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Kindergarten and school furniture

Lappeenrannan kaupunki hankintapalvelut | Published November 27, 2016
The acquisition agreement on public procurement: yes Kindergarten furniture School furniture The acquisition of the subject of the contract are day-care centers and school furniture. a more accurate definition of the contract will be specified later published in the invitation to tender. Contract related to European Union funds to a project and / or program: no List of selection criteria and their short-list of selection criteria and their short-acquisition subject to the Government Procurement Agreement: Yes

Dental care units, and - the procurement of furniture framework agreement for the period 2017- 2018

Helsingin kaupungin hankintakeskus | Published November 16, 2016  -  Deadline December 30, 2016
This call for tenders and contracts for the provision duties do not invalidate the now existing "The acquisition of oral health care instruments, small appliances and equipment maintenance equipment as joint (KVE) 'agreements regarding the City of Espoo Agency invitation to tender, quoting the registration number 2425 / 02.08.00 / 2014 on the basis of made the City of Helsinki Agency Agreement The Agreement H111- 14 07/01/2015 - also acquired other furniture and hoitokaapistoja dental rooms. Variants will be accepted (alternative tenders) does not list the selection criteria and their short-list of selection criteria and their short, this invitation to tender and the purchase of tasks agreements are void now in force in "The acquisition of oral health care instruments, small appliances and equipment maintenance equipment as joint (KVE) 'agreements regarding the City of Espoo Agency an invitation to tender, quoting the registration number 2425 / 02.08.00 / 2014 made on the basis of the Helsinki city of the Agency agreement Contract H111-14 07.01.2015 -

Office furniture

Helsingin kaupungin hankintakeskus | Published October 18, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016
Kalasatama TeHyKe: acquired from the acquisition of the dental cabinets partially heated power cabinets. This means that the pool with a pool cabinets mounted in fixed kaappeina and are not movable. future between the pool Cabinets cabinetry purchase of a single, power as a whole. This package contains two 80 cm wide drawers, which are placed between 12:00 on the required suction suction device / equipment cabinet. Suction / control cabinet must be Plandent Ltd. in accordance with the plan / requirements in order to acquired at 12 suction device to be placed in question. cabinet with ease. on the electric cupboard placed in the so-called level. tarjotinkaapit (roll-front cabinets) providing a moveable, roll-front cabinets with doors.

Office furniture

Helsingin kaupungin hankintakeskus | Published October 20, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016
Kalasatama TeHyKe's dental clinic is acquired at the price competitions treatment rooms, cabinets, a total of 29 treatment rooms. Cabinetry be purchased as similar entities, as well as the so-called. basic treatment rooms (26 in all), the G2-classified rooms (3 pieces). Cabinets are acquired by the I-shaped symbols. See. The ARK-attached photo (Appendix 2) oral health care premises. In addition, the acquired pool and pool locker room and XR-heräämötilaan.

Security Technology: Safety furniture 2017-2019 (2021)

Hansel Oy | Published October 26, 2016  -  Deadline December 7, 2016
The requirements in the contract documents in accordance with the specified

Siilaisen health center renovation and expansion, Step 3, the ABC-sections are equipped with a chore, kitchen furniture / equipment, gym equipment and a nurse call system

Joensuun Kaupunki / Joensuun Tilakeskus | Published October 17, 2016  -  Deadline December 2, 2016
open procedure

Dental and subspecialty instruments and devices

Helsingin kaupungin hankintakeskus | Published November 17, 2016  -  Deadline December 30, 2016

the subject of the contract are oral health care dental units (units of commercial), including the instrument bridge, small appliances, as well as the suction motor. In addition, the purchased furniture and other hoitokaapistoja dental rooms.

Office chairs are excluded from this call for tender.

As a result of competitive tendering agreed on a framework agreement, among which include selected suppliers to tender the respective dental unit and / or the purchase of furniture.

A framework agreement, selected all the reporters who meet the minimum requirements set for suppliers and products.

The acquisition included the possibility of competitive tendering, where appropriate, salon / room-bridge instrument for small devices (eg. Tartar removal equipment additional handpieces, possibly turbines, elbows, etc.).

As regards the possible construction of new buildings or the construction of new treatment rooms, a framework agreement also applies to other machinery and equipment related to dental care at the dental clinic or dental care as well as adequate room for the construction, in, or to the creation of the dental clinic. These include. compressors, vacuum systems and related (centralized) disinfection systems, vacuum motor, jne.Tässä of the invitation to tender, the absolute set for the products (minimum) requirements during the contract period can be kilpailutuskohtaisesti supplement or modify.

requirements for products now set can be changed to a limited extent, remove, or set the CPA, in excess of the minimum additional requirements. See also Section 11.1.4.

Prior notification; Ounajoen community, Sinettä, Rovaniemi

Rovaniemen Kaupunkikiinteistöt Oy | Published November 8, 2016
To be announced later in the contract notice published in basic school functions yksisarjaisena 1 to 6 as a school class, which has six basic groups and about 150 pupils. Classes 7-9 is about 90 students. The whole school is approx. 240 pupils and 45 staff. A community center is designed to be placed in kindergarten. Kindergarten will operate four groups of children. Places are a total of 75 children and a staff of 16 people. The school organized afternoon activities for January-February graders. In addition, the building will have facilities school nurse, adult education centers, youth services and a library. Multi-purpose building will of its own as needed warming-rated. The construction project comprises a two-storey school-community center with fire class P1. The new building is approx. 3,100 gross m2 and is located on a site of which the current school building is demolished. This is a preliminary announcement in March 2017 the calculation of the future new building project. on the basis of the prior information notice can not register to provide project. The project later publication of a contract notice. All information provided is preliminary data that may change in the design progresses. As a form of contract is divided into contract with a general contractor / main implementer is the building contractor. The main contract of subordination to page-based projects carried out plumbing, ventilation, automation and electrical contract. Viewing conduct their own to be taken into account in implementing the project audiovisual, furniture and equipment procurement. List of selection criteria and their short-list of selection criteria and their short-announced later published in the contract notice
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