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Business Village, junior high learning environment furniture

Taloudellinen tiedotustoimisto ry | Published October 6, 2016  -  Deadline October 26, 2016
Company Village Middle School is the Economic Information Office TAT coordinated, learning course aimed at elementary school for nine classes of society, the economy, labor and entrepreneurship. This invitation to tender relates to eight (8) Business Village-learning package learning furniture. Furnishings include teams with tables, chairs, cupboards and carpets, customer country and the bank teller desks and chairs, client countries, tables, chairs, cabinets and ink / magnetic board. The teams, client countries and the Bank's chairs will be white and stackable. Furniture should be comfortable with the graphic look of the village and the Company shall agree in their state plan.

Urban furniture

Helsingin kaupungin liikennelaitos -liikelaitos | Published October 18, 2016  -  Deadline November 3, 2016
Acquisition of dealing with specific areas of procurement Act (349/2007) provided for the acquisition of specific areas in which the final tender documents identified in the stop canopy types of design and construction is carried out in such a way that the procurement procedures used for competitive dialogue procedure.

Office furniture

Helsingin kaupungin hankintakeskus | Published October 18, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016
Kalasatama TeHyKe: acquired from the acquisition of the dental cabinets partially heated power cabinets. This means that the pool with a pool cabinets mounted in fixed kaappeina and are not movable. future between the pool Cabinets cabinetry purchase of a single, power as a whole. This package contains two 80 cm wide drawers, which are placed between 12:00 on the required suction suction device / equipment cabinet. Suction / control cabinet must be Plandent Ltd. in accordance with the plan / requirements in order to acquired at 12 suction device to be placed in question. cabinet with ease. on the electric cupboard placed in the so-called level. tarjotinkaapit (roll-front cabinets) providing a moveable, roll-front cabinets with doors.

Fixed medical equipment: The deceased Storage Equipment and furniture

KOy Uusi Lastensairaala | Published October 3, 2016  -  Deadline November 9, 2016
open procedure

A9747 The Ministry's premises Aleksanterinkatu 4-10 refurbishment, free-standing furniture Equipment

Senaatti-kiinteistöt | Published October 11, 2016  -  Deadline November 7, 2016
the subject of the contract is Senate Properties Aleksanterinkatu 4-10, rented premises Ministry of Employment and the Economy Ministry delivered the following equipment: Equipment Groups: 1. acoustic panels carpets 2. 3. 4. bins lamps 5. curtains

Siilaisen health center renovation and expansion, Step 3, the ABC-sections are equipped with a chore, kitchen furniture / equipment, gym equipment and a nurse call system

Joensuun Kaupunki / Joensuun Tilakeskus | Published October 17, 2016  -  Deadline December 2, 2016
open procedure

Western Pori school renovation

Porin kaupungin tekninen palvelukeskus | Published October 9, 2016  -  Deadline November 16, 2016
The renovation is carried out divided by the build contract, where the construction contractor is the main contractor / project supervisor. The main contract of subordinate page-contracts are ventilation works, tube works, electrical works and building automation contract. The subscriber / user can make the project their own furniture / procurement system and their co-ordination at the site belongs to a general contractor.

Purchases from retail stores

Helsingin kaupungin hankintakeskus | Published September 20, 2016
the subject of the contract are retail purchases noutona directly to stores in the official order form. Purchases carried out by entities subject to the Helsinki city agencies and state enterprises. The acquisition is aimed specifically at social and acquisitions, as well as the commitment of customers health agency needs regarding home conventional plants, but it also covers any store purchase needs of the city with other agencies and state enterprises. Purchases include shops mm. - Children, young people and adults, clothing and footwear - a variety of home appliances and furniture - home textiles - ushers in an official clothing (incl. Dresses, jackets, shirts and shoes) - sports equipment and accessories for personal use - fabrics and accessories used by schools in textile education All the suitability of qualifying providers selected according to the framework agreement. Products acquired in accordance with the needs of retail items.
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