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African Centers of Excellence - P126974


General Procurement Notice NOTICE GENERAL MARKET DEPASSATION No. 009-2015 / UAC / IMSP / CEA-SMA / CA / SA 1. The Government of theRepublic of Benin has won the International Association of Développementun amount of US $ 4 million ( IDA Credit 5421-BJ) for financementle PROJECTOF African Center of Excellence in Mathematics and Applications (CEA-SMA) of 4 years, and intends to apply part of the proceeds of cefinancement to make payments under the various markets ( works, supplies, consulting services) to be acquired in Lecadre project. 2. Project Centred'Excellence African Science Mathematics and Applications (CEA-SMA) ato main objective of establishing dehautniveau training opportunities in mathematics and its applications in line with national and regional desmarchés needs. 3. supplies, works and prestationintellectuelles be in line with national procedures depassation public procurement. 4. Work concern: MARKETS MethodEnduring AWARD rénovationet expansion of capacities of the library and national Appeld'offres equipment aménagementd'une classroom FAST on the Abomey campus for desformations CEA-SMA Demandede rating 5 . Supplies and servicesconcernent: MARKETS MethodEnduring AWARD acquisitiond'un 165 KVA electric generator and National Appeld'offres Installation acquisitionof Books and publications journals Demandede quotation acquisitionof hardware and video conference national acquisitiond'un Appeld'offres vehicle for missions teaching and research for national VSAT acquisitiond'équipement Appeld'offres broadband Demandede miseen quotation up a smoke detector system and security gates Demandede derangement Equipment Trading furniture, tables and chaiseset of computer furniture Demandede subscriber listing ...
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