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Parc d'aventures scientifiques | Published September 12, 2015
39100000, 39154000, 39161000

The Pass is renovating its exhibition spaces and open, February 13, 2015, an area totally dedicated to children aged 3 to 7 years: Pass'Age of the Discoverers. In Pass'Age the Discoverers, we find: * an access corridor to Scenographies spaces "Funny illusions" to find an original way some optical illusions and perceiving the limits of our eyes, * a waking trail psychomotor immersive "Strange Forest" (40m2) around animals, their habitats and their ways of living, * a permanent exhibition on the "Lights! "(91m2) dedicated to the discovery of the physical phenomenon of light, * a permanent exhibition" The arch-nice neighborhood "(45 m2) for an introduction to architecture and urban planning, and * a space for mediation" The unfinished shack "(45m2) hosting school groups and individual supervision to participate in the collective construction of a full-size cabin. In this perspective and for the implementation of the museum project, Pass wants to enlist the services of a specialized and experienced provider in the arrangement of exhibitions for the general public. That (s) supplier (s) will (have) to ensure the realization and installation of devices whose specifications are provided in the specifications of general and special technical clauses. The contract is divided into lots as follows: Lot * corresponding to parts 1 and 3 technical specifications clauses: manufacture and installation of structures and furniture museum spaces "Funny illusions" and "Light! ". * Lot corresponding to the part 2 of the tender technical clauses manufacture and installation of structures and furniture museum space "Strange Forest".

Invitation to submit offers - SAFETY - structures and metal furniture - Direct Negotiated procedure with advertising

Parc d'aventures scientifiques | Published December 2, 2015  -  Deadline January 4, 2016

Benches metal Purchase and different elements of metal and Woodcarvers materials (steel or MDF) to be positioned on the ground (in addition to benches of Lot 1), set in the walls applies, under the roof of the building and on elements furniture already in place.

Call for applications for participation - Custom Coat Lockers Manufacture

Parc d'aventures scientifiques | Published July 11, 2016  -  Deadline August 26, 2016
45212230, 39150000

PASS hopes to increase the number of lockers available to its audience. We look for a company that can manufacture custom metal furniture galvanized finish identical to those already installed. The specifications, drawings and dimensions are given in the technical specifications.
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