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Supply, delivery and maintenance of office furniture, cabinets, cupboards and cloiso back ...

United Nations Secretariat | Published March 22, 2016

The United Nations Office (UNOG) in Geneva to receiving expressions of interest for a tender that it intends to launch for goods and services described below: The United Nations Office at Geneva soon issue a tender for the supply, delivery and office equipment maintenance. This tender will consist of two separate lots which may be awarded to two different contractors: Lot A: office furniture Lot B: Cabinets, back cabinets and movable partitions. The objective of this call is to complete the existing development program at the Palais des Nations and its annexes in Geneva. The contract will be for an initial period of three years from the contract signing date with the possibility to extend it for two consecutive years at the request of UNOG, for a total duration of up to five-year contract. Please note that this request for expressions of interest does not constitute an invitation to tender: UNOG reserves the right to modify or cancel this request at any time during the process of the request for expressions of interest or the bidding process. Only suppliers considered qualified by UNOG to provide the required goods and services are invited to participate.

Supply, delivery and installation of executive office furniture for the Palais des Nations in Geneva - Switzerland.

United Nations Office at Geneva | Published September 25, 2015  -  Deadline October 2, 2015

In view of the fact que la langue officielle used for this invitation to Bid Will Be in French, this request for Expression of Interest is published in French only. Because the official language of this tender will be French, this request for expressions of interest is published in French only. Please Note That only qualified Those firms regarded by United Nations Office at Geneva for this project Will Be Invited to Participate. The UN will soon issue a tender for the purchase, delivery and installation of new executive office furniture at the Palais des Nations in Geneva (SWITZERLAND). It will include furniture: desks, drawer block, a meeting table, a library, visitors eight chairs, seven chairs and a coffee table. The aim is to appoint one or more suppliers to get the different items. Delivery shall be made before the end of 2015. In the context of sustainable development, the submission must meet the current standards for environmental incorporating the following concepts: • All equipment must necessarily do not emit volatile organic compound (VOC) or toxic substance for health. • The Company must comply and demonstrate compliance with the European directives for the sustainable development of quality products limiting the impact on the environment throughout their life cycle.

Supply and installation of furniture in the 13-15 Hall of the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

United Nations Secretariat | Published October 13, 2014  -  Deadline November 17, 2014

UNOG soon issue a tender for the supply and installation of furniture, for the renovation and compliance Hall 13-15, on the 2nd floor of the Assembly Building at the Palais des Nations. This hall, with an area of ​​3,000 m², will be redeveloped into multi-purpose conference facilities (offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, etc ...). The successful bidder of this lot will work closely with other trades under the technical supervision of UNOG. The benefits are: supply and delivery of stacking chairs; Supply and delivery of tables and desks stackable travails. Please note that this request for expression of interest does not constitute a solicitation. UNOG reserves the right to modify or cancel this request at any time during the process of solicitation of interest or tender process. Only suppliers deemed qualified by UNOG to provide the required services or goods will be invited to participate. Expressions of interest must be received by UNOG before noon Geneva time on November 17, 2014 All responses will be kept strictly confidential. Planning intentional transmission of tender documents: beginning January 2015 Mandatory Site Visit: yes intentional Planning for receipt of tenders: March 2015 Planning intentional award of Contract: October 2015

Provision of Professional Office Removal Services for UNAIDS Headquarters, Geneva Switzerland

Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS | Published December 4, 2015  -  Deadline January 8, 2016

The purpose of this ITB is to select suitable supplier with the successful bidder for the provision of professional office removal services for UNAIDS headquarters, Geneva Switzerland for a two year period, as per below. Supply man power to pack furniture, equipment and documentation. Supply man power to move furniture, equipment and documentation. Supply packing materials. Supply vehicle(s) and driver for removals between the UNAIDS Headquarters building and other UNAIDS office locations or meeting venues in Geneva. The volume of office removals fluctuate, however an annual average would be 25 office moves over a total of 31 working days. Needs for a vehicle are in average only about 5 days a year. Please note there is a mandatory site visit (15-Dec, 16-Dec or 5-Jan) for which bidders need to submit their preference by using the Correspondence section of the E-Tendering system. For details on the activities and detailed requirements please refer to the attached ITB document.  To submit your offer you need to register in UNAIDS E-Tendering system and express your interest.

Provision for Accommodation and Conference Facilities in support of OHCHR

United Nations Secretariat | Published May 31, 2016

The United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG) is planning to conduct a bidding exercise on behalf of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) for the provision of training facilities including accommodation as detailed in the specifications.: Dates: 1 to 2 September 2016; Time 09:00hrs to 18:00hrs each day. Number of participants: 70 people. Training facilities and accommodation: - Requirement: Provision of hotel services minimum (4* star), 70 single rooms (including breakfast). - Location: outside Geneva Canton by the lake or mountain, Annecy or Aix-les-Bains in France and Lac de Joux or Lac Neuchatel. Excluding Montreux and Vevey. - Training facilites should be located in the hotel and provide: (i) A large conference room, seating arrangement for conference setting (capacity minimum of 60 and maximum of 120 people) with natural light and with stationery and information technology equipment for the meeting: 2 flip charts, 1 white boards, 1 video projectors, and 70 headsets and microphones. (ii) 3 small meeting rooms (capacity 20 people) with stationery and information technology equipment for the meeting: 1 flip chart, 1 video projector. (iii) 2 fully-equipped offices with printing and photocopying facilities and office furniture. (iv) Free internet access in the rooms and in the training room. (v) 1 technician for Technical Support. (vi) Meeting related refreshments: 2 Coffee breaks: 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon 6) Meals: (i) Lunch (vegetarian and non-pork) 3-course meal or buffet option (preferred) including water for 70 persons for the afternoons of 1 -2 September 2016. (ii) Dinner (vegetarian and non-pork) (3-course meal or buffet option (preferred) including water for 70 persons for the evening of 1 September 2016. 7) Transportation: Bus for approximately 20 people. Eligible companies will be issued with solicitation documents detailing all the terms of reference, pricing matrix including the detailed evaluation criteria.

Recycling used pens and markers, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

United Nations Secretariat | Published November 20, 2015  -  Deadline December 10, 2015

The United Nations Office at Geneva has implemented in recent years of recovery processes of its main waste such as waste from construction sites, paper, electronic equipment, furniture, printer cartridges. UNOG would now select a partner to set up a recovery or waste channels of lower volumes and still significant, such as the used pens. For information purposes, the average annual amount consumed on the site concerned is about 56000 18000 pens and markers. The successful partner will be responsible for benefits from waste collection to its introduction into a recognized valuation industry. Expressions of interest must be received before 24:00 Geneva time on 10/12/2015. All responses will be kept strictly confidential. Please note that this Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) does not constitute a solicitation.

Construction of a new office building ("Building H") at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Swiitzerland

United Nations Secretariat | Published August 26, 2016

SECTION I. INTRODUCTION The United Nations Office in Geneva ("UNOG"), Switzerland, located at the Palais des Nations, is the largest United Nations Office in Europe, providing conference support and facilitating the multi-lateral international diplomacy of the worldwide community. It is located within the 46 hectare Ariana Park.

The United Nations General Assembly approved the establishment of the Strategic Heritage Plan ("SHP") which includes a new office building of approximately 23'500 square meters (gross external area), with a site footprint of approximately 8'300 square meters, to be constructed adjacent to the location of the current conference and office building “E”.

The new office building is designed to step down a sloping site, consisting of six floors at the highest part and has two internal courtyards. See the two separate attachments with five images and four drawings of the new office building. The new office building includes a double height reception lobby area and has primarily open plan flexible office space with some enclosed offices for some 1’400 workstations, meeting rooms, coffee shop, technical rooms, and support spaces.

The new office building (“New Permanent Building” or "NPB") will be situated between the Chemin de l’Imperatrice and Building E on a sloping site in Ariana Park. Construction services are required to build a modern stepped six story reinforced concrete structured building with large glazed curtain wall system and accessible green roof terraces. The NPB will comply with environmental standards and achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ("LEED"), LEED gold standards, or its equivalent.

Brief Description of Requirements: UNOG seeks qualified contractors to undertake works to construct the NPB, the construction services include but are not limited to:

i) Excavation; the main site excavation and soil relocation are excluded from the scope of construction services as they will already have been completed under a separate enabling works contract. However, under the construction services, the firm will be required to undertake only a superficial excavation of the main site of approximately 40 cm above nominal level for the majority of the basement level and then the necessary excavations for foundations, drainage, services connections, etc.

ii) Main Structure; reinforced concrete pad and raft foundations, service trenches and retaining walls, precast and in situ reinforced concrete thermal floor slabs, precast and in situ reinforced concrete beams and columns, timber glulam beams.

iii) Structural reinforcing and new opening to an existing underground parking structure.

iv) Façade; floor to floor unitized curtain wall façades consisting of an outer glazing layer, conditioned cavity with integrated blind system, and inner operable triple glazing.

v) Roof; including green planted roofs, parts of the roofs are accessible roof terraces.

vi) Architectural Finishes; high level of interior finishes, raised floors, carpet, suspended metal and plaster ceilings, ceramic wall tiles, glass, stainless steel, paint, stone, wood.

vii) Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment ("FFE"); internal furniture fittings and equipment, including installations (excluding loose furniture).

viii) Landscaping; soft and hard landscaping, including soil relocation.

ix) Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Construction ("MEP"); MEP services comprising the following; High/medium voltage supplies, low voltage supplies and associated equipment, interior and exterior lighting. HVAC services including variable air volume systems, chilled beams, supply and extract systems and associated piped services. Fire protection services sprinklers, fire alarm detection, smoke extraction. Extra low voltage services; Building Management Systems, access control, CCTV, public address, audio visual and IT systems structured cabling. Plumbing services including soil waste and vent pipework, rainwater pipework and drainage, hot and cold water services and hydrants.

x) Building Information Modeling ("BIM"): The firm shall provide a BIM manager as part of the key personnel.

xi) Testing, Commissioning, Handover, Training; The firm shall provide all Testing and Commissioning including Enhanced Commissioning as required by LEED in order to be able to achieve LEED certification at gold level, or its equivalent.

xii) Defects Liability and Warranty Works; necessary remedy concerning any equipment and material defects as required after the UN has occupied the New Permanent Building.

xiii) The firm shall undertake all necessary consultation and coordination with the applicable authorities.

SECTION II. PRE-QUALIFICATION PROCEDURE 1. Purpose of Prequalification As the first step of the solicitation process, UNOG will conduct a pre-qualification of firms who wish to participate in the solicitation. The pre-qualification phase contains the request for and the submission of the firm's Expression of Interest ("EOI") and the UNOG's assessment of the EOIs received, based on the described requirements and criteria in this document. The pre-qualification phase aims to obtain confirmation from firms of their interest and willingness to participate in the Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for these works and to provide UNOG all the necessary information to determine, whether or not to invite the firm to participate in the tender process, based on UNOG’s determination if the firm is suitably experienced, qualified to perform the scope of works and that it has the sufficient financial and resource capacity to undertake them. 2. Eligibility Criteria In order to be pre-qualified, a firm shall meet all the requirements set out in Section III and submit all of the requested documents in the format set out below. An EOI should be submitted by a firm who is able to demonstrate that they meet the criteria set out in Section III (“Prequalification Criteria”). A consortium (partnership or joint venture) can submit their EOI as one candidate. In this document the members of a consortium will be referred to as ‘firm’. A consortium shall indicate which member of the consortium will take the lead contracting role. The number of legal entities forming one consortium shall be limited to three (3). Firms can submit only one EOI, either independently or as part of a consortium. 3. Communications with UNOG UNOG is the contracting authority for this pre-qualification process and the associated RFP solicitation for the construction of the NPB in support of the SHP objectives. Communications in relation to this pre-qualification must only be made in writing to the designated email address All communications must be sent to this email address. 4. Required submission of documents The firm shall complete all fields in the Statement of Qualifications Questionnaire (the “Questionnaire”), included as Attachment 1 to this document, and submit its responses and required supporting documents by midnight on 14 October 2016 via email to All pages of the Questionnaire and all supporting documents must contain the firm's information, the signature of an authorized Official and the date of signature. A firm who fails to provide the required documentation, fails to meet the Prequalification Criteria ("PQC") or does not respond to all of the criteria in the Questionnaire will be determined to fail the Prequalification Phase and will not be invited to participate in the RFP solicitation. 5. Evaluation The firms will be evaluated on the basis of the pre-established PQC outlined in Section III. An assessment of whether each and all of the following PQC are met will be conducted by the UNOG and the evaluation will be on a pass/fail basis. Failure to meet any of the PQC, failure to provide the required documentation, and failure to respond to all of the criteria in the Questionnaire will result in the firm not being invited to the RFP. Firms that have passed the evaluation will receive the RFP, which is envisaged to be issued in November 2016, as per the indicative schedule outlined in Section V. 6. Governing conditions of this EOI By submitting the EOI, the firm agrees to the content and the procedure of this pre-qualification process. Furthermore, the firm also declares, if selected, to submit a proposal on time and to have sufficient capacity to do so. UNOG provides the firms the opportunity to request clarification on the requirements of the PQC described in Section III. Only questions submitted in writing by 26 September 2016 via email to will be processed by UNOG, and answered in writing to all participating firms. During the whole of the subsequent RFP solicitation process, the firms must continue to meet all PQC requirements as defined in this Request for Expression of Interest ("REOI"). If this is not the case, the firm should report this immediately to UNOG who may decide to exclude the firm concerned. The firms have no right of any kind of compensation for participating in this Request for EOI or the subsequent RFP tender. UNOG has the right to temporarily interrupt or stop the RFP tender and to start a new RFP tender. UNOG is not obliged to award a contract at the end of the RFP tender process. 7. Non-Mandatory Information Session Firms are invited to a non-mandatory information session, which will take place on 22 September 2016 in UNOG´s offices. Firms can participate via VTC or conference call dial-in. Details on the exact time, location and technical information will be provided to all firms who have indicated interest to participate in such conference by 19 September 2016 in writing to The session is intended to provide interested firms with the opportunity to visit the site where the construction of the NPB will take place and it will also provide non-binding information on this REOI and subsequent RFP solicitation. Any firm that wishes to participate will receive have to complete and submit a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which will be sent to the firm by email upon their written confirmation of interest to participate. If a firm does not wish to participate in the session via an authorized representative of its legal entity or, in case of a consortium, one of its members, it will not impact its evaluation process in any way or form. The non-mandatory information session is for information purposes only and the evaluation of this REOI will be solely conducted based on the submitted Questionnaire and all associated documents pursuant to the pre-established PQC outlined in Section III. SECTION III. PREQUALIFICATION CRITERIA (“PQC”) 1. The firm or any of its member(s), in case of a consortium, must not be involved in any bankruptcy proceedings, sequestration or any analogous situation arising from a similar procedure provided for in law. 2. The firm or any of its member(s) in case of a consortium must not be subject of a judgment for fraud, corruption or any other illegal activity. 3. The firm or any of its member(s), in case of a consortium shall not have had a contract terminated for cause or default in the last three years or have been disqualified by any public agency from being awarded a contract. 4. The firm or any of its member(s), in case of a consortium, shall confirm that it is able to provide a bank guarantee amounting up to CHF 12 Million. 5. The firm or any of its member(s), in case of a consortium, shall confirm that it is able to provide a bid bond securing its bid in the amount of up to CHF 50'000. 6. The firm or any of its member(s), in case of a consortium, shall confirm that its key personnel responsible for the project are fluent in written and spoken English. The firm shall confirm that a BIM Manager shall be part of the key personel team provided for the project. 7. The firm or any of its member(s), in case of a consortium, shall provide evidence that it is registered as a contractor for construction works. 8. Annual Turnover: The firm shall have an average annual turnover of at least CHF 200 million per annum in construction works over the past three years. Audited/certified financial statements or tax returns for the past three years are to be provided. For members of a consortium, each individual member must have a minimum average annual turnover of 50 million CHF per annum over the past three years and all members of the consortium must have an average annual turnover of at least CHF 200 million in construction works over the past three years. 9. Relevant Experience: The firm shall provide information on three reference projects which have been recently completed (within the last five years), or which are in progress, which are relevant to this REOI. In case of a consortium, the reference projects may relate to any of its members. For a reference project to be considered relevant, four of the following seven minimum characteristics must be met for each of the three projects: i. Multi-story, minimum three-stories, concrete building structure with integral heating / cooling systems; ii. Office building with high-end finishes of 15,000 square meters minimum open office space with modular furniture, partitions, and contemporary data and power distribution system; iii. Conference / meeting rooms with contemporary audio visual systems; iv. Façade composed of full floor height curtain walls 4,000 square meters minimum; v. Planted green roofs requiring specialized water-proofing; vi. LEED, BREAAM, Minergie, or similar green building certification level of LEED NC ‘Silver’ (or comparable level) or higher; vii. Use of Building Information Management (BIM). Firms shall provide each reference project on a separate document, maximum of 2 pages per project. Additional references will not be considered. 10. Health, Safety and Environmental protection matters. The firm or any of its member(s) in case of a consortium, shall provide evidence of its respective applicable health, safety and environmental certifications obtained, if any, in compliance with applicable regulations. 11. Quality Assurance. The firm or any of its member(s), in case of a consortium, shall provide a quality management system certification, which must be valid for at least 12 months from the date of the submission of the EOI. 12. The firm or any of its member(s), in case of a consortium, shall confirm that it has the capacity to meet the target dates to submit a proposal and to complete the construction works in the summary provisional timeline outlined in Section V below. 13. The firm or any of its member(s), in case of a consortium, shall be registered as a minimum in the Basic level in United Nations Global Market ("UNGM") to be invited to the RFP solicitation. The firm or any of its member(s), in case of a consortium shall be registered at Level 2 in UNGM to be eligible for contract award. SECTION IV. TENDERING PHASE The pre-qualified firms will receive the RFP for the above-referenced construction tender for the New Permanent Building. In the RFP, the Scope of Works, the applicable model contract and the envisaged time schedule will be outlined, as well as the requirements each respective proposal has to meet. The deliverables expected from candidates during the tendering phase include, but are not limited to: i. Cost proposal, bill of quantities, and cash flow for the project execution; ii. Method Statement describing the approach to mobilization, construction, testing and commissioning, handover, and demobilization and rectification of defects; iii. Project time schedule describing approach to mobilization, construction, testing and commissioning, handover, and demobilization using critical path method approach and scheduling software; iv. Approach to Health, Safety and Environmental protection; v. Approach to Quality Control and Quality Assurance; vi. List of potential subcontractors and vendors; vii. Confirmation of acceptance of the model contract based on FIDIC Red Book. V. TENTATIVE SCHEDULE The RFP solicitation is tentatively scheduled as follows (the schedule may be amended by UNOG): Main Activities Date Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) issued by UNOG 26 August 2016 Non-Mandatory EOI Information Session 22 September 2016 Submission by firms of questions on the REOI 26 September 2016 Submission by firms of their Expression of Interest (EOI) 14 October 2016 Invitation to Request for Proposal (RFP) First half of November 2016 Submission Deadline for Proposals by the firms for the RFP Mid-January 2017 Contract Award Mid-May 2017 Start of Construction works Mid-June 2017 Completion of New Permanent Building latest by November 2019

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