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Site-development work

Société d'équipement de la région montpelliéraine (SERM) | Published January 17, 2017  -  Deadline February 20, 2017

Framework Agreement for subsequent contracts for construction works (terrassement- roads, wet systems, dry networks, landscaping) Unit 3 of the BIA Cantaussel in Saint-Bres (34).

The works are divided into 4 lots. Subsequent markets will be cut into a firm phase and two optional phases defined as:

Firm phase: implementation of road networks and Unit 3 to serve the various lots (individual plots and macro lots).

optional tranche 1: treatment of earthmoving leveled. Only concerns Lot No 1. This optional section is to provide a treatment at the leveled earth after backfilling platforms. It will be triggered if the lift is less than 20 MPa.

Optional Unit 2: development of two parcels named on the macro level lots 6 and 7. Concerns lots 1 to 4. The provisional date for start of works is May, 2017.

Preparations and earthworks, adjustment and compaction form of funds; realization of all views surfaces: roads, parking lots, sidewalks, squares, bike path; realization of boundary walls in breeze blocks and rigid lattice, street furniture and vertical and horizontal signaling.

Networks of rain water, waste water, drinking water (civil engineering, supply and installation of pipes, manholes, connections to existing networks, testing, water works in retention basins).

telecom network and lighting (civil engineering, and massive candelabra); realization of networks and HV and low voltage connections, including civil engineering, sheaths, cabinets; gas network (civil engineering, installation and welding / connecting pipes (supply provided by GRDF)).

irrigation network (earthworks, supply and installation of pipelines and all equipment needed for operation, control and regulation); plantations; completion and reinforcement.

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