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Construction work

Conseil régional des Pays de la Loire | Published December 1, 2017
45000000, 45110000, 45112700, 45223220, 45261100, 45210000, 45421130, 45262650, 45261420, 45341000, 45421000, 45421141, 45320000, 45432111, 45432110, 45430000, 45421146, 45442100, 45313100, 45331000, 45311200, 45421151

It consists of premises open on the territory such as the multi-purpose room and the catering service (capacity 1,200 meals), and more specific premises to the establishment such as teaching premises, school life, the CDI, the center social health, teacher meeting spaces and administration.

In this lot, the posts treated are preparatory work or preliminary work, earthworks and leveling, mineral flooring including sandblasted concrete, networks including lighting and lighting furniture.

In this lot, the posts treated are the preliminary works or preparatory works concerning the green space, earthworks, the placement of the topsoil related to the plantations, the works of supplies and plantation of vegetables, the furniture and the coatings. permeable soil in green areas.

The services in this lot mainly include: - superficial foundation work, - additional earthworks from the platform, - infrastructure and superstructure services: low floors on a crawl space, paving - the ground floor -chaussée realized in concrete structure as well as the corridors of circulation all levels, - the works of pipelines, drainage - the work of stain on concrete, - the realization of various works: stairs, quai logistic.


Conseil départemental Loire-Atlantique | Published October 25, 2017  -  Deadline November 30, 2017
39100000, 39130000, 39170000, 39156000, 39151300, 39160000, 39155000, 39134000, 39180000

Ancillary services include at a minimum the delivery of the furniture covered by this contract and its complete installation (assembly, installation, wall installation, etc.). The contracting authority is purchasing on behalf of other contracting authorities: SDIS 44.Structure form: with purchase orders with maximum. Award of a framework agreement for each lot. Framework agreement concluded for an initial period of 1 year.

Classification and storage.

Reception, meetings, informal collaborative spaces and versatile furniture.

Workstations and office chairs.


Classrooms and school storage.

Writing and display tables.

Science rooms.

Urban furniture

Nantes Métropole | Published April 15, 2017
JC Decaux France
34928400, 44212321, 50800000, 45233293

Provision of street furniture in the territory of Nantes Métropole.

Site preparation work

Samoa | Published April 22, 2017
Robert Paysage

The purpose of the framework agreement is to establish the terms governing the purchase orders that will be issued for the performance of the following services:

Lot 1: Earthworks, roads.

Lot 2: Waste water / storm water treatment.

Lot 3: Flexible networks.

Lot 4: Landscaping, street furniture.

Flexible networks (electricity, telecom and EPA).

Landscaping, street furniture.

Earthmoving work

Nantes Métropole aménagement | Published November 18, 2017
ID Verde
45112500, 45233000, 45233120, 34993000, 45316100, 45112700

Development works for the public spaces of the comune of Berlin and the associated roads This construction work is divided into lots as defined below: Lot 1 - Earthworks - Roads - Various networks Lot 2 - Street lighting - Flexible networks Lot 3 - Green spaces - Locksmithing - Furniture - Watering.

Earthworks, roads and various networks for the development of the public spaces of the comic strip of Berlin and the associated roads.

Public lighting works and flexible networks for the development of the public spaces of the bd of Berlin and seeies annexes.

Works of development of green spaces, locksmithing, furniture and watering of the comic strip of Berlin and annexed roads.

Site preparation work

SAMOA | Published September 9, 2016

Lot 1: Demolition - pollution

Nature and scope of work: asbestos removal, demolition, remediation.

Lot 2: VRD - green spaces

Nature and scope of work: earthworks, drainage, various networks, roads, various works (stairs, planted trench, street furniture ....).

Lot 3: Cover / metal frame / structural work

Nature and scope of work: design, building, adaptation, structural protection, polycarbonate cover, recovery of rainwater.


Université de Nantes | Published May 5, 2017
DPC — Denis Papin Collectivités
39100000, 39130000, 39134000, 39160000, 39155000

This invitation to tender concerns the equipment of various pieces of furniture of the "Nouveau Tertre" site for the University of Nantes.

This consignment concerns the furnishing of office furniture and the teaching of the buildings of the "Nouveau Tertre" site of the University of Nantes.

The present batch concerns the equipment in furniture of the libraries of the site "Nouveau Tertre" for the University of Nantes.


Université de Nantes | Published March 2, 2017  -  Deadline March 30, 2017
39100000, 39130000, 39134000, 39160000, 39155000

This tender concerns the equipment of various furniture Site "New Tertre" buildings for the University of Nantes.

This lot covers the office furniture equipment and lessons of the buildings on the site "New Tertre" of the University of Nantes.

This lot covers the equipment movable library site "New Tertre" for the University of Nantes.

Construction work

Nantes Métropole | Published February 3, 2017

Design of streets Guard (section between the Paris road and railway) in Nantes.

Road maintenance - rainwater drainage - street furniture.

flexible networks.

horizontal and vertical signage.

Site preparation work

SAMOA | Published August 10, 2016
Lot déclaré sans suite pour tenir compte de l'évolution des besoins du maitre d'ouvrage
45100000, 45200000, 45300000, 45111000, 45112000, 45112100, 45112200, 45112300, 45112340, 45112500, 45112700, 45112710, 45212000, 45212140, 45212213, 45214100, 45233161, 45233162, 45233200, 45233220, 45233221, 45233222, 45233223, 45233225, 45233251, 45233252, 45233253, 45233260, 45233262, 45233290, 45233293, 45233294, 45233300, 45262210, 45262400, 45311000, 45332200, 45341000, 45420000, 45430000

The work involves a rearrangement of roads and banks, with the creation of soft paths, landscaping, equipment with furniture, games and lighting, and construction of superstructures 2 limits the river. alloti market Lot 1 Demolition earthwork roads drainage structures concrete, signs and pavement - lot 2 public lighting, traffic shaping, ICE, Telecommunications - Lot 3 Plantations - Lot 4 scale wood and metal - Lot 5 Sports equipment, game and parkour - Lot 6 concrete Skatepark - Paintings Lot 7 - Lot 8 Belvedere Fishery /

The scope of intervention covers an area of ​​about 7 hectares.

Architectural and related services

SAMOA | Published December 31, 2015
Groupement d'ici la paysages et territoires/Techni'cite/Noctiluca
71200000, 71300000, 71400000

As part of the development of Prairie area south Duc, the supervisor must seek to ensure the inclusion of the landscape is on the territory of the study, ensuring the functionality of real estate transactions in draft form as final ( fire service, parking, pedestrian access and vehicle terminals voluntary contribution of waste, etc ...) and promote the use in a dense residential area registered in a park of continuous soil (courtyard and terraces ...) see annex on : The main contractor or consortium in charge of this development will be entrusted with the following missions: AVP - PRO - ACT - EXE and VISA - DET and AOR for the design and implementation developments of public spaces on the perimeter. The EXE Mission relates to Lot furniture and all landscaped architectural design or specific details. It is specified that the supervisor will monitor decontamination work included in the development work.

Construction work

SAMOA | Published January 25, 2017
Art Dan SAS

development work from the edge of the real estate transaction "Mediacampus" Meadow Boulevard to Duke on the island of Nantes (S05).

This work process is divided into 3 lots:

- Lot 1: earthworks, drainage, roads,

- Lot 2: soft lighting networks,

- Lot 3: landscaping and furniture.

- Lot 1: earthworks, drainage, roads.

- Lot 2: soft lighting networks.

Office furniture

Urssaf des Pays de la Loire | Published November 17, 2017
Blanchet Dhuismes

The contract covers the following services:

- the supply of office furniture,

- the delivery of supplies in the premises indicated on the order form,

- assembly, installation and fixing of supplies,

- any installation and installation plans (without additional invoicing).

This lot concerns the supply of off-seat furniture (cabinets, work plans, tables ...).

This lot is about the supply of seats.

Rental of tableware and furniture on behalf of La Cité Nantes Convention Centre

La cite des congres de nantes | Published March 8, 2017  -  Deadline March 29, 2017

Rental of tableware and furniture on behalf of La Cité Nantes Convention Centre

Railway engineering services

Semitan, mandataire de la CUN | Published February 22, 2017  -  Deadline March 21, 2017
71311230, 71311200, 71240000, 71311300

This contract relates to control of global work benefits for the studies and monitoring of renovation and modernization of infrastructure of the tram line 1of the sector Commerce station at the Library Station.

The benefits of project management to achieve by the holder in the following areas:

The railway (rail, road equipment, precast slab, ...)

Railway signaling

the overhead contact line

strong currents (power feeders, ...)

The low current (video, sound system, customer information, DTT ...)


light traffic signal

the road improvements (VRD, sanitation, lighting, street furniture, ...)

The station booths

the benefits included in this consultation are listed below:



Modernization and development.

The market includes performing the following tasks:

General EOM operation

MOE particular work for the fields of railway, infrastructure, strong currents and low current systems, ... and through the following tasks:








Additional assignments include:


Reporting Project

regulatory administrative records

safety record and certification for commercial service delivery of a tram line

Mission Technical summary

specific task of synthesis of networks

Assistance to consultation and public information

administration of the data server

given the limited intervention time for this renovation, the incumbent will provide technical solutions allowing one hand to limit the disruption of tram traffic for the purpose of work and project management ...

Furniture (incl. office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. lighting) and cleaning products

SNCF Mobilités | Published February 17, 2017  -  Deadline March 1, 2017
39000000, 51000000

The project is to create ephemeral trade industry about 20m 2 . Space dedicated to the public (public access) 15 m 2 + 5m reserve space 2

The desired shell, consists of modular elements with dimensions studied to be transported in a vehicle-type van or mini van. The elements can be solid or glazed. The metal frame is placed on a floor stand (freestanding slab).

The fully equipped and ready to serve including furniture, electrical and water reserve system valve and water storage pool.

Disassembly assembly of the hull will be performed by the manufacturer or a specialized company, this concept is not intended to be mounted by the merchant.

Sales space could be used for different types of businesses including burgers, pancakes, but not for the real restoration.

Bids are requested for: a purchase.

Urban furniture

Nantes Métropole | Published December 22, 2016  -  Deadline January 18, 2017

This consultation concerns the provision of street furniture for all poles near Nantes Métropole. The benefits will be a framework agreement which will result in the issuance of purchase orders and concluded without a minimum to a maximum.

Architectural, engineering and planning services

Rectorat division SCUS | Published December 17, 2016  -  Deadline January 16, 2017

The services to be performed under the contract for project management include a mission by the MOP law with VISA or exe studies on the technical lots including a BIM approach. ISS mission is part of the core mission. The SSI Coordinator will be part of the team. It will be possible to conclude a negotiated contract under the conditions of Article 65 of the Order of 07/23/2016 2015-899 and Article 139-140 of the Decree 2016-360 of 25/03/2016 for additional or similar benefits . The part of the provisional budget Excluding VAT assigned the work by the master of the book is € 4,000,000 in value in November 2016 (including deconstruction, asbestos removal, VRD, Inc, environmental, excluding furniture) to a surface in work 2234 square meters to deconstruct and 2000 square meters to reconstruct the shoe S and the joint with the shoe will be made F APS level for the shoe and E ESQ for the facades of bât.f. RC on ref buyer profile Ii1.1).

Provision of services to the community

Ville de Nantes | Published December 14, 2016  -  Deadline January 10, 2017

The City of Nantes, Nantes CCAS, the School of Fine Arts in Nantes Métropole (ESBANM) and Nantes Métropole wish preset number of economic operators to ensure the relocation benefits.

These moves largely correspond to specific operations such administrative services removals (computer workstations, furniture, boxes, archives ...) or techniques (workshop materials, shops ...).

for CCAS, benefits mainly concern the relocation of elderly housing home whose apartment is in rehabilitation. The expected delivery integrates including setting boxes of belongings of the person, dropping frames, packaging box springs, protection of the remaining furniture on site, disassembly and reassembly of furniture if necessary and possibly unpacking, to arrival, the mover of all cases where appropriate.

Urban furniture

Nantes Métropole | Published December 13, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017

This consultation concerns the provision of street furniture for all poles near Nantes Métropole.

The benefits will be a framework agreement which will result in the issuance of purchase orders and concluded without a minimum to a maximum.

Maximum threshold: 150 000,00 euro (VAT).

maximum threshold: 200 000,00 euro (VAT).

maximum threshold: 40 000,00 EUR (HT).