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Computer-related professional services

Gerencia Área Sanitaria VII — Mieres | Published October 28, 2015
Severiano Servicio Móvil, S.A. / Fidelis Servicios Integrales, S.L. UTE
72590000, 79560000

The purpose of this contract is the provision of documentation management patient record in the New Hospital Vital Alvarez Buylla, understood as both the digitization of existing paper medical records, as the daily management of the clinical file while It is held scanning. The delivery service under the contract winner is the replacement of the medical history on paper by the computerized patient record, ensuring that during the term of the contract is carried out a progressive decrease in paper making evolve one Electronic Medical Records , so that the successful tenderer should proceed to digitize the obrante clinical documentation in the patient record of Vital Hospital Alvarez Buylla, and all that that is generated in role throughout the term of this contract as a result healthcare activity of the New Hospital Vital Alvarez Buylla.
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