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Bioclimatic water retention elements Technical University in Zvolen

Technická univerzita vo Zvolene - Rektorát | Published January 16, 2017  -  Deadline February 7, 2017
The whole object of the contract will be carried out according to the following project documentation: Project documentation retention Bioclimatic water features, Faculty of project documentation underground tanks to capture rainwater in the area in Zvolen project documentation addressing three distinct separate areas. These facilities will consist of three separate site. -Územie Bariny: object of the contract is the realization of bioclimatic open reservoirs - lakes ľadvinkovitého shape, landscaping and landscaping, water wall, steering shaft, photovoltaic island systems, electrical installations, wells, underground tanks for rainwater harvesting, hard surfaces and furniture. -Územie Before Auditoriums: the subject matter is the implementation of the open reservoirs - ponds, landscaping and landscaping, paved surfaces and furniture, storm sewers, underground tanks to collect rain water, fountain, water cascades, Technological shaft, roofing, electrical and lighting, irrigation. -Územie Before gym: subject of the contract is the realization of storm sewers, storage tanks and sicker. Object of the contract will be carried out in the period: Within 45 days after the entry into force of the work.

Additions and alterations kindergartens Zvolen

ARAN YACHT INVESTMENT s.r.o. | Published January 9, 2017  -  Deadline January 30, 2017
The contract is the execution of construction works on construction work for buildings for kindergarten in the area of ​​building kindergartens Zvolen additions and alterations World Zvolenská Slatina solved by enlarging the existing kindergarten premises of Class 3 with accessories and the overall insulation of the building in terms of energy savings. The existing building is L-shaped brick with ceilings made of prefabricated reinforced concrete panels composed of two parts. A first part is used for classes with facilities and rooms for teachers. This is part two storey with a gabled roof already insulated and replaced all the windows in the peripheral wall. The second part B serves as nursery facilities with the original kitchen with equipment and boiler room with the coal storage. The boiler room has been reconstructed on the original gas and coal warehouse is used to store furniture. This section is only one floor with a shed roof also exchanged with all the windows in the outer wall. The proposed works will address: - insulation of the existing building contact insulation system in line with the standards - reconstruction of existing space kitchen with accessories for eating all children (the original and extended capacity) - Extending the capacity of the Ministry of Education are two classes for children 3-6 years with all accessories and games room and a bedroom, and one class for 5-6 year old children stay only in the morning without a bedroom. Extension is transferred through extension with separate entrance. - Use the original coal storage areas for children as a small gym for children playing in bad weather. The current capacity of Kindergarten 2 classes of 23 children ............... 46 children proposed capacity ms additions and alterations: 4 classes of 25 children, one class of 15 children, ie a total of 115 children . The scope and specification of works and supply detailed in the project documentation, technical reports and bill of quantities.
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