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Supplies furniture work.

Commune de Rueil-Malmaison | Published February 27, 2016  -  Deadline April 5, 2016

The consultation is for the supply of furniture.

Office furniture

IFP Énergies nouvelles | Published December 16, 2015  -  Deadline January 15, 2016

The market launched by IFPEN is the supply and installation of office furniture in a 3800 m2 building on the site of Solaize and in providing recurrent (furniture changes, redevelop rooms ...) for sites IFPEN Rueil and Solaize.

Office furniture

IFP énergies nouvelles | Published December 8, 2015

Mobilier de bureau

Office furniture

IFP énergies nouvelles | Published November 17, 2015

Consultation mobilier de bureaux pour les 2 sites IFPEN.

Surface work for highways

AUtoroutes du Sud de la France | Published December 21, 2016  -  Deadline January 30, 2017
45233210, 45111200, 45340000

Refurbishments Bidart East and West areas.

The works of rehabilitation of the two service areas concerning clearances of-way, earthworks, removal of existing curbs.

The realization of new sidewalks, roadways and parking on all new parking areas and feeder roads.

The work to be conducted include (approximate quantities given for information):

- The markup operations for the protection of shipyard areas (including smv 600 m);

- The civil works area and VRD (islands, sidewalks, curbs, massive, pedestrian traffic ...);

- The work floor (demolition, new construction - GB 20 000 m2 - BBSG 20,000 m2);

- Demolition / creation of grassed areas;

- Installation and / or end sizing grids and manholes of sewer systems;

- The removals; movement and establishment of panels and tab sign of vertical signage (30u);

- urban furniture;

- Horizontal signaling work (3600 ml).

Surface work for highways

Autoroutes du Sud de la France | Published May 17, 2017
Eurovia Aquitaine SAS
45233210, 45111200, 45340000

Rehabilitation of Bidart areas East and West.

Repairs to the two service areas relate to the clearing of rights-of-way, earthworks, the removal of existing curbs, the construction of new sidewalks, pavements and new parking spaces on all parking areas and access roads.

The works to be carried out include (approximate quantities given as an indication):

- the marking operations for the protection of the building sites (including smv: 600 m),

- surface and VRD civil works (islands, sidewalks, borders, massifs, pedestrian traffic, etc.),

- road works (demolition, new constructions - GB 20 000 m 2 - BBSG 20,000 m 2 )

- the demolition / creation of grassed areas,

- rests and / or screens the grids and views of the sewerage networks,

- deposits: displacements and installation of panels and signposting vertical (30 u),

- urban furniture,

- horizontal signaling work (3600 ml).

Building construction work

Autoroutes du Sud de la France | Published May 23, 2017
Eiffage Construiction Béarn
45210000, 45300000, 45233161, 45233253, 45316110

Works all state bodies of PMR compliance of the existing sanitary buildings of the service areas and museum of Hastingues.

This work, all state bodies, relates to the accessibility of PMR of a Public Establishment (ERP) and 4 Public Facilities (IOPs) specific to the A64 motorway in Departments 40 and 64. This work concerns the " (Including the exhibition) and the 4 ASF sanitary buildings in the Lacq-Audéjos service areas and the Pyrenees.

As an indication, this represents approximately an overall volume of:

Service areas of Lacq-Audéjos South and North in the town of Audéjos (64):

- area of ​​the existing building: 50 m 2 ,

- 1 common PRM healthcare for both sexes,

- 1 sanitary men with 1 cell and a common part equipped with 3 urinals and 1 washbasin,

- 1 sanitary femems with 2 cells and a common area equipped with a washbasin,

- at the entrance of the building, a fountain with 3 points of draw.

Service areas of the Pyrenees sense 1 and direction 2 in the commune of GER (64):

- area of ​​the existing building: 50 m 2 ,

- 1 sanitary men with 2 cells and a common area equipped with 3 urinals and 1 washbasin,

- 1 sanitary women with 4 cells (1 PMR) and a common area equipped with a washbasin,

- at the entrance of the building, a fountain with 2 points of draw.

Museum of the service area of ​​Hastingues on the commune of Hastingues (64):

- area of ​​the building to be treated: 280 m 2 ,

- 1 exhibition broken down into 6 pieces on the theme of the paths of Santiago de Compostela,

- examples of objects to be treated: entrance to the building, information panels, shop windows, lighting and furniture.

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