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Ministerio del Interior | Dirección Nacional de Asuntos Sociales | Published March 20, 2017



 | Published March 7, 2017

Operating theatre furniture except tables

Stadt Dornbirn | Published February 23, 2017

Hospital Dornbirn reconstruction surgery area - Medical furniture.

Hard coal

44WOG | Published February 24, 2017
Węgklopasz Sp. z o.o.

The contract is for the supply of coal - fine coal and coke firewood assortments, quality parameters and amounts set out in Tables 1 and 2.

The Employer divided the contract into 5 parts:

1. Part I of the contract:

Delivery of coal - had to JW 1517 Czerwieńsk, ul. 10 component, the quality parameters and the quantities set out in Table 1.

2. Part II of the contract:

Supply of coke and industrial fuel to JW 1517 Czerwieńsk, ul. 10 component, the quality parameters and quantities specified in Table 2.

3. Part III of the contract:

Supply of coke and industrial heating to 44 WOG, Krosno 66-600, ul. Defenders of Stalingrad 10, the quality parameters and quantities specified in Table 2.

4. Part IV of the contract:

Supply of coke and industrial fuel for Composition Novgorod Bobrzański, the quality parameters and quantities specified in Table 2.

5. Part V of the contract:

Supply of coke and industrial fuel for Composition Radnica, the quality parameters and quantities specified in Table 2.

A detailed description of the order in Appendix 1 hereto.

Construction work for college buildings

Staatliches Bauamt München 2 | Published February 23, 2017
Schadstoffsanierung Mario Freund

Intending awarding benefits State Building Authority Munich 2, TUM Garching, renovation of the chemistry building in Garching 2.BA, place of execution Lichtenbergstr. 4, Garching.

Demolition and disposal of:

Components made of / with Asbest1), gem. TRGS 519

- Fire dampers containing asbestos, about 3 pieces

- Fire doors with asbestos board in the lock box, about 3 pieces

- Asbestos Cable Channels Promabest in drywall, approximately 110 m

Components made of / with "old mineral wool" 2), KMF, carcinogenic, gem. TRGS 521

- Pipe insulation on pipelines, about 370 m

- Insulation in drywall, approximately 1200 m²

Other dismantlement, demolition and disposal:

- Wall coverings and facings gypsum, 500 m²

- Room and hallway walls plaster, about 1200 m²

- Masonry, about 65 m²

- Flooring carpet, approximately 425 m²

- Lighting ceiling lights, about 250 pieces

- Pipelines steel and plastic, approximately 900 m

- Electrical installations, complete

- Various laboratory and built-in furniture

- Various clearing work

- Other furnishings, such as cabinets, tables, chairs

1) In the aforementioned demolition are the protective measures in accordance with TRGS 519, asbestos

Demolition, reconstruction or maintenance work must be observed.

2) In the aforementioned demolition are the protective measures in accordance with TRGS 521, demolition,

to consider renovation or maintenance work with old mineral wool (expertise

required). This is to "old mineral wool," Artificial mineral fibers, carcinogenic

Category 2 to TRGS 905th

Tenderers must gem a valid approval with submission of the offer. Gefahrstoffverordnung

submit Annex I no. 2, paragraph 2.4.2, paragraph 4, to check / submit.

69--Hydraulic Lift Table

Department of the Army, FedBid | Published February 28, 2017

No Description Provided

X-ray table

Hôpital privé gériatrique Les Sources | Published February 16, 2017
General Electric
33111100, 33111200, 50421200

technical requirements for the acquisition, performance, to work, to installation, commissioning, training of the operating personnel, warranty and maintenance services of irradiation, dismantling and evacuation radiology equipment reformed.

The market comprises 6 lots. :

Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance

Lot 1: a remote-controlled room has new flat plate collector with opportunity alternatively fluoroscopy

Lot 2: WIFI sensor plane

Lot 3: a surgical hand amplifier,

Lot 4: mobile Used reanimation

Lot 5: a generator for dental radiography

Lot 6: Uninstall and evacuation of a mammography unit and a dental panoramic.

Furniture (incl. office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. lighting) and cleaning products

Universitätsklinikum Jena | Published February 16, 2017
Omikron Bürosysteme GmbH
39000000, 39100000

Lose civilian facilities.

Manufacture, delivery and installation of loose civilian equipment, including:

- Planning services and inventory;

- Moving Services Inventory Furniture;

essential services:

about 2 500 pcs. Filing cabinets made of wood-based panels HPL surface, different dimensions and


about 1 400 Shelves chipboard HPL surface matching cabinet system, various


of approximately 2 800 pcs. Chairs metal frame, wooden bowls, partly upholstered, partially armrest;

150 pcs. Beam benches 2-5 seats, wooden bowl, fire protection equipment;

approx 1200 pcs. Lockers metal, partially Z-lockers;

approx 460 pcs. Multipurpose tables in different size, metal frame tw. fixed, tw. folding, HPL surface;

approx 880 pcs. Desks metal frames, HPL surface CPU holder, cable management;

about 1 100 pcs. Office chairs Kunststoffkreuzfuß;

270 pcs. Upholstery elements, four-legged, sled, swivel chair, fire protection equipment;

60 pcs. Cafeteragestühl High Seater.

Pharmaceutical products

„Специализирана болница за активно лечение по онкология“ ЕАД | Published February 15, 2017

The subject of the contract includes recurring deliveries of medicines, according to the technical specifications, in order to select a contractor / s and contract / and under the most favorable for "Oncology Hospital" EAD conditions OP 31.

Client: "Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment in Oncology" JSC (SHATO SAD). Estimated amounts shown in separate lots in the Technical Specification (Appendix № 1), which is an integral part of this dokumentatsiya.Ofertite present in the building of the "Hospital of Oncology" EAD,. Sofia 1765, str. "Tranquil field" № 6, 6th floor, filing every working day from 8:00 to 16:30 until the date of expiry of the deadline for receipt of tenders inclusive.

1.Erythropoietin / Epoetin zeta / -solution for injection, pre-filled syringe; 10,000 IU; IU; 720 shpr .;

2.Imipenem / Cilastatin-powder for solution for infusion; 500 mg / 500 mg - 20 ml; mg; 100 Fl .;

3.Temozolomide-hard capsules; 100 mg; mg; 4,000 TB.

4.Imatinib-film-coated tablets; 100 mg; mg; 16080 TB .;

5.Filgrastim-solution for injection / infusion in pre-filled syringe; 30 MIU / 0,5 ml; mg; 1200 shpr .;

6.Capecitabine-film coated tables; 500 mg; mg; 86400 TB .;

7.Colistimethate sodium-powder for solution for injection or infusion; 1; MIU; 50 Fl .;

8.Colistimethate sodium-powder for solution for injection or infusion; 2; MIU; 50 Fl .;

9.Sevoflurane-inhalation liquid; 250 ml; ml; 200 Fl;

10.Levobupicaine solution for injection-7.5 mg / ml -10ml; mg; 400 Fl .;

11.Levobupicaine solution for injection-5 mg / ml - 10ml; mg; 400 Fl .;

12.5-Fluorouracil-solution for injection; 50 mg / ml - 20 ml; mg; 6000 Fl .;

13.Gemcitabine-concentrate for solution for infusion; 1000 mg / ml-10 ml; mg; 900 Fl.

14.Paclitaxel-concentrate for solution for infusion; 6 mg / ml - 50 ml; mg '; 600 Fl .;

15.Docetaxel- concentrate for solution for infusion; 80 mg / 4 ml; mg; 1600 Fl .;

16.Doxorubicin-concentrate for solution for infusion; 2 mg / ml-25 ml ...

Office furniture

Berliner Wasserbetriebe | Published February 15, 2017
Vergabekammer des Landes Berlin
39130000, 39112000

Framework contracts for the office furniture and office chair supplies for the Berlin Water Works.

The Berlin Water Company called (BWB) hereinafter also principal (AG), intend framework agreements for a period of 4 years to complete for the supply of selected office furniture at BWB.

Service content: Procurement of office furniture gem. Lot 1 to 3 and compliance with the corresponding tender documents

As part of the solicitation of an offer a free sampling of selected articles per lot is required. (Premises provide the BWB)


Framework agreement on the supply of jobs.

The range includes:

- Work tables,

- Side- and meeting tables,

- Consulting and conference tables,

- Universal tables,

- Container,

- Sliding wardrobes,

- Side cabinets,

- Suitable accessories.

Framework agreement on the supply of chairs.

The range includes:

- Office swivel chairs,

- Visitor / Meeting Chairs,

- Conference chairs,

- Training / Seminar chairs,

- Canteen / Pause chairs,

- Bar stools,

- Chair armchair (lobby).

Framework agreement on the supply of feature walls.

The range includes:

- Lockers,

- Filing cabinets,

- Top cupboards,

- Türumbauungen,

- Wall / ceiling connections.

Acquisition of furniture for the Institute of Mathematics in Orsay. Benefits under this contract include: Benefits under this package include: - Achieving

Universite paris sud | Published February 16, 2017
44175000, 44175000, 39130000

Benefits under this contract include: Benefits under this package include: - The completion of site plans - Protection of premises, doors and floors - the supply of equipment or furniture - Delivery of these elements in local, installation, setting up the locations according to the plans or intervention put the necessary points. - The storage of all packaging and labels - Cleaning of equipment and furniture before admission Lot 01 - SCHOOL FURNITURE, CHAIRS AND TABLES OF CLASSES, MEETING TABLES Lot 02 - CHAIRS MULTI-PURPOSE, BARSTOOLS TOPS, SEATING, SEATS MODULAR, TABLES AND HIGH Lot 03 - RESEARCHERS AND ADMINISTRATION OFFICES Lot 04 - LIBRARY oF TABLES AND SHELVES READING LIBRARY Lot 05 - WORKING HEAD Lot 06 - OFFICE fURNITURE, CARTS AND PANELS MOBILE Installation of the furniture is scheduled for July 2017Marché separate regular

A delivery procedure wheel shell

VSIA „Paula Stradiņa klīniskā universitātes slimnīca”, 40003457109 | Published February 16, 2017

A delivery procedure wheel shell - Stainless steel tables and carts

Office supplies

Collectivité territoriale Martinique | Published February 16, 2017
30192000, 30197000, 30192700, 22800000, 30195000

Office supplies for community services.

Office furnitures.


Equipment for ranking.

Tables and displays.

Medical furniture except beds and tables

Centre hospitalier universitaire et psychiatrique de Mons-Borinage (CHUPMB) | Published February 16, 2017

This is a medical equipment supply contract, non-medical, computer and furniture for the operation of the wing F.

The lots will be processed and assigned separately for the separate execution.

IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support

Kultur Ruhr GmbH | Published February 16, 2017
Vodafone GmbH, Region West – ENR-W
72000000, 32551400, 45314200, 64215000, 30237110, 32400000, 72511000, 72400000

Kultur Ruhr GmbH awarded with this award procedures supply and services in the IT sector in connection with its move to its new location in Bochum.

The system solution is to ensure that building on the basis of the existing system, all newly added components seamlessly integrated into this system, and no isolated solutions are created that contain different and mutually interfering components.

A more detailed description can be the contract notice with the Bekanntmachungs No .: 2016 / S 219-399181 be removed.

This can be remedied by migrating to the current system unit Unify OpenScape Business.

When moving, therefore, the old system is to be migrated to a new system unit.

A more detailed description can be the contract notice with the Bekanntmachungs No .: 2016 / S 219-399181 be removed.

The existing network connection on the existing site is provided by a fiber-optic Internet connection.

Providing the gateway for the WAN / LAN gateway, their integration into the local network and the configuration of the gateway accepts the Provider (contractor).

The contractor made a technical documentation.

In the new building a symmetric 100 Mbit / s fiber optic connection is to be used together for the telephony and the Internet.

Detailed fee tables are attached.

The contractor made a technical documentation.

Miscellaneous furniture

f & w fördern und wohnen AöR | Published February 16, 2017
Heimeinrichtungen-Bettenproduktion e. K.
39151000, 39143121, 39121200, 39112000, 39141000

Delivery of residents furniture and kitchen furniture at several locations in and around Hamburg.

Delivery of single beds, bed surface 90 x 200 cm and bunk beds, bed surface 90 x 200 cm steel pipe, treaties and installation if required.

Supply of lockers H180xB60XT60 cm, wooden stacking chairs, tables 80x80x72 cm, 60x60x72 cm tables, as well as supplementary tabletops, treaties and installation (if required).

Delivery of tables 60x60 cm, height 85 cm, tables 80x60 cm, height 85 cm, tables 100x60 cm, height 85 cm and supplementary tabletops and plastic shell chairs for the kitchen area. Tolerated and mounting (if necessary).

Delivery of metal lockers H180 cm x W 60 cm x D 50 cm, steel, 2 door, treaties and installation (if required).

Chairs acquisition, tables and bedsteads to Stage to the Pavilion Carlos Lopes

Associação de Turismo de Lisboa - Visitors and Convetion Bureau | Published February 16, 2017

Chairs acquisition, tables and bedsteads to Stage to the Pavilion Carlos Lopes

Office furniture

Oulun yliopisto | Published February 15, 2017
Martela Oyj, Isku Oy
39130000, 39112000, 39156000

University of Oulu and the Oulu City Council asked the promotions office furniture under the invitation to tender. Invitation to tender was divided into three areas: 1. basic office furniture office chairs 2., 3. lounge furniture.

Basic office furniture, including for example. desks, storage furniture, furniture for lecture hall, conference furniture, break room furniture.

Office chairs, also saddle you were. Complimentary test drive the buyer's premises is required.

Lobby furniture such as armchairs, sofas and coffee tables.

study table

sihtasutus Põhja-Eesti Regionaalhaigla - Helen Kressa | Published February 16, 2017
InstruMed OÜ, 11317711, Emajõe 1a, Tartu linn, 51008 Eesti (EE) Tel.: +372 5092406

study table

Management of operating the VIP lounges of nice french riviera airport (corrigendum)

Societe aeroports de la cote d'azur | Published February 16, 2017

The Nice Côte d'Azur Airport provides passengers, airline customers and other approved organizations by him, present or not, on its website, VIP lounges located in the departure lounge of terminal. They are open 7 days 7, 365 days a year, including Sundays and holidays, from first to last start of service will avion.Le main tasks: - hospitality, passenger access control the presence of host (s) at the counter for this purpose, - supply and installation of snacks without breaking and self-service, - the serving tables and the continued cleanliness of the premises, floors and furniture, - the supply and installation of production equipment, - the supply and purchase of newspapers - magazines available in displays intended for this purpose, - the distribution of satisfaction surveys at the customer's home .
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