senior Contracting and Procurement Officer

Public Safety Canada

269 Laurier Avenue West

Ottawa ON K1A 0P9

Tel: 613-949-9921

Fax: 613-954-1871


The Contracting Authority is responsible for all matters of a contractual nature.

4. Method of Selection

Highest Combined Rating of Technical Merit 70% and Price 30%

5. Security Requirement

There is no security requirement.

6. Schedule

Task and Delivery Date

Kick-off meeting +5 days of contract award

Updated work plan +5 days of the kick-off meeting

Updated approach and methodology   +5 days of the kick-off meeting

Literature review +60 days of the kick-off meeting – to be completed by March 31, 2017

Email invitation +5 days of literature review

Research instrument +5 days of literature review

Draft report Within 120 days of the kick-off meeting

Final report Within 14 days of the comments and revisions by the PA

PowerPoint presentation Within 14 days of the comments and revisions by the PA

7. All detailed information for bidding process are found in the Request for Standing Offer document

Front Line Mobile Forensic Examination Facility

Leicestershire Police | Published December 14, 2016  -  Deadline January 17, 2017
The Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire (PCC) is looking to appoint a contractor for the provision of frontline mobile device examination facilities for Leicestershire Police as detailed below. This requirement will include the provision of five terminals/or software equivalent for 5 computers located throughout the county of Leicestershire Type of Contract: Services

Update specialized forensic software

Update specialized forensic software cond. U 1,00 166 105,00 166 105,00 Total 166 105,00

Supply of diagnostic tests for forensic and medical examinations

Diagnostic tests to determine the presence of saliva (evidence-based method of forensic medicine) 40 PCs/pack. pack 3,00 14 of 682.00 44 046,00 Diagnostic tests to determine the presence of human blood (evidence-based method for forensic medicine) 30 PCs./pack. pack of 3.00 11 859,33 35 577,99 total: 79 623,99

Collection and transportation of corpses requiring any type of forensic action to be executed at the headquarters of IML in Málaga

Delegación del Gobierno de la Junta de Andalucía en Málaga | Published January 10, 2017  -  Deadline February 24, 2017
Collection and transportation of corpses requiring any type of forensic action to be executed at the headquarters of IML in Málaga

Böblingen, School of Police BW, IAE, establishment of forensic science laboratories, building 47, building automation

Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg Amt Ludwigsburg | Published December 15, 2016  -  Deadline January 27, 2017
Böblingen, School of Police BW, IAE, establishment of forensic science laboratories, building 47, building automation

Böblingen, School of Police BW, IAE, establishment of forensic science laboratories, building 47, ventilation

Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg Amt Ludwigsburg | Published December 15, 2016  -  Deadline January 26, 2017
Böblingen, School of Police BW, IAE, establishment of forensic science laboratories, building 47, ventilation

No. EA "On the right supply of ethanol for the needs of KGBUZ "Krasnoyarsk regional Bureau of forensic expertise"

АГЕНТСТВО ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОГО ЗАКАЗА КРАСНОЯРСКОГО КРАЯ | Published October 13, 2016  -  Deadline October 20, 2021
Supply of ethanol for the needs of KGBUZ "Krasnoyarsk regional Bureau of forensic medical examination" of 1.00 620,26 620,26 164 164 total: 164 620,26

Forensic Advocacy Services NHSGGC

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde | Published January 11, 2017
Access to independent advocacy is regognised as contributing to health policy goals such as health improvement, equity and involving individuals as partners in a mutual NHS. (Better Health, Better Care: An Action Plan (2007). The Board also has statutory responsibility, principally under the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003, to provide access to independent advocacy for specific groups of people. This tender seeks to ensure the ability of service users to be able to influence services and to be adequately supported to do so. CPV: 85300000, 85300000.

Announcement of the ConsejerÃa Presidency and Citizen Participation of the Principality of Asturias to the notice of the transport service for the movement of personnel assigned to the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Forensic clinics and judicial organs of Oviedo, Gijón, Cangas del Narcea, Cangas de Onís, Laviana and Piloa ± a

Consejería de Presidencia y Participación Ciudadana. | Published January 7, 2017  -  Deadline January 31, 2017
Announcement of the ConsejerÃa Presidency and Citizen Participation of the Principality of Asturias to the notice of the transport service for the movement of personnel assigned to the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Forensic clinics and judicial organs of Oviedo, Gijón, Cangas del Narcea, Cangas de Onís, laviana and Piloa ± a.

Data preparation in the area Panama Papers under a forensic examination accordance with § 44 para. 1 KWG at eleven institutes

BaFin, Referat ZII 6 - Zentrale Beschaffung, Graurheindorfer Str. 108, 53117 Bonn | Published January 5, 2017  -  Deadline January 31, 2017
Data preparation in the area Panama Papers under a forensic examination accordance with § 44 para. 1 KWG at eleven institutes correction deadlines

Execution of works on current repair of premises of the morgue with Peregrebnoe KU "Bureau of forensic examination" branch "Office p Ob"

Execution of works on current repair of premises of the morgue S. Peregrebnoe KU "Bureau of forensic medical examination" branch "Office in p. Ob" CONV. units of 1.00 499 of 998.00 499 of 998.00 total: 499 of 998.00