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Országos Bírósági Hivatal | Published November 18, 2016  -  Deadline December 23, 2016

Building on joint use of interior fitting to the image of various furniture and other equipment to obtain the Eger County Court and the County Prosecutor, historical (st or antique) furniture restoration, and carrying out related tasks.

2478 pieces of furniture and other fittings type (stationery and supplementary tables, conference tables, asztaltoldatok, coffee tables, cabinets, shelves, rolling, rotating, karfás-, meeting and other types of chairs, armchairs, sofas, chest of containers, bathroom fixtures objects, warehouse racks, hangers-resistant toothed walls, carpets (complete item 3-piece set), waste baskets, planters, and 11 lm shelving.

53 new pieces of furniture unique historical character (printer and PC small desktop tower, asztaltoldatok, létravázás open shelves, bar, corner table, judicial pulpit, tables, chairs).

72 pieces of industrial art luminaire.

13 pieces of unique historical transformation of furniture (glass-fronted cabinets, desks, Wall systems).

7 pieces of historical furniture restoration (of which 3 complete composition).

16 pieces of custom furniture restoration (pad, glass-enclosed bulletin board).

st seating upholstery hiánypótlással 2 complete item.

546 pieces of individual equipment (library cabinets, library shelves, wall shelves, reader services and other table, computer table, solid wood spiral staircase, cloakroom rack and panel, crafts wall magazine rack cabinet, hall through, drywall rectangular stack, bricked wall coverings, heating-cooling unit masking mounting fixtures körhangszórók judicial pulpit, podium judicial and other wood accessories, curtain accessories, kitchen units, worktop).

83 m LED light garlands concealed lighting design.

424 m² wooden wall paneling (production, bépítés, places to demolition).

447 m² decorative painting.

1 x 8 cm high resistant decorative painting Renaissance Antiqua letters, Latin (33 pieces case).

4 sets of linen.

42 m² 4 m² raw chipboard chipboard boxing.

38 m Tölg ...

Furniture (incl. office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. lighting) and cleaning products

Budapest Főváros Önkormányzata | Published November 19, 2016  -  Deadline December 7, 2016

Purchase contract "requiring development of retirement homes Nursing Home Godollo, intensive care (Erdőkertes replacement) stock first purchase" proposal.

1. Purchase and Delivery of furniture and other fixtures.

2. Purchase and transport of beds and bed accessories.

3. Purchase and Delivery of Textiles.

4. Kitchen appliances and equipment.

5. Washing machines, hairdressing equipment.

6, pans, utensils, kitchen appliances, purchase and transport of food vendors.

7. Purchase and delivery of medical equipment and furniture.

8. Maintenance tools, procurement and supply of equipment.

9. Purchase and Delivery Vehicle.

10. Telecommunication equipment, procurement and supply of IT and consumer electronics devices.

Engineering services

NIF Zrt. | Published November 26, 2016  -  Deadline January 12, 2017

perform engineering tasks to an agency contract (O) 2x2 track expansion of the M70 motorway, Tornyiszentmiklós subject of Letenye.

The main volumes of the design and construction tasks during (O) expansion 2x2 track of the M70 motorway Letenye-Tornyiszentmiklós:

The bidder winning engineering and technical supervision tasks including but not limited to the following activities:

- Verification of complete management and technical plans prepared by the Contractor to export e-WAY 03:01:11 (2-1201 ROAD: 2008) Road Engineering Affairs pursuant to Regulation 1.14.7 point, and if necessary - because of the modifications - made to the export licensing plans following the submission to the authority of the authorization process.

- The prepared construction plans to express an opinion.

- Technical supervision of water construction and utility work in the preparation, if necessary, control of water rights / construction permitting process and after completion of the inspection and supervision of the process design documentation submitted to water management approval.

- During (existing and planned) contractor of the entire drainage system together with a proposal for the revision and standardization of preparation of the implementation plan in accordance with the technical specifications Roads be maintained.

The main technical content, in connection with which the contractor responsibilities of the engineering and technical supervision of the execution will be required to:

- 2x1 2x2 lane expansion band on the right track 3 + 760-9 + 195 and 11 + 850-16 + 510 km no. between.

- Strengthening of existing pavement and tracks left by section szélesítéssel 3 + 760-9 + 195 km no. and between 11 + 850-16 + 510 c. the section between.

- In addition, the strengthening of the existing left and right track jacket 9 + 195-11 + 850 km no. between (Mura Szemenyei node environment).

- 14 + 450 km no. Csörnyeföldi simple furniture in the right side of the input branch off and rebuilt.

- 14 + 450 km no. In C ...

Construction work

Testnevelési Egyetem | Published November 30, 2016  -  Deadline January 12, 2017

A contract for 1527/2016. infrastructure development under Decision (IX.29.) on the design and construction works. - Phase I.

Contractor is responsible for the design and construction of facilities for carrying out the works of:

Central school building (Building K):

The existing building converted for educational functions (lecturers, departments, training rooms, the rector's office, chancery) are placed.

The new building is part of the assembly hall, a large artist and the restaurant.

Task of building a full structural, architectural, building electricians, HVAC design, installation of elevators and related road construction, public works and gardening.

In addition, the installation of the building functions which are part of built-in furniture.

The office buildings, service features and functions of the B14 building apartment house will be built.

B3 building: a total net floor area: 973 m².

B4 Building net floor area: 1 010,74 m².

B5 building: a total net floor area: 1390 m².

B6 Building net floor area: 1 001,04 m².

B7 building: basement level of net floor space: 324 m².

B13 building: ground-floor space net: 365 m² (200.49 m² renovation, demolition: 165 m²).

B14 building: Net Total floor area: 491.02 sqm.

Total: 5390 29 m².

Convert the existing building:

The building will be rebuilt, extended only to the existing boiler house.

Demolition work:

B8 building net floor area: 1 014,75 m².

B10 building net floor area: 2 404.79 m².

B13 building: ground floor net area 365 m2 (200.49 m² renovation, demolition: 165 m²).

Total: 3 584.54 m².

Tasks to be performed by the Contractor under contract include the construction permit and occupancy permit to the competent Authority, Order, as an application for the acquisition and submitted on behalf of the builder.

Contracting a technical description of the material procurement process in public procurement procedures in eligibility and verification of the grounds for refusal and 321/2015 on the method of determining the procurement technical specifications. Government Decree. (X.30.), § 46 (3) taken into account.

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