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University College Syd | Published January 19, 2017  -  Deadline January 23, 2017

Limited EU procurement of furniture for Campus Aabenraa for University College South.


University College Syd | Published December 20, 2016  -  Deadline January 19, 2017

Limited EU procurement of furniture for Campus Aabenraa for University College South.

There must be delivered equipment in the following areas:

- Education

- Administration

- Lounge

- Canteen

- Library.

1 100 students and 70 employees, will include to contain a central common room, music and drama facilities, nature / technology labs, learning center, multi-purpose hall, study / group, and administration and canteen / kitchen.

UC SYD reserves the right to change the guaranteed volume (initial order) at individual positions with +/- 10 percent.

The framework agreement may be used in connection with the purchase of furniture for all UC SYD addresses.

Should the date of signature of the framework agreement will be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, including outside the UC Syd control, delivery deadline printed with corresponding number of days.

Terms of the acquisition of the offered furniture stated in Tender Appendix 4 - Framework Agreement.

The selected supplier must both charge of delivery, installation, cleaning, cleaning and technical examination of the delivered equipment.

Based on market conditions, it is also not considered that it is not appropriate to divide into lots, as this is not considered to add further companies and SMEs to tender.

Kindergarten furniture

Køge Kommune | Published December 17, 2016  -  Deadline February 6, 2017

With this material, Køge Municipality to provide daycare furniture for 14 municipalities in the Common Procurement Zealand. The purpose of the tender is to obtain a high quality solution that covers the needs of all day care centers in the Common Procurement Zealand has. Furthermore, Køge Municipality to ensure that the winning tenderer may furnish rooms for both crèches, kindergartens, after-school programs as well as common in daycare. The solution must result in a savings and result in happy and satisfied employees. Want a flexible solution as possible, preferably with the possibility of adjustments as needed.

Multi-dwelling buildings construction work

Egebæk Byg A/S | Published January 14, 2017  -  Deadline February 13, 2017
Inventory contract: Furniture Works. 

Motor vehicles for the transport of goods

Forsvarsministeriets Materiel- og Indkøbsstyrelse | Published January 17, 2017  -  Deadline February 14, 2017

This tender procedure concerns the award of a Framework Agreement for delivery of light utility vehicles (Vans) in Medium, Large and Minibus versions, including a Service Agreement and repair for Vans delivered. Furthermore, the Framework Agreement includes builds such as racks, shelves, furniture, supplementary power supply and electrical equipment (e.g. working lights, emergency lights and siren), and more advanced electrical equipment such as SINE radios and other technical equipment supplied by the Danish Defense, in order to customize Vans for specific tasks.

The Vans are used by the Danish Defense and other authorities under the Ministry of Defense, such as the Danish Emergency Management Agency, for transporting goods and personnel and for various operational and logistical tasks. The Vans will generally have multiple users.

Tender is handled by Mercell Sourcing Services, use

DALO guarantees a minimum purchase of 200 Vans of the variant ‘minibus 4x4’, cf. the requirements specification, before the expiry of the Agreement.

Furniture (incl. office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. lighting) and cleaning products

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet — DTU | Published January 10, 2017  -  Deadline February 9, 2017

For the housing of mice and rats in animal cages desired delivered 80 ventilated cabinets with shelves for placement of mouse and rat cages. To ventilate these create must be supplied 30 ventilation units, it must be ensured that the ventilation units can also be used for insulators. in addition to ventilate and check the pressure in the cabinets (positive and negative), also must be able to confirm and dehumidify the air is vented into the cabinets so that the animals fed with a similar relative humidity in the air throughout the year, regardless of the room air relative humidity . Or unit loading and dehumidifier entire room so that there are the same relative humidity in the air throughout the year.

Furniture (incl. Office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. Lighting) and cleaning products 2017 / S 006-008247

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet — DTU | Published January 10, 2017  -  Deadline February 9, 2017

Furniture (incl. Office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. Lighting) and cleaning products 2017 / S 010-014798

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet // CVR:30060946 | Published January 14, 2017

Office machinery, equipment and supplies except computers, printers and furniture

Aalborg Kommune, Miljø- og Energiforvaltning | Published December 28, 2016  -  Deadline February 8, 2017

The Contracting Authority wishes to conclude a framework agreement on the supply of Office supplies for Aalborg, Brønderslev and Læsø Municipalities and North Jutland Preparedness.

Acc. tender documents.

Office machinery, equipment and supplies except computers, printers and furniture 2016 / S 250-460630

Aalborg Kommune, Miljø- og Energiforvaltning | Published December 28, 2016  -  Deadline February 8, 2017

Financial leasing services

Region Hovedstaden | Published December 23, 2016  -  Deadline January 31, 2017

It offered a framework agreement concerning. financial leasing for the Capital Region businesses including hospitals, administration units and other institutions, including private institutions.

The contract will be used to finance the purchase, including but not limited to;

- Purchases of equipment in medical technology, engineering, IT, furniture and financing of energy projects.

Leases will generally be established with maturity of 5-20 years. Generally it should be possible to establish agreements with longer and shorter term after the Contracting Authority's needs and the procurement life expectancy.

The frame is minimum 2 billion DKK in the life of the contract plus 2 x 12 month extension options.

Capital Region offers a framework agreement on financial leasing in EU tenders. The Framework Agreement relates to the purchase of the Capital Region's Institutions and constitutes minimum, a framework of 2 billion DKK over the next 4 years.

Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work

A. Enggaard A/S | Published December 23, 2016  -  Deadline January 23, 2017
1564 of 12.15.2015). 

AE provider therefore following delentrepriser under the Contract Law:

A01 El-contract

A02 Elevator contract

A03 plumbing and ventilation contract

A04 Tagdækningsentreprisen

A05 Carpentry contract

A06 Wrought contract

A07 furniture contract

A08 Facade Plaster contract

A09 Painter contract

A10 Murer contract

A11 Glass / Aluminium contract.

19 months.

There is performed in addition complete fire installations consisting of smoke ventilation, fire ventilation, escape route and panic lighting and fire detection system but provided conduits for broadband, TV and access control.

One is performed as a firefighter elevator.

Houses have decentralized hot water production and decentralized ventilation systems in individual apartments.

The contract includes delivery and installation of roof insulation, roofing coverage, fall protection, roof hatch / smoke ventilation and roof surfaces at the penthouse.

Delivery and installation of wood / aluminum. windows / facades in youth homes and family homes.

Moreover contained protection for, inter alia, stairs and balconies as well as bike racks in the basement.

The contract includes the supply and installation of kitchen furniture for 62 youth housing.

The contract includes delivery and installation of lightweight facade system with insulation and facade plaster on a base of concrete up to 13 floors.

Dust Binding of floors in the basement, stairwells and connection time.

The contract includes delivery and installation under floors, tiling and grout.

The contract includes the supply and installation of glass / aluminum. facades of the tower housing the north and stairways up to 14 storeys.

Construction work

Esbjerg Almennyttige Boligselskab | Published December 17, 2016  -  Deadline January 30, 2017

The project deals with the degradation and removal of existing emergency shelter, construction of 69 two-room student housing with associated communal areas, laundry, access stairs, elevator bicycle parking and garbage rooms and technical rooms for technical installations with a total gross area of ​​approximately 3440 m². Ground floor is partially arranged for parking for a total of 37 parking spaces covered by a raised area, which runs on the first floor level as an open living area of ​​about 500 m².

The project offered divided into 3 large contracts with expected 5 per bidders. big contract.

01. Råhusentreprisen deals mainly byggepladsanstilling, earthworks, concrete and element work, masonry and construction work and construction of raised opholdsdæk.

02. Closing The contract covers mainly carpentry joinery with roofing, zinc stern and underwear work, roofing work on raised opholdsdæk, delivery and installation of windows and doors complete with lock system and interior work on the ceilings, hardwood floors, interior doors and joinery as well as delivery and installation of furniture.

03. Technique contract deals mainly with plumbing, ventilation work, electrical work with interior and exterior installations, delivery of the elevator, BMS as well as delivery and assembly of solar cells.

Construction work

Kolding Kommune | Published January 19, 2017  -  Deadline February 21, 2017
It should be implemented under the current Låsbyhøj at the address Nørregade 1 in Kolding. 

The project also includes outdoor areas.

The skills and rebuilt Låsbyhøj must in future be able to accommodate functions for the promotion of mental health in Kolding.

The offered turnkey contract includes the design and execution of renovation and reconstruction task, which is offered on the construction program level.

The total financial framework for the conclusion of a turnkey contract amounts to 37.6 million DKK excl. VAT.

It should be implemented under the current Låsbyhøj at the address Nørregade 1 in Kolding.

The project also includes outdoor areas.

By commissioning the building must provide a framework for the Region of Southern local psychiatry, Kolding Municipality abuse center, børnefamiliehus young contact, home support and 'Revanche'.

As functional mental health means a building that only the supply of loose furniture can work in all the situations described and thus meet the standard construction program.

The competition therefore assumes that offer the best project within budget.

The bidder who gets the job assigned, receives not offer remuneration.

Provisional timetable for total subcontract construction (including design) is expected to be from mid-June 2017 and with delivery and commissioning in Q1 to 2019.

Construction work

Mercantec | Published January 19, 2017  -  Deadline February 16, 2017
The project is part of a larger project in the area, which also includes Viborg Banebro and adjacent areas in the terrain offered 


The building is designed in two building masses, for each floor is twisted, creating outdoor living areas on several floors.

P-area is located below the 2 building bodies, and there is access from both high school as the upcoming Viborg Banebro.

The Contracting Authority provider task in 12 lots:

The exact breakdown between the two builders on the individual lots has not yet been finalized.


Excavations mm.

Sewage Works drains in soil mm.

Anlægsgartner Works, coatings, furniture terrain mm.


Concrete Work, site cast concrete stairs

Betonelement Montage

steel structures


Molded subfloors

special structures

Structures Hærvejsplads, membrane

Other works.

steel generally

Escape route stairs from the parking area

Protection Hærvejsplads niv.2

Protection bung I and II

Other works.

Betonelement Delivery

Other works.

Skeletal structures, facilitate external walls, Baguette coverings mm.

Outside the door, pip window, glasfacade- and skylights parties, ADK, shading mm.

Other works.

Skeletal structures, facilitating the inside walls mm.

Ceilings mm.

Interior door, window, glass panels, ADK, mobilvæge mm.

Other works.

Floor track goods, industrial flooring / PU mm.

Under Floors

Other works.

Roof insulation, roofing coverage mm.

Smoke hatches, skylights with smoke ventilation, fall protection mm.

Coating on roof terraces, basketball court mm.

Sedum roof

Other works.

Painting generally incl. cleaning

Other works.

Plumbing works (drainage, sanitation, gas and sprinkling)

Plumbing works (heating installations)

Ventilation works, jet ventilation in the parking floor.

technical insulation

Other works.

building automation

building Services

Electronic work


Other works.

Fixtures in general, kitchens, benches mm.

Fixture in classrooms

Other works.

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