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Laboratory furniture

Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin in der Helmholz-Gemeinschaft | Published February 18, 2017  -  Deadline March 23, 2017

The conceptual design and supply of laboratory furniture and technology is the subject of the tender. The möblierenden to laboratories (about 2 500 meters 2 ) Are planned for molecular biological work. These are distributed across 11 operational units (EC-5. OG). Any use unit consists of main laboratory with pantry, min. A cell culture unit, device and refrigerator space and additional small laboratories, laboratory adjacent areas. It also features key functional units in the ground floor and basement. These include: microscopy, utility room, autoclaves, fish and flying attitude.

The media development in the main labs done in parietal areas than traditional media cells. The double workbenches are accessed via 2 special schemes. Planning and development of special schemes based on a conceptual idea is part of this contract. Care must be taken on a little Nachinstallierbarkeit. The remaining areas are equipped with laboratory system furniture, continued under section II.2.4).

Continuation of point. II.1.4) One half of the main laboratories is equipped with media furniture based on traditional media cells. The media cell is covered with visors to a cubic, flush with the surface of furniture. The media installation is concealed in furniture. In the furniture is on stand extensions Ablagetablare / Carrier integrate. Work tables are brought to the furniture.

The other half of the main laboratories is powered via ceiling mounted media Grid systems (MGS). Here may be resorted to marketable carrier systems. MGS are supporting systems of horizontal aluminum extrusions with vertical ceiling Aufhangprofilen for variable, freely movable receiving loads (medium columns, media lights, shelves, spot extraction ...). The media is supplied by so-called. Media columns, ie suspended from MGS vertical media collection teams.

In addition to the service columns supporting systems are to be suspended for trays.

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