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The provision of a Bed Side Patient Entertainment System.

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust | Published November 27, 2014

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust would like to undertake a market consultation exercise, to consider the options available, from which a procurement strategy can be developed, in relation to the provision of a bedside patient entertainment system. The Trust is looking for innovative solutions to facilitate the delivery of entertainment and communication system at the patient's bedside. Initial indications are that the solution will encompass some or all of the following functionality: — TV (Freeview / FreeSat); — TV (Other); — Radio (Freeview / FreeSat); — Radio — ability to incorporate Hospital Radio channel; — Films on demand; — Access to personal e-mail; — Dedicated Trust promotional channel/s; — Telephone integration (inbound and outgoing calls); — Trust Patient Surveys / Questionnaires; — Video Calling Capability; — Internet Access. However, the Trust is open to suggestions to other types of functionality that may be available. Any organisations wishing to provide details of the types of solutions that they may be able to provide in respect of the outline requirement referred to above, and thereby assist in the development of the Trusts market place knowledge can do so by completing a market consultation questionnaire which can be downloaded by using the following link: The deadline for completion of the questionnaire is 12 noon on 9.1.2015. Please note that: — Non-completion of the questionnaire will not disqualify organisations from participating in any future related tendering exercise.

Provision of Supported Housing for Single Homeless with Mental Health support needs

 | Published July 13, 2016

5 bed accommodation with support for people with mental health needs

Polden Corner Residence - Main Contractor

University of Bath | Published April 30, 2016  -  Deadline May 27, 2016

The University of Bath requires a contractor to undertake the construction of a new Residence building. The site sits just below the Polden Court building on the west side of the campus. Polden Corner will house 293 students with 2no accessible rooms and 1no Resident Tutor flat arranged within 8 bed cluster flats, split across two buildings. Two cluster flats per floor are organised around a central core containing a shared lounge, alternating linen stores/ accessible bathrooms, lift, stairs and associated M+E riser space. At the base of each core there is a drying room and staff room, as well as access to cycle stores and bin stores. The main access point/route through to Polden Court is maintained by way of a stepped plaza. On this corner, a gym and communal study space resides with access from both Quarry Road and Polden Court sides of the building.

Design and Construction of 561 Beds in Wallscourt Park Village Accommodation Phase 2

 | Published February 15, 2016
Interserve Construction Limited

Design and Construction of 561 Beds in Wallscourt Park Village Accommodation Phase 2.

Independent Technical Support FE245

 | Published April 21, 2016  -  Deadline May 6, 2016

The DE&S Ships Maritime Support Systems, Marine Diesel Engines (MDE) Section requires independent third-party technical guidance and support in all aspects of in-service and future marine diesel engine installations and is pursuing a framework agreement for technical services over a 2 year period. The scope of the contract includes: Diesel engine defect and failure analysis Diesel engine and systems modelling and simulation Materials and fluids analysis Engine Emission testing and integration of emissions technology Engine and system optimisation and efficiency studies Engine safety case development, review and auditing Guidance on engine operation, parameters and maintenance Testing, test-bed and dynamometer access Engine calibration and validation Design and application of advanced diesel technologies Electronics and electrical architecture Marketplace & academic surveys The Contractor will be required to demonstrate technical knowledge of medium speed marine diesel engines. Experience with testing, analysis and stimulation of marine diesel engines is essential and knowledge of RN and RFA classes of vessel is beneficial. The Contractor will be required to demonstrate that they have no pre-existing contractual relationship with current suppliers of marine diesel engine support services to the MOD that could influence their objectivity when carrying out any of the tasks listed above. Bidders wishing to express an interest in this requirement must in the first instance submit an accredited 3rd Party (or Government Issued) Quality Management System (QMS) certification which includes an appropriate scope to meet the requirement. In the event that no certification is held, the company must be able to demonstrate that they operate and maintain a QMS acceptable to the Department for this requirement.
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