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Health services

Szeghalom Kistérség Többcélú Társulás | Published October 17, 2015
Orvosi Ügyelet Nonprofit Kft.

Szeghalom Multipurpose Small Region municipalities forming the association Szeghalom operating center (Körösladány, Szeghalom, Vésztő, Körösújfalu, Füzesgyarmat, Kertészsziget and Csökmő) for a population of 47/2004 on some organizational issues of health care continuous operation. (V.11.) ESZCSM. central home medical service operating in accordance with Regulation (adult and pediatric physician) performance, and operation of the town Vésztő furniture. This information is solely for informational purposes. Winning bidders in the health services covered by the contract for medical care treatment to surgery appeared with patients, patient, call apartment, stay in-patient, patient, during the week from 15:00 - next day 7:00 am, weekly rest days and public holidays, the continuous medical treatment Patients in need. Contractor takes care of: - the patient in need of hospitalization or specialized care hospital beutalásáról, specialist medical examinations, medical treatment refers a - if necessary, the patient transport to the competent institution, - confirms the patient's incapacity, according to a separate law - official request or damaged at the request of medical reports prepares and issues the authority, or following payment of a separate co-payment of statutory your damaged, - the official request of the patient (sérültnél) performs a general medical examination, blood alcohol -vizsgálathoz blood loss, or carry out other necessary tests - in exceptional cases ( massive injuries, poisoning, natural disaster, etc) rescue organize, and as long controlled until the ambulance service doctor at the scene of the rescue management takes over, perform the tasks required by the provisions relating to the dead, the collection of as provided for in Regulation M, the proper management and the dispatch of - for it to be adequately informed about the patient's attending physician in the care it provides,
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