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RFQ/JOR/2015/8-Cleaning Services

United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women | Published June 7, 2015  -  Deadline June 13, 2015

~~Annex 1: Terms of Reference/Specifications PROVISION OF CLEANING SERVICES FOR UN Women, Country Office for Jordan in Amman – Jordan SCOPE OF WORK I – OVERVIEW 1. General 1.1 The UN Women offices located in Jordan, Amman, Um-Uthaina, Jeddah St., Behind Ministry of Environment, Villa #6.  UN Women building space is 534.48 sqm and it is accommodated by approximately thirty (30) staff members. Area and Floor Layouts can be assessed via a site visit 1.2 Cleaning will be six days a week (Saturday to Thursday), 1.3 Support services, for the purposes of this RFQ are: - Two (2) Cleaners to provide cleaning services for UN Women office (ie: one cleaner per floor) including garbage and refuse removal, - Providing the required cleaning supplies, materials and equipment. 2. Cleaning and Services 2.1 For the building and facilities specified, the contractor is required to carry out the following cleaning services: a) Regular cleaning as specified in the Schedule of Cleaning Services. b) Periodic cleaning of such areas as walls, carpets, upholstered furniture as specified in the Schedule of Cleaning Services. c) One time cleaning at the conclusion of new construction or building renovation; following leaks, spills, burst pipes or other such damage (When Required). 3. Garbage and Refuse Removal Garbage and refuse removal includes: The emptying and removal of all trash, from all collection areas, to a disposal site that is suitable for the category of trash being removed and that is officially designated as such by the local authority. The cleansing of all collection points to maintain at all times the standards of cleanliness, tidiness and hygiene as detailed in Specific Tasks. II – DEFINITIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS 4. Areas to be cleaned 4.1 The contractor shall undertake to clean the building and facilities. Cleaning services are to be carried out in the manner, to the standards and in accordance with the frequency shown below and in the Schedule of Cleaning Services. 5. Tasks 5.1 The frequency with which the tasks are to be carried out has not been laid down. The contractor is responsible for ensuring that all areas are kept clean at all times to the standards outlined below. It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure these standards are maintained by adjusting the frequency of cleaning as required during the day to maintain a seamless service. 6. Floor Cleaning 6.1 General cleaning. After performing floor cleaning, floors must be left in the condition specified (tiles). Cleaning must be performed in all areas including corners, behind doors and under furniture and equipment (Computer and other IT Equipment cleaning, telephones and other office equipment), behind radiator blocks, over ducting. Furniture and equipment must be moved during the cleaning process and returned to its original location when cleaning is completed. Chairs must not be placed on tables or desks at any time. All cleaning debris is to be moved to trash receptacles. Warning signs “Wet surface” are to be placed visibly on all floors and/or corridors during the cleaning process and must be removed once the area is dry. 6.2 Sweeping. Sweeping is to be performed by use of brooms, brushes, treated dust mops or vacuum cleaners. A properly swept floor is free of debris and visible dirt, dust, grit or food residue. 6.3 Vacuuming. Vacuuming is when required. The contractor is to supply the vacuum cleaner on an as required basis. 6.4 Wet Mopping. Wet mopping follows sweeping and is the cleaning of other than carpeted or wood floors using fiber or sponge mops. Mops are to be immersed in clean warm water and detergent and/or disinfectant solution frequently to remove soil. 7. Trash Removal and Cleaning 7.1 Trash containers are those used to dispose of office trash and include smoking urns, ashtrays and other smoking disposal containers. Trash containers are to be emptied and wiped with a sponge or cloth dipped in a detergent solution. Wiped containers are to be free of dust, dirt, ashes, smudges or waste residue. Trash containers are to be disposed of into the appropriately designated garbage collection containers located throughout the area of cleaning operation. 8. Dusting 8.1 Dusting (other than floors) is to be performed by using treated hand dusters. A properly dusted surface is to be free of dirt, dust, streaks and cobwebs. 9. Lavatories 9.1 The cleaning of urinals, toilets, wash basins, sinks, showers, walls, doors, partitions and all other areas of the lavatories is to be done using cloths, sponges, mops, brushes and other cleaning equipment that is used for no other purpose, with a disinfectant detergent. A properly cleaned lavatory includes attention to areas under fixture edges and on all exposed surfaces. All fixtures are to present a clean, streak free, hygienic appearance. 10. Glass and Window Cleaning 10.1 Glass Panels and Mirrors. Glass panels and mirrors are to be cleaned using a cloth and/or sponge which has been dampened with detergent or glass cleaner. This is to be followed by polishing using dry cloths or paper towels. Adjacent rims or frames are also to be wiped down and polished. A properly cleaned glass surface is to be free of dust, dirt, grease, spots, streaks or residue. 10.2 Windows (interior and exterior). During window washing all traces of film, dirt, water spots and other foreign matter is to be removed from frames, sills and glass with appropriate glass cleaner. Special care is to be taken not to destroy shutter resistant film at the inside of glasses. 11. Special Additional Cleaning 11.1 The contractor may be requested by the UN Women contract manager, or his/her delegated representative, to provide services in buildings in advance of new occupants or after the departure of occupants. These services will be provided and charged at the agreed upon price per square meter rate. Services will include the following: a) Carpeted areas. Shampoo with dry foam method and removal of stains with suitable chemicals. b) Glass/windows. Special clean of mirrors/windows/glass to remove stains and marks. c) Floors. Mechanical wash of floor, waxing, polishing with special materials and removal of food stains and marks. d) Furniture. Special clean and polish of upholstered furniture. d) Walls. Washing/cleaning of walls of fingerprints, stains etc. III – SCHEDULE OF CLEANING SERVICES 12. Frequency Codes: 3W  Three Times weekly W  Weekly W-AR  At least weekly but also as required TW  Twice weekly W2  Every two weeks M  Monthly M2  Every two months AR  As required TD  Twice daily 13. Specific Areas 13.1 Toilets and Rest Rooms Sweep floors Daily Wash floors with hot water and disinfectant 3 W Wash and disinfect toilets, showers and sinks  Daily Wash and scrub with hot water and soap and disinfect all urinals Daily Wash and dry mirrors Daily Empty waste paper baskets TD Wash and disinfect wastepaper containers TD Wash walls, woodwork, partitions and doors TW Dust all furniture, window ledges and heaters 3 W Replace paper towels, toilet paper, soap and urinal deodorants Daily 13.2 Hallways, Staircases and Entrances Sweep and dust mop floors Daily Wet mop floors (hard surfaces other than wood) Daily Damp mop wood floors Daily Clean doors, handles and glass panels 3W Dust pictures, bulletin boards, signs and furniture TW Dust window ledges, walls, ceilings, pipes woodwork, baseboards and light fixtures  W Wash and dry windows (interior and exterior) W Shampoo carpets AR Wash walls, doors and woodwork W Empty ashtrays and wastepaper containers Daily Remove boxes, wrappings and other office waste Daily 13.3 Offices, EDP and Conference Rooms Empty and clean wastepaper baskets and ashtrays Daily Sweep and dust mop floors Daily Wet mop floors (hard surfaces other than wood) Daily Damp mop wood floors 3 W Vacuum carpets AR Dust all furniture, window ledges, office equipment/machines and heaters 3W Clean and disinfect telephones W Dust light fixtures, walls, woodwork, ceilings, pipes and baseboards/doors W Wash and dry windows (interior and exterior) W 13.4 Storage Rooms Ensure all areas are clear of trash 3 W Sweep and dust mop floors W Dust all furniture W 14 General (areas not otherwise specified) Dust light fixtures M Dust Venetian blinds and/or vertical blinds 2M Wash windows, screens and Venetian blinds M3 Remove/hang curtains, hand over for laundry AR Wash light fixtures M3 Wash radiators and heating pipes with water and detergent M3 Water plants W Empty wastepaper baskets Daily IV – GENERAL PROVISIONS 15. Locations 15.1 The total planned requirement in this scope of work is fixed during the contract period. But it may increase or decrease. 16. Responsibilities of the Contractor 16.1 GENERAL The contractor shall furnish all personnel, supervision, transport, and other items necessary to perform the work as required and defined herein and shall provide UN Women with the required cleaning materials, supplies, cleansing agents and consumables. The contractor shall provide all uniforms and/or overalls and, where appropriate, protective clothing/coverings including, but not limited to, gloves, safety glasses, face masks, footwear and headgear to comply with UN and international requirements for health and safety at work. Contractors are to list all heavy duty equipment to be employed and the age of individual equipment. 16.2 PERSONNEL Upon written approval of the UN Women contract manager, the successful contractor may make adjustments in personnel numbers and tasks in order to meet the needs of UN Women. The contractor must ensure that all his personnel is not criminally convicted and does not hold any record. The contractor shall also provide a staffing structure sufficient to ensure proper supervision of tasks in line with the Schedule of Cleaning Services. This must include designated supervisors, responsible to the contract manager. 16.3 WORKING HOURS -The working hours shall be from 7:30 am and 5:00 pm. - Working days shall be Saturday to Thursday. Fridays and UN Women holidays shall be days off for the contractor's staff. Saturdays working hours shall be from 9:00am  - 13:00pm, or as required. - The working hours may be modified in accordance with the needs of the Agency. - Some occasions staff might need to work extra hours to provide cleaning services. - Attendance Sheet must be signed on daily basis. 17. Responsibilities of UN Women 17.1 UN Women will provide one minimum storage/changing space sufficient only to support day to day working, available for use by the contractor. Additional space may be made available, in consultation with the UN Women contract manager, but only in exceptional circumstances. 17.2 Ground Entry Permits will be issued by UN Security in accordance with UN Women Regulations. UN Women reserves the right to deny access to any of the contractor’s employees if the Administration deems it necessary. 18. Quality Assurance 18.1 The contractor shall provide access to UN owned, contractor operated facilities for observation/inspection by any UN agency or individual authorized access by the UN Women contract manager. 18.2 The UN Women contract manager or his designee will monitor the contractor's performance and take appropriate actions to ensure deficiencies are properly handled. 19. Safety and Security 19.1 Upon the contract start date, the contractor shall initiate a Safety Program, including a Safety Training Plan for employees performing work under this contract. The plan shall include a safety orientation for all employees immediately following their employment and at least quarterly thereafter. 19.2 The contractor shall be responsible for safeguarding any UN property provided for contractor use. 19.3 The contractor shall, at the close of each workday, secure facilities, equipment, and supplies. UN Women will accept no liability or claim for loss or damage to the contractor's equipment or supplies, or personal property of the contractor's employees. 19.4 The contractor shall establish and implement a method of accounting for all keys and/or security codes which may be issued by UN Women and shall report any loss of keys or breach of security codes to the UN Women contract manager’s representative not later than two hours after discovery of such loss. 19.5 The contractor shall strictly prohibit the use of keys and security codes issued by, or on behalf of, UN Women by any persons other than the contractor's employees. It is also the responsibility of the contractor to prohibit the opening of locked and/or restricted areas by the contractor's employees to permit entrance of persons other than contractors employees engaged in the performance of assigned work in those areas. 19.6 The contractor shall be responsible for all costs for replacement or re keying of locks and for replacement of keys if such action was necessary due to negligence of contractor personnel. The contractor shall submit his key control plan to the UN Women contract manager not later than fifteen days after contract award. 19.7 The contractor shall be responsible for his employees, any injury, insurance and any claim by the contractor’s employees. These employees are not considered at any given time UN Women employees. contractor shall be responsible for providing medical cover to employees in compliance with local practice. 20. Supplies and equipment 20.1 There is a dedicated storage room for keeping supplies and equipment. 20.2 The contractor shall be required to provide its own cleaning equipment and tools for all types of cleaning activities. Operations unit must check the equipment and provide approval before using them within the compound. 20.3 Contractor is required to provide a list of types and quantities of equipment to be used as required. 20.4 The cleaning equipment/tools shall be of professional type and in good condition. 20.5 The equipment shall be of best quality and shall have very weak impact on the environment. 20.6 Equipment and supplies comprises of but not limited to the below list (Annex 3). 20.7 Supplies to be agreed on by Operations, contractor is committed to use grade A materials and supplies. 20.8 Contactor is committed to replace any materials, tools, and supplies as required by management. 21. Work Logs 21.1 The contractor shall maintain a written record of works performed, and shall also as an integral part of this contract report to the UN Women contract manager any defects or deficiencies of UN Women premises or equipment and the need for repair and/or maintenance thereof. Negligent use of any UN Women furnished property which may occasionally be provided to the contractor that results in damage or destruction, is cause for repair or replacement at the contractor's expense. 22.  Duration of contract The contract will be initially for one year with the possibility of extension, subject to the continuous need and satisfactory performance of the contractor. BUILDING LOCATION AND STRUCTURE UN Women – Um-Uthaina, Jeddah St., Behind Ministry of Environment, Villa #6 Location Rooms Per Floor Basement Area Storage/Boiler Room Ground Floor Parking, Garden, Entrance, approx. 10 work stations/Offices, Meeting Room, Server Room, Kitchen and 4 WC First Floor Parking, approx. 10 Work Stations/Offices, waiting lounge and 2 WC Total Area: 534.48 sqm Annex 2: General Terms and Conditions Annex 3: Equipment and supplies comprises of but not limited to the below list No. Items UOM QTY Unit Price Brand Origin 1 Broom EACH 2 Hand Brush EACH 3 Hand Gloves PK 4 Floor Detergent 4 Litters/PK 5 Windows Glass cleaner 4 Litters/PK 6 All Purpose Bathroom Cleaner 1250 ml 7 Toilet Bowl Cleaner Litters/PK 8 Liquid Hand Soup 500ml 9 Liquid Hand Soup 4 Litters/PK 10 Liquid Soup Dispenser (fix to wall) EACH 11 Liquid Detergent (all purpose) 250 ml 12 White Mops EACH 13 Mops Bucket 15 Litters 14 Wiper Cloth Unit EACH 15 Mop With Handle EACH 16 Floor Wiper Large 60 cm 17 Wiper handle (wooden stick) EACH 18 Dusters / brushes for Furniture (large) EACH 19 Dusters/ brushes for Furniture (small) EACH 20 Cleaning cloth Detergent PK 21 Trash bages - big size PK 22 Trash bages - small size PK 23 Trash bages - X-large PK 24 Wash Sponge EACH 25/a Air Refresher EACH 25/b Air Refresher EACH 26 Toilet Blocker Remover (Duck) EACH 27 Feather Duster EACH 28 Insect Spray 300 ml 29 Furniture Cleaner 300 ml 30 Toilet Brusher EACH 31 Plastic Trash Bin 7 Litters / BIN 32 Glass Sweeper Rubber 35 cm EACH 33 Glass Sweeper Rubber With Handle 60 cm EACH 34 Soap Bar EACH 35 Chlorin Galon Litter 36 Acid Clearing Blocker Remover Litter 37 Large Sweeper (60cm) EACH 38 Plastic Cups PK 39 Paper Cups PK 40 Whitening and Shinning powder Litter 41 Vim Powder (Toillet cleaner powder) EACH 42 Automatic Air Refreshner Dispenser EACH 43 Automatic Air Refreshner liquid EACH 44 Hand Sanitizer liquid 500 ml 45 Hand Sanitizer liquid Dispenser EACH 46 Large Plastic Garbage Barrel (50 L) EACH 47 Metal Trash Container large EACH 48 Metal Trash Container Small EACH 49 Small Size Water Bucket (10L) EACH 50 area EACH 51 Round Plastic Basket for Washed Clothes EACH 52 Large Trash Container, heavy duty 120 litters 53 Shershabeh Blue cloth Sweeper EACH 54 Shershabeh Mop Blue EACH Note:  Time needed to delivery the requested order MAX 3 days (what ever the quantity is)

Supply and Installation of Electrical Cooking Stove, First Aid kits and Wheel Chairs

United Nations Office for Project Services | Published October 31, 2017

Supply and Installation of  Electrical Cooking Stoves, First Aid kits and Wheel Chairs  for expansion schools projects in Jordan

IMPORTANT NOTE: Interested vendors must respond to this tender using the UNOPS eSourcing system, via the UNGM portal. In order to access the full UNOPS tender details, request clarifications on the tender, and submit a vendor response to a tender using the system, vendors need to be registered as a UNOPS vendor at the UNGM portal and be logged into UNGM. For guidance on how to register on UNGM and submit responses to UNOPS tenders in the UNOPS eSourcing system, please refer to the user guide and other resources available at:
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