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The work and special Child

 | Published December 2, 2014  -  Deadline December 5, 2014

01.12.2014. NOTE. New Fyrspurnir and answers. Procurement Agency on behalf of the President of Iceland (CBI) request bids for the work chairs and special chairs and their accessories. The right is reserved to change trade between bidders and / or between categories, as well as to negotiate with more than one bidder in each category - Tenderers may bid for individual categories of the auction. It should be noted that the presentation of the offer period will be held on 7 November. at. 14:00 Treasury of housing. Answers to inquiries will only be published on the website of the State Trading Centre. Offers will be opened at the headquarters of the Treasury of the 11.des at .2014. 14:00. The prospectus is available on the website of the Treasury of Increase Documents 15,724 query and response 01122014.pdf

Bath and toilet aids

 | Published February 4, 2014  -  Deadline February 7, 2014

02/05/2014 New queries and answers. 28/01/2014 New queries and answers. 21/01/2014 New queries and answers. Procurement Agency, on behalf of the Health Insurance Bank, request a quote for bath and toilet aids and foundations for children and adults, ie toilet seats with / without wheels, toilet seats and toilet supp increases along with bath and shower chairs with / without wheels, shower and time tables and pillars. The right is reserved to change transaction between bidders and / or between product categories. Furthermore, bidders may offer only a portion of the products mentioned in the bid sheets. A presentation will be held during the tender period for those bidders who wish 9.jan. 2014 pm. 14 o'clock. Offers will be opened in the office of the Treasury of the 13.feb.2014 pm. 14 o'clock. Further information can be found in the contract documents, which are electronic and will be available on the website of the State Trading Centre, Wednesday 18 December , 2014. Increase Documents Fyrirspurnir_og_svor-15545-05022014.pdf

Avalanche protection Eskifjördur light - defense

 | Published December 21, 2016  -  Deadline January 20, 2017

Construction Contracting Agency, on behalf Fjarðabyggð kt. 470698-2099 Hafnargötu 2 plant, requesting bids for the construction of avalanche protection Eskifjörður, light - defense.
Project is in the type of protection measures in and around the channel Lightyear Eskifjörður.
Lightyear channel will be widened and deepened and bottom bins and sculpted with stonework and concrete. Channel was 4 m wide at the bottom, 230 m long and 3 m deep. The sides of the channel are either built from stones with ramp 1: 0.25 (= 4: 1) in one or two chairs or concrete.
Concrete walls soon be built on both sides of the upper part of its course. The walls are highest, 3.7 m high, 30 and 40 m long, with long lean on average 38%.
Concrete bridges will be built on Strandgötu and Steinholtsveg and need to remove the existing bridge structures on both sides and bring the Comforter shipping to bring traffic to pass while the bridge-building needs.
Pipes need to be transferred to both temporary and permanent during construction.
Landscaping and surface finishing involves the formation regions of the bank of the canal and the way the wall and making walkways and cars plane along with new stonework and restoration of older polarities. The area will be leveled and covered with vegetation layer and then applied and seeded grasses or þökulagt.
Materials for the project is obtained from cuttings of construction and mines referred to in paragraph 1.0.6. Leave unchecked filling and stones obtained largely from cuttings and download required it lacks in mines. Collect the whole organic soil materials together in the early stages of implementation and it then a new surface finishing.
Site inspection will haldin 5. January 2017 in the presence of representatives of the buyer.
The work should be completed no later than June 15, 2018, see also the phase dates in the contract documents.
Tender documents will be available on the website Ríkiskaup as of Wednesday 21 December. 2016.

SVF - Vigdís Finnbogadóttir 602 7000

 | Published February 1, 2015  -  Deadline February 4, 2015
Eykt ehf - Upphæð kr. 1.367.519.066.-

01/23/2015 Attention is drawn to the questions and answers published in a document on auction sites marked 15764_ fyrirspurnir_og_svor_23012015.pdf 22/01/2015 Note 1 new document on auction sites labeled: Tilkynning_22.01.2015.pdf Models in IFC file format can be downloaded here: http : // 01/21/2015 Note 4 new documents on the auction sites marked: 0.4.2 proofs bid - Delivery blade 21012015.pdf, 0.4.2 proofs bid - submission sheet for signature 21012015.pdf, E - 05 templates according 0.4.2_21012015.docx and Communication 21012015.pdf. 20/01/2015 Attention is drawn to the questions and answers published in a document on auction sites marked 15764_ fyrirspurnir_og_svor_20012015.pdf 16/01/2015 Attention is drawn to the questions and answers published in a document on auction sites marked 15764_ fyrirspurnir_og_svor_16012015.pdf 01/09/2015 Note inquiries and answers published in a document on auction sites marked 15764_ fyrirspurnir_og_svor_09012015.pdf Modified completion time of the first advertisement January 3rd. Construction of the state, on behalf of the Ministry of Education requesting bids for the project "Establishment of Vigdis Finnbogadóttir" Brynjólfur Street 1, Reykjavík. This work includes the construction of a building for the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​at the University of Iceland. The building will rise on the corner Suðurgötu Brynjólfur street in Reykjavík. Underpasses will be available under Suðurgötu from the building to the University and they are included in the project. The main building is 3543 m² and port operation under Suðurgötu 201 m². The combined Building 3744 m² and 17 200 m³. Main Building on four floors in addition to its drop-down square with setpöllum and ramps around 1,000 m² but not register the bottom area. Client is the Ministry of Education on behalf of the University. Key figures: Digging a handheld and fixed soil 16,000 m³ Landfill under and structures 7,500 m³ General molds 11,600 m² Plötumót 3,800 m² of reinforcing steel in plates and walls 285,000 kg Concrete walls, plates, pieces and columns of 28,000 m³ rough coating of isolated walls 1,500 m² Terrazzogólf 630 m² Plaster Walls 1,800 m² tablecloths and curtains installation of 2,200 m² Kerfisloft suspended 2,500 m² painting walls and ceilings of 6,100 m² Chairs in lecture 119 pcs. The aim is that the building will be certified as sustainable structures according to international certification system BREEAM. The project should be completed in October 15, 2016. 3500 in State Trading Centre, Borgartúni 7C, 105 Reykjavík from Tuesday 6 January 2015. Increase Documents 0.4.2 proofs bid - Delivery blade 21012015.pdf
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