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Construction work

Communauté d'agglomération d'Hénin-Carvin | Published February 7, 2017  -  Deadline March 9, 2017
45000000, 45112500, 32400000, 45112710, 34928400

The project ZAC Ste Henriette on the municipal terms of Hénin-Beaumont, Noyelles-Godault and Dourges, aims requalification of mining waste land with an area of ​​about 125 ha. It is building a new neighborhood built in the urban, economic and social life of the basin.

The work of this case concern the peripheral roads to the second macro-lot.

This installment includes the channels necessary for serving the macro lot no2, realization of the pedestrian plaza along the project to the north, and the treatment of connection Piette boulevard Boulevard Schweitzer.

There will be held as part of this tranche to take measures to correct insertion of the Bus Rapid level when it will be implemented. A BRT station is planned in northwestern macro lot no1. BRT's own site is in the heart of the improvements to be made in the context of this case.

Cleaning / Earthmoving

Landscaping works collection, storage and infiltration of rainwater



safety work.

dry networks work including telecommunications networks, low voltage, public lighting and drinking water.

Lot 3 Plantation, Furniture made after completion of earthworks and flooring work done by lots 1, 2. This lot is organized in phases dependent batch VRD (Lots 1, 2). The work to be performed by the holder of the contract consist of:

- Preparation of own facilities to its site, the picketing of the project components,

- Supply and installation of materials for vegetation (topsoil, tutors, anchor, mulch ...)

- Achieving the plantations themselves,

- Ensuring recovery plant,

- Maintenance of plantations,

- The supply and installation of street furniture.

Urban furniture

Commune de Vaulx-en-Velin | Published February 14, 2017  -  Deadline March 27, 2017
34928400, 45233293, 79341000

Supply, installation, maintenance and operation of street furniture advertising in different sizes (1.4 m2, 2m2, 8m2). The contractor graciously moved the display hardware in exchange for the transfer by the City of advertising faces for the benefit of that proprietor. These faces are operated by the owner who installs advertising and recovers revenue. The other faces are used for municipal display. This contract is concluded for a period of 10 years from the notification. The market is organized into 2 groups defined as follows: Lot 1: furniture with 8m of display space 2. and furniture with display space 2m 2 . Lot 2: Mast furniture with display space of 1.4m 2

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