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Clinic construction work

Krankenhaus Märkisch-Oderland gGmbH | Published October 15, 2015
WBF Ingenieurbau GmbH

In 5 phases with concrete and steel construction as well as all the benefits of the structural work, including demolition and disposal of pollutants, as well as rough Finishing trades drywall and plaster, as well as the screed and floor coverings. For disasters are short-term missions of 0.5-1 h and 24 h and ensure daily. Pts. U.) * Designation of reference objects (built projects from completion 2005, construction costs, number of operating rooms, contracting, etc.) in the healthcare sector comparable in complexity and functionality with the construction project. * Qualifications of the proposed public service staff (Occupation, projects manufactured since completion 2005, construction costs, number of operating rooms, principal in charge etc. regarding. The implementation of projects of comparable complexity and functionality. * Evidence for use in a disaster (preparedness, organizational structure) . * How to secure work in Hyg relevant areas from or how do you avoid rod developments and other contaminants with comparable performance conditions -... How do you avoid the noise and structure-borne noise at comparable performance Erbringungen.
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