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Office furniture

Gemeente Rotterdam | Published February 15, 2017  -  Deadline April 28, 2017

This document is the descriptive document associated with the European tendering procedure "the best supplier of furniture for Rotterdam."

It describes how entrepreneurs can submit a Tender in accordance with the conditions, requirements and wishes of the contracting authority.

The mission of this tender is divided into 4 lots.

Furniture for medical reasons.

This lot consists of the supply of the standard seating arrangement for the locations of the municipality of Rotterdam, the request returns take to replace the seating and maintenance or repairs to the existing furniture and the newly delivered seating.

Standard seating covers: office chairs, conference chairs, cafeteria chairs, sofas, armchairs and chairs with an appearance different from the standard, function or for medical reasons are not covered by this plot.

This lot consists of replacing and delivering the standard plate furniture for interior locations of the municipality of Rotterdam and the On request return of replacing the plate furniture and maintenance or repairs to existing plate furniture.

Standard plate furniture covers: Adjustable desks, conference tables, cafeteria tables, separate wardrobes, loose clothing lockers, custom furniture and furnishings with another desired appearance, function or for medical reasons are not covered by this plot.

Besides consultancy and design belongs to deliver and return the request to take the non-standard furniture to this plot.

Besides advice includes providing the necessary adapted furniture and the application returns taking existing furniture also to this plot.

Office and computing machinery, equipment and supplies except furniture and software packages

STC-Group Scheepvaart en Transport | Published January 20, 2017  -  Deadline March 13, 2017
30000000, 51100000

The STC-Group wants to buy lesborden through this contract and have it installed in the newly built school in Rotterdam South. Also, the STC-Group will enter into a multi-year contract to replace lesborden at other locations.

The scale shall consist of the required services and deliveries for the new building. For the new building it is purchasing 62 new interactive whiteboards including the related services as defined in the appropriate situation. On the other hand the scale consists of replacements in case of defects of the existing interactive whiteboards in all locations in the Netherlands of the STC-Group and investment. Contracting authority may not indicate how much will be replaced which year and which consequently will affect the average volume per year.

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